Cleveland Browns Tailgating

When the Cleveland Browns are in town, FirstEnergy Stadium is packed with fans cheering on the local sports team. The recently renovated stadium seats 67,000 fans, which is a little less than its initial seating capacity of 73,000. FirstEnergy stadium sits on the grounds of the old stadium.

Event information

On Sundays, when the Cleveland Browns are in town, FirstEnergy Stadium is packed with fans cheering on the local sports team. The Browns have three mascots in rotation, but Brownie the Elf is their oldest and most well-known mascot. Chomps, a labrador-costumed mascot with a Browns jersey, and Swagger, an actual bull-mastiff terrier, are the other two mascots.

The recently renovated Browns Stadium seats 67,000 fans, which is a little less than its initial seating capacity of 73,000. FirstEnergy stadium sits on the grounds of the old stadium. FirstEnergy Stadium was built atop the old stadium, and the Browns have contended for a championship in Cleveland ever since.

The Cleveland Browns are a team mired in controversy, but their fanbase is one of the most dedicated in the league. Despite the team’s lack of a championship in several decades, the Browns have a loyal fanbase, which is the reason the team was re-instated after it left to Baltimore in 1996.

Clevelanders love their tailgating, and the Browns host an official tailgate party on stadium grounds, though, you’ll have to park your RV elsewhere. A parking lot near the stadium does allow RVs to park, which is also where the most hardcore fans do their tailgating. Bring a good coat, a comfortable chair, and join the fun.


The Browns are not a greedy organization, and fans might expect to pay between $50 and $70 for the most affordable seats in the house. Seats with a better view or in premium locations can cost between $200 and $500, but they can also be more affordable depending on the opponent.

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The City of Cleveland has been known to impose road closures around the stadium a few hours before the game starts. It’s advised to get to the stadium before closures begin. Once the game begins, roads begin to open once again. Make sure your parking situation is squared away before arriving at the stadium.

Parking areas

The official lots adjacent to the stadium are reserved for season pass-holders, which can leave you in a tight spot. Instead, park at the North Coast Municipal Parking Lot on North Marginal Road, which is less than a mile from the stadium. This lot is where the best tailgating happens, and they welcome RVs, although specific times may apply. Keep in mind that this parking lot charges per parking spot, so bigger RVs will pay more than smaller ones.

Public Transportation

Maybe you don’t want to drive your RV to the stadium and pay for parking, or maybe tailgating is not your thing. For a cheaper alternative, try using Cleveland’s public transportation system. The Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority (RTA) offers rail, bus, and trolley transportation options. There is a rail station that stops across the street from the stadium.

Where to stay


The Muni Lot may be a great space for tailgating on the cheap, but it’s not the best place to stay for the night, especially because they don’t allow it. However, there are other places to hang your hat for the night near Cleveland.


There are plenty of great RV campgrounds in the area, but if you’re looking for something that is closer to nature, try staying at Cuyahoga Valley National Park. This park offers amazing views of nature, awesome trails, and a way to relax away from the city. Streetsboro / Cleveland SE KOA brings you near Lake Erie and about an hour north of Browns Stadium.

Getting around

There are more than a few elevators at FirstEnergy Stadium, but they are not available to everyone. Only staff, suite ticket holders, and guests with disabilities are allowed to ride the elevators. Otherwise, use the escalators that are located throughout the stadium.

What to pack


If you’ve ever seen the Browns on TV, you’ll notice that fans are usually bundled up. The winter months here are no joke, and fall, though not as bad, is still chilly, especially towards the end. Temperatures are typically mild at the start of the season, so it’s okay to dress normally. As the season progresses, pack extra layers and stay warm.


Tailgating in Cleveland is not just a way to pass the time, it’s an event. Bring your grills, a few comfy chairs, a table, and your best Browns merch. When it’s cold outside, bring a slow cooker to make chili for your guests. Finally, make sure to pack a few trash bags to clean up after you’re done tailgating.

Health & Safety

If you’re out in the cold, wear extra layers, and cover your extremities. Handwarmers, the kind that come in a pouch, are a must-have item. For accidents, scrapes, or other minor medical issues, pack a first-aid kit, and keep it handy in your RV. Sometimes, a bandage and a bit of antibiotic cream are all you need.

Where to eat


Chili is always a welcome sight at a Browns tailgate. Stock up on items for your event at one of the local supermarkets. There are a couple of grocery stores just a few minutes from the stadium. If you’re cooking on a grill, be mindful of the flame. Bring your favorite orange and brown colored foods to add to your tailgating fun.


While the community might be filled with Browns fans on game day, there are plenty of nice dining options to enjoy with your crew. Of course, you can expect to find the usual suspects such as pizza, but there are many Chinese, Indian, and Mexican restaurants, too. While it may not seem like it, Cleveland is a foodie’s town.


For the absolute best Browns gear, you may want to visit the Browns Pro Shop, which is on the south side of FirstEnergy Stadium. The shop is open during non-game days, but you can stop by on your way to your seat on game days. If you want, you might even be able to get a custom-made Browns jersey with your name on it.



The clear plastic bag policy, a rule enforced by the NFL, is in full effect at FirstEnergy Stadium. It’s best to bring no bag at all, but if you need to bring items that don’t fit in your pocket, do so in a clear plastic bag. Fans are allowed to bring a camera inside the stadium.


With Cleveland’s proximity to Lake Erie, it tends to get much colder than it should during winter, and, if that wasn’t enough, it snows. Stay alert for changing weather conditions, especially if driving to the stadium or tailgating. The weather often begins to turn cold in November, and it only gets colder from there in Northern Ohio.


Mothers who are nursing will be happy to know that FirstEnergy stadium provides three private nursing rooms. For any medical issues, visit the first aid rooms that are located throughout the stadium. Speak to a staff member at the guest service counter if you need any assistance.