Clovis Rodeo

Saddle up cowboy, the Clovis Rodeo is about to begin. Prepare for an RV road trip to Clovis, California for all the rodeo action your heart desires.

Event information

Clovis Rodeo is a four-day rodeo event that brings over 40,000 fans to the Fresno County City of Clovis every year. On either side of the four-day rodeo event, there are also several other scheduled forms of entertainment to appeal to the masses. The next time you feel like a spring road trip in your RV, Clovis Rodeo could be at the top of your list.

This annual event is one that boasts an action-packed schedule at 748 Rodeo Drive, Clovis, California. There’s bull riding, parades, performances, and even a concert for you to dance the night away. The kids can get in on the action with a kids’ rodeo that runs toward the end of the overall rodeo event. There’s also roping, an after-party, rodeo dance, and much more.

The rodeo arena is nestled amid beer tents, vendor stalls, and stages with pre-concert music. If you’re looking for a good time, you’re likely to find it at Clovis Rodeo.

While you’re in the area in your RV, there are also plenty of other things to experience. You can pay a visit to Millerton Lake, take the kids to the Wild Water Adventure Park, or wander around Old Town Clovis. There are plenty of points of interest, including trails for walking and biking.

Saddle up cowboy, the rodeo is about to kick off. Pile into your RV, choose your favorite tunes, and hit the road.


Tickets to Clovis Rodeo are usually for sale within four months of the event taking place. Make sure you’re the early bird so you can take advantage of any available specials. Tickets are for sale on the organizer’s website, including single-day and package tickets. Reserved seating is also available, so get in quick.

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Two main highways run through Clovis, California: CA-168 and CA-41. CA-168, also known as the Sierra Freeway, runs parallel to the rodeo site in Glorietta, Clovis. October, May, and April are considered the most comfortable times of year to drive in the area, so you may find your trip on the wide, flat highways is smooth and free from problems.

To be on the safe side, you can download a Fresno traffic app such as ABC30 to stay up to date with live traffic and weather conditions. Upon entering Clovis Avenue or Rodeo Drive to Clovis Rodeo, four lanes lead into the parking lot for safe entry and exit for all.

Parking areas

Clovis Rodeo offers an expansive dirt parking lot for a myriad of different vehicles. There may be parking attendants to guide you to the best spot to park your big rig. In the absence of suitable parking spaces, you may like to set up camp at your accommodation and arrange for public transportation to and from Clovis Rodeo.

Public Transportation

Clovis offers a public bus system that runs regular routes around the general Clovis area. Some of the pick-up and drop-off times may coincide with the Clovis Rodeo. However, you may also like to make use of taxis and private ride service providers if you prefer a more direct route to Rodeo Drive, Clovis.

Where to stay


Even though Clovis Rodeo is an expansive venue, it does not have enough room for camping. There are plenty of parking lots for day use, but you will have to find overnight accommodation in the area. You can then either travel daily in your RV or make use of the area’s public transport network.


Clovis is an expansive city with more than 100,000 people, but it still has room for more. Within a ten-mile radius of Clovis Rodeo, there are a handful of RV parks that are likely to have everything you need for a comfortable stay. Choose the park that best suits your needs. Remember, the rodeo brings in tens of thousands of visitors, so book months in advance to ensure you get your first pick. Depending where your route begins you may also appreciate camping in Yosemite, Kings Canyon, or Sequoia National Parks to the east or Pfieffer Big Sur State Park to the west.

Getting around

You are going to want to wear your most comfortable walking shoes at Clovis Rodeo, for traversing the grounds on foot is the best way to get around. While you can reserve your seat in the grandstand to rest your weary feet, you will need to walk to the entertainment and vendors without the aid of bicycles, scooters, or other personal wheeled transportation.

What to pack


It’s not uncommon for temperatures to climb during the rodeo, so make sure your clothing is suitable for such conditions. Pack items that will be breathable, light, and that you can add to or take off as the weather conditions change. Light colors will allow you to remain cool, but keep in mind that dirt will be more visible. Bring comfortable footwear and a sunhat, too.


When you’re packing a bag to bring into the rodeo, the weather conditions should be your primary concern. Bring your ticket, cash, and credit, and everything you need to keep comfortable in the heat. This may include protective clothing, a hat, and water. Vendors will also be selling hats and water, but umbrellas are not allowed.

Health & Safety

With temperatures rising near the end of April, organizers do all they can to keep stock, competitors, and visitors cool. There is a cooling center outside the rodeo hall with a fan, shade, and water. Come prepared with sunscreen, sun-safe items such as a hat and sunglasses, and plenty of water to remain hydrated. Don’t forget any medical supplies you may require for your RV trip as well.

Where to eat


Given the dry, arid conditions in Clovis, you may not be able to foster your love of camping through a traditional open fire. However, most accommodation providers will allow the use of your onboard RV appliances. Some may also have shared facilities to ease the burden on your self-contained setup. If you require any supplies during your stay, there is a market and other convenience stores within a short driving distance of the rodeo.


You’re spoiled for choice on your visit to Clovis, for there are restaurants everywhere you look. Whether you feel like coffee and cake, pizza, or a hearty steak, Clovis delivers. You can even stock up on baked goods or try out a new Italian dish nearby. The area surrounding Rodeo Drive is laden with delicious eateries to cater to your every need.


If you don’t feel like traveling too far from the rodeo site, then there are concession stands that sell almost everything you need. Stock up on drinking water, hats, sun-safe products, and all manner of food items. Hamburgers, snow cones, popcorn, hot dogs, beer, there’s something for everyone. Many vendors accept credit, but carry cash and debit just in case.



Both uniform and plainclothes police officers will be on hand throughout the event to ensure safety and provide assistance. Bring in only what you need, and be prepared for personnel to check your bags. Leave any large items such as umbrellas back at your RV, as well as noisemakers and anything that could hinder someone else’s joyful rodeo experience.


Hot days are almost guaranteed at the Clovis Rodeo, with even night temperatures mild enough to allow you to wander around in a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. Make sure your heating and cooling units are in working order, your RV fluids are topped up, and that you’re prepared for all eventualities during your travels through California.


The primary medical concern for the duration of Clovis Rodeo is the heat. If you suffer from heatstroke, exhaustion, or have any medical concerns, there will be ambulance staff and Clovis Fire and Police on site to help. For anything more serious, alert an official and dial 9-11. The nearest hospital is five miles from the rodeo in the Glorietta community near Clovis.