Colgate University Tailgating

Hamilton, New York’s Colgate University Raiders are gearing up for the new season at Andy Kerr Stadium, so it’s time to take an RV trip and be a part of the action.

Event information

Colgate University is a beautiful 575-acre private liberal arts college in Hamilton, New York, that has a reputation for being one of the best of its kind in the country. Alongside its pupils’ academic achievements, Colgate University is also highly regarded for its athletic endeavors.

At least a quarter of its students are involved in its dozens of varsity and club teams, with many proud to wear the maroon, white, and gray coloring to represent the Colgate Raiders. All teams are also proudly welcomed onto their respective sports complexes by the adorable mascot called Raider. Raider takes pride in ramping up the crowds to sing Colgate, Alma Mater, and Fight, Fight, Fight.

Colgate University offers a broad range of sports offerings in its athletic department, including football, lacrosse, basketball, and hockey, among others. It also has plenty of standout sports facilities to cater for them, such as Crown Field at Andy Kerr Stadium, the Beyer-Small ’76 Field, and Tyler’s Field.

Alongside being able to take an RV trip to Colgate University in Hamilton to enjoy the Raiders take on their competition, you can also enjoy a tailgating experience like no other. RVs and tow vehicles can buy lot passes by the sports arenas for football, lacrosse, and other sports, and enjoy pre-game and post-game entertainment.

When the time comes to treat yourself to a road trip, dress up in your best maroon, gray, and white supporter’s gear and hit the road, bound for Hamilton, New York.


Ticket pricing for games at Colgate University can differ, depending on your sport of choice, how many you are buying, and if you’re looking for single tickets or a season pass. Many tickets start as low as $15 but can be $35 or higher. Tickets are usually available for purchase at the gate on the day, as well as passes for parking in the lots surrounding College Street.

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Hamilton is a small town in Madison County, New York, which is also home to a village of the same name. It’s well known for its university, but also its convenient travel distance between New York and Canada.

The main U.S. Route that runs through Hamilton is 12B, and it’s one of the best ways to access the town from the direction of Syracuse and Sherburne. Hamilton is a little bit off the beaten track, but that can all be part of the adventure in a motorhome. A traffic site, like 511NY, for example, can keep travelers on the right path while also highlighting any delays people may face along the way.

Upon arriving in Hamilton, Colgate University is at 13 Oak Drive, accessible from US-12B, with most of the athletic locations within a few blocks.

Parking areas

Parking at Colgate University during a sports game, and for tailgating, is more straightforward than sports fans might think. As long as RV-goers arrive a few hours before the game begins, parking is available for motorhomes for a fee in one of the lots near Andy Kerr Stadium and Tyler’s Field. During some events, parking is free, but it can cost money during Raiders football and ice hockey games.

Spaces are limited, so bring cash and arrive bright and early. Otherwise, parking is available off college grounds, with a short walk to Colgate University to be a part of tailgating and a Raiders game.

Public Transportation

Hamilton is a small town and village, which means that public transportation is not a requirement. Navigating the streets in a motorhome does not often pose too many challenges, so it can efficiently serve as a Raiders fan’s primary mode of transport.

Bringing a bicycle on an RV adventure to Hamilton, New York, can also make exploring the township far more rewarding, not to mention useful for biking at Charles E. Baker State Forest in Sherburne or Beaver Creek State Forest nearby in Turin.

Where to stay


Onsite camping is not available at Colgate University in Hamilton, New York. While travelers can park their motorhomes in the lots surrounding the sports field, they must move them once the Raiders games are over each day. Fortunately, it won’t take long to locate an RV campground nearby for short or extended stays.


Hamilton might be a small town, but that doesn’t mean Raiders fans won’t be able to find a suitable RV park near Colgate. Within a 20-mile radius, options are abundant, including primitive RV camping and resorts with service hookups. Lebanon Reservoir Campground welcomes Raiders fan to stay overnight in Hamilton and often has family-friendly activities schedules during some portions of the year.

Green Lakes State Park is about an hour's drive from campus offering a peaceful setting for travelers. For any traveler coming from the direction of Utica and Ferris Lake Wild Forest, Herkimer Diamond KOA Resort is also a worthwhile option before traveling to a Raiders game at Colgate University.

Getting around

Upon arrival at Colgate University, the best way to get around the facility will usually be on foot. Parking lots for tailgating and day parking are within proximity to the sports complexes. Save your bicycles and other private transportation for exploring nearby attractions like Green Mountain National Forest past Elmira to the west.

What to pack


Hamilton’s climate is generally mild year-round, and travelers will want to include warm clothing suitcases during fall and winter sports seasons. Spring and early fall might offer a few warmer days with chilly evenings.

Raiders fans may want to include at least one piece of maroon and white supporter’s gear, too. It pays to check a weather app before visiting Hamilton to find out what temperatures to expect. Don’t forget to factor in other activities in addition to tailgating, such as hiking or fishing at Susquehannock State Forest on the way through Pennsylvania.


Preparing for an RV trip to Hamilton to be a part of a tailgating experience can take a bit of planning. Travelers not only have to think about the clothing they’ll wear to blend in with the sports-mad maroon and gray crowd but what will make the trip a bit more convenient.

Don’t forget to pack camping and cooking equipment for your campsite, but these can be left in your motorhome once tailgating is over and you head to the Raiders game. A ‘less is best’ approach is wise for attending events on campus, so bring cash, a ticket, and ID for a smooth screening process.

Health & Safety

Whether you’re hiking at Green Lakes State Park or walking down a local Hamilton street, wear sunscreen and carry water at all times. If you’re on medication, bring a sufficient amount so vacation time is not spent refilling your supplies. Toiletries and bug spray are also essential to carry onboard a campervan or Class A.

Where to eat


As long as a Raiders fan’s grill can fit in a single parking space along with their motorhome, they can cook up a storm before the game begins. Set up chairs, tables, and coolers as tightly as possible, and get that grill fired up for hot dogs and other delicious gameday food. Within a half-mile of Colgate University is a food supplies store for everything the cook might need.


Take a break from cooking and check out what local eating establishments are open in the heart of Hamilton. Quaint little cafes and a couple of takeout joints can prove convenient for those who prefer a light snack. Otherwise, there are even more offerings in Sherburne or Earlville within a short ten-mile distance.


What you can buy to eat at Colgate University can depend on the sports game you are attending and its importance. Some offsite caterers may visit Colgate University to sell food on site, so bring plenty of cash to make sure you have the correct payment type. During games that don’t offer food and beverages, you can carry out meal prep in your motorhome and enjoy something after the game.



There will be a security presence not only during Colgate University Raiders games but during tailgating, too. Colgate Campus Safety and event staff work hard to make any Raiders games as safe as possible, and this extends to pre-game and post-game tailgating. If you leave your motorhome at any time, lock it while storing valuables out of sight.


From January until December, temperatures can be as low as 11 degrees-Fahrenheit, or as high as 80. Rainfall can be frequent throughout the year, with snowfall throughout the winter.

Before travelers head off to Hamilton in their RV, it’s worth tuning into a weather app to find out what conditions await. By doing so, fans can be aware of whether they’ll need to turn on the heating or cooling, or if long-sleeved Raiders shirts will be better than singlets.


Medical assistance is available for anyone on Colgate University grounds that requires it. In an emergency, dial 911, or use one of the emergency call boxes located throughout the athletic facilities area. Take note of the location when you dial. There is also a hospital within half a mile of Colgate University toward Randallsville, and a pharmacy toward County Forest in Eaton, New York.