Cobscook Bay State Park
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Located on the eastern tip of Maine, Cobscook Bay State Park offers some of the best hiking in kayaking you’ll find in the region. Surrounded by water on three sides, you’ll have stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean. Bring a kayak to explore the ocean and enjoy the wildlife that is found throughout the park. There are dozens of species of bird that populate the coastline. Cobscook Bay also has the highest concentration of bald eagles that you’ll find anywhere in the state.

RV campers who want to hike will find plenty to keep them happy as well. The park has a well-maintained network of trails that lead you through the nearly 900 acres of oceanfront forest. And visitors to the park in winter can explore all of the trails while cross-country skiing or snowshoeing.

The park has a campground with over 30 RV campsites for you to choose from, many of which feature oceanfront views from your campervan. With some of the most stunning views, you’ll find in Maine, you’ll always want to keep coming back to Cobscook Bay State Park.

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Located on the tip of eastern Maine, Cobscook state park can be reached by car or RV from all of the main cities in Maine. If you are coming from Bangor, take State Route 9 east out of the city and you will reach the park in a little over two hours. From Augusta, you can get to the park in around three hours. Take I-95 north from the city until you reach State Route 9, and then continue until you reach the park. The local roads outside of the park pass through wooded areas so watch for falling branches during windy days.

Once you arrive at the park, you’ll be able to reach all of the campsites directly from Park Road. There are no RV restrictions on any of the main roads. And you shouldn’t have any issues navigating your rig through the park, as the roads are mostly straight. If you visit the park during the winter, you may want to plan for icy and snowy roads. If there is snow on the forecast, you should also consider bringing snow chains for your rig.


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Campgrounds and parking in Cobscook Bay State Park

Campsites in Cobscook Bay State Park

Reservations camping

Cobscook Bay Campground

There are 27 sites available for reservation. None of the sites have hookups of any kind, but pets are allowed at all sites. Plus, all of the sites have fire pits and picnic tables and are within walking distance of restrooms.

Site lengths vary greatly, with the largest sites designed for rigs up to 70 feet long. If you have a large RV, you may want to call the park ahead of time to make sure that the site can accommodate your rig.

Many of the sites will have scenic views of Cobscook Bay. Every site is also within walking distance of the water and the park’s main trails.

The campground is open from mid-May through mid-October. Sites must be reserved at least a day in advance and can be booked for a max of 14 days. The sites all become first-come, first-served beginning in September. The park is popular in the fall, so consider arriving early if you want to grab a spot.

First-come first-served

First-come, First-served

The sites all become first-come, first-served beginning in early or mid-September. The park is popular in the fall, so consider arriving early if you want to grab a spot.

Seasonal activities in Cobscook Bay State Park



The park is a popular choice for birdwatchers. There are over 200 species of birds that visit the park throughout the year.

You’ll find the largest population of wintering black ducks in the state of Maine. And the Cobscook Bay also has the highest concentration of bald eagles in the state.

When you enter the park, make sure you pick a list of the bird’s in the area from the park office. Birdwatching tends to be best in spring and fall, when birds are migrating through the park. But you’ll find a wide variety of species no matter when you visit the park.


The waters of Cobscook Bay offer some of the most stunning ocean views you’ll find in the region. And one of the best ways to explore them is with a kayak. You’ll see dozens of species of birds that fly along the waterfront. You’ll also see otters and seals, and if you come as the salmon population rises, you may even be able to spot a bear.

The park doesn’t offer any rentals, so you’ll have to bring your own kayak. However, there’s a boat launch that makes getting out onto the water easy.


The stunning Cobscook Bay also makes for an excellent swimming location. Head to the park’s beach area to relax during the summer and enjoy the cool Atlantic waters. And bring a boogie board on a windy day.

There’s also a picnic area near the beach, should you want to have a snack after spending time in the water. You’ll be just steps from the sea at the campgrounds, so you can get from your campervan to the water in a heartbeat.



There are two main trails that lead through the park, allowing you to explore the coast and marvel at all of the park’s wildlife.

You can also go off trail to explore the winding shoreline of the bay. You’ll have the chance to see otters and seals, and possibly even a black bear.

The trails provide over two miles of hiking, and you can extend your hike by connecting to various trails that weave through the surrounding area.

Cross-Country Skiing

If you visit the park during the winter, you can use the network of trails as a cross-country skiing course. There’s a wide range of species that populate the park in the winter, so you’ll find plenty of wildlife, from birds to bears.

The park maintains the trails, so they are accessible for skiers of all experience levels. There are no rentals, so you’ll have to bring your own equipment in your campervan.


The network of over two miles of trails is also great for winter time hiking. Just make sure to bring your snowshoes, as the snow can get pretty deep during the winter.

The trees of the forest turn into a wintry paradise, with acres of white forest to explore. Take the Nature Trail to climb up to a scenic outlook that gives you stunning views of Cobscook Bay. You’ll need to bring your own equipment with your RV, as the park doesn’t offer any rentals.