Clayton Lake State Park
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Clayton Lake State Park is an excellent RV destination for those looking to spend time in the great outdoors. This state park has much to offer for those looking to relax, looking for educational opportunities, and sporting activities.

There are many unique features within this park that other state parks don't offer. An observatory, prehistoric dinosaur tracks, a visitor center, and exhibits are just a few of the many things to do in Clayton Lake State Park.

If you're planning to visit the primitive areas of the park, there are equestrian trails available for use. While it is an excellent place for riding, there are no facilities to accommodate an overnight stay with your horse. In addition to the equestrian trails, there is a one and a half-mile hiking trail. This is excellent for both hiking, walking, and trail running.

Fishing is another popular activity within the park. The lake itself is 170 acres, making it perfect for both shore fishing, as well as boat fishing. It is known to be a quiet and peaceful place to fish, as boats are limited to trolling speed, and there is no swimming area.

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Accessing Clayton Lake State Park is a breeze, as there is one way in and one way out. Once you turn into the entrance, you will have easy access to the entire park. All of the vehicle accessible portions of the park are located on the South end of Clayton Lake.

While many state parks consist of many unpaved roads, Clayton Lake State Park has mostly paved roads that are easy to navigate in your RV. In addition to ease of driving, there is adequate parking within the park for either your car or your RV. Near to the boat ramp, there are two parking lots; one for cars and one with spaces to accommodate RVs or vehicles with boat trailers.

The state park is mostly flat, so alternative means of navigation would also be suitable. Whether walking or biking, Clayton Lake State Park is both easy to access and easy to navigate.


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Clayton Lake Campground

Clayton Lake Campground, located within the State Park, is home to five campgrounds, totaling 26 campsites. Note, though, that only seven offer water hook-ups, and nine offer water and electric. There are restrooms, showers, and vault toilet on the campground for your convenience!

There are many different things to do within the campground, as well as all around the state park. The boat ramp to Clayton lake is located within the campground and is very easy to access. Motorized boats are allowed in the lake at trolling speed only. If you're looking for a great outdoor meal, there are two picnic shelters available for camper's use.

One unique feature of the campground is the prehistoric dinosaur tracks that are still visible to this day! There is also an observatory and a visitor center with exhibits within the campground!

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Clayton Lake is well known amongst the angler's community for its excellent walleye fishing. The lake currently holds the state record largest walleye caught in 1989, weighing in at 16lbs 9oz.

While walleye is the most common species to fish for in the lake, there are also large bass, trout, and bluefish. Whether you're a seasoned angler or just looking to fish for the day, Clayton Lake is perfect for both bank fishing and boat fishing!


Known for having some of the best star gazing skies in the country, Clayton State Park is one of four officially recognized parks in the world for having extremely dark skies.

The park has put much effort into reducing artificial light around the park to maintain these dark skies. Thanks to this, the park has been able to offer educational programs, as well as tourist opportunities to see what's beyond our planet.

In 2006 the park officially opened the Star Point Observatory, which includes monitors of the telescope for group viewings! The observatory is available for campers to see, as well as attracting main school field trips.


Clayton Lake State Park is an excellent place for bird watching, especially if you love waterfowl. The 170-acre lake is the perfect habitat for countless species of birds.

Swans, ducks, geese, herons, hawks, owls, quails, pheasants, and roadrunners are amongst the many species that you will find within the park. During the bird count between 2001 and 2002, more than 25 species of birds were spotted in the park, along with many subspecies.

In addition to watching, there are excellent photography opportunities with these birds. So, make sure you grab your best camera lens and see how many you can spot!



Whether you're experienced or new to hiking, the two-mile hiking trail around Clayton Lake is the perfect day hiking destination. The trail is rated between easy and moderate, and is suitable for all ages and experience levels.

If you're interested in birding and wildlife watching, the hiking trail is the best way to get up close to the wildlife within the park, as well as enjoying the beauty of Clayton Lake. In addition to the lake views, you can also see the wilderness of the Kiamichi Mountains on the trail!

Just outside of the park also offers miles of hiking trails that are also suitable for mountain biking!


Boating on Clayton Lake is a great activity for those looking for a peaceful and quiet time out on the water. Motors are allowed on the lake, but they are limited to trolling speed. This speed restriction allows for calm waters and a quiet atmosphere!

For those that aren't looking to fish, Clayton Lake is perfect for kayaking, canoeing, and paddle boarding! The calm waters allow for perfect concentration while on your standup paddle board!

The boat ramp on Clayton Lake is located just minutes Northast of the campground if you're planning to walk! Located at the boat ramp, you'll also find adequate parking if you have a boat trailer!


Picnicking in Clayton State Park is a fantastic experience for the whole family! There are many places within the park to enjoy a picnic. Many of the areas are even within walking distance of the campground.

If you're planning a to have a large group, there are two picnic shelters available for use within the campground, and five within the entire park. These picnic shelters are excellent for family reunions, parties, and in-season grilling!