Colorado Bend State Park

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When you visit Colorado Bend State Park in your RV, you’ll find yourself surrounded by beautiful, lush nature and wildlife. The scene that you’ll be surrounded by is the kind of thing they describe in poems and write about in books. Within the park, you can find Gorman Falls, an impressive 70 foot tall waterfall. This site is one to be considered truly magical. On the hike there, you’ll also get to see the unique travertine formations, which are rocks formed by the evaporation of the nearby springs and rivers. Along with Gorman Falls, there is also Spicewood Springs at Colorado Bend State Park.

On the southern side of the park, you’ll find the Spicewood Springs Creek running through a canyon. You’ll be able to find trails that will take you to smaller waterfalls along with swimming holes that are fed by springs. If you visit during the warmer months, these swimming holes can be a great way to cool off from the 90-degree weather and have fun. No matter what time of the year you visit, the sights are always stunning. Just be aware that the temperature can drop to the 30s in the cooler months, so dress appropriately in layers. There is so much tranquility of nature and unlimited amounts of fun when you travel in your rig to Colorado Bend State Park.

RV Rentals in Colorado Bend State Park

Transportation in Colorado Bend State Park


County Road 446 is the main road that will take you into and through the park. You'll want to use caution when driving inside of the park since several of the local roads are rather winding. While there may not be any size restrictions for vehicles on the roads that are within the park, there is the possibility of running out of parking space. When this happens, the park will temporarily close down in order to prevent further problems.This is more likely to happen in the spring and summer, as these are the busiest seasons. You'll also want to check driving conditions during the rainy season as the entrance roads may flood.


There are a number of parking lots scattered around the park from the park entrance to the trail heads. However, you might find it difficult to find parking for your RV in this park, especially if it is over 30 feet in length. The only campsites that are available for RVs here has a maximum vehicle length of 30 feet, so this can be a problem for anything bigger than that.

Public Transport

Campgrounds and parking in Colorado Bend State Park

Campsites in Colorado Bend State Park

Reservations camping

Reservations Camping

While this campground does allow first-come, first-served camping, you may find it easier reserve a spot. This is especially more likely recommended during the peak season, when more people wish to come RV camping here. After all, there are multiple different primitive tent campgrounds in the park, but only one that allows RV camping. Even then, there are only 15 sites available for your RV, so you may want to grab them while they’re still available.

At each site, you’ll be allowed to have up to 8 people in your party and you’ll have access to potable water and a cold outdoor shower. You can also enjoy use of a picnic table, fire ring, and lantern post. Some of the sites offer shade from trees while others offer scenic view of Texan hills. You won’t have hookups or a dump station of any kind though, so be prepared for that when you go. However, you will be able to use a generator during the day. Also make sure that your RV is under 30 feet in length, as this is the maximum size allowed at these sites. Once you have settled in here, you’ll be able to enjoy the nearby river and abundant nature.

First-come first-served

First-Come, First-Served Camping

Many of those that come to camp here simply drive up for a camping spot in their RV and have no problems. Aside from not having hookups and a dump station, these sites have just about everything else you could need. This includes water for drinking, a picnic table to eat at, and a fire ring to gather around at night. There is even a lantern holder so you can have some light outside once it gets dark. Generator use is also allowed. During the day, the nearby river can be fun to play in and cool off at and at night it makes for a calm and peaceful sound to fall asleep to. Bringing your RV here for a camping trip is a great idea for getting out in nature, and a wonderful way to experience all of Colorado Bend State Park.

Alternate camping

Tent and Primitive Camping

Here at the park, there are many different options for tent camping. Some places that you’ll find are much rougher than others. These are eight campsites that require you to leave your vehicle behind and do some hiking in order to reach the site. While it may seem like a lot of trouble, it’s a great way to get some exercise and experience the wild as it is. If hiking with all of your belongings isn’t really your thing, but you don’t want to or can’t bring the RV either, you can rest assured that there are other options right here in the park. There are also 28 walk-in tent sites available, all with access to water and restrooms nearby. The walk-in sites offer beautiful rivers views with access to a picnic table, fire ring, and lantern post. Reservations are required for walk-in campsites. There are also three primitive group campsites available for large parties. However you choose to stay and visit Colorado Bend State Park, it’ll be a great experience for the whole family.

Seasonal activities in Colorado Bend State Park



If you want to get away from the rig and really get lost in all of the beautiful nature that Colorado Bend State Park has to offer, then backpacking is the way to go. There are primitive sites located all around the park and you can get help planning your trip from one of the state park’s helpful staff members. There are lots of options for trails to choose from and spots to camp at - just ask!

Mountain biking

If you’re looking for an adventure that’s a little more fast paced, you can go mountain biking in the park. This park is known to give the best mountain biking experiences in the state and there are lots of trail options to choose from. Some of them are more easy or difficult than others, giving lots of variety for people of different skill levels.


You may be surprised to hear that under much of the park lies a hidden cave system with over 400 caves! You can make reservations to go on cave tours, where you’ll climb and crawl your way through all of the underground intricacies. Be sure to bring some sturdy shoes and expect to walk out of there wet and dirty from your exciting adventure.


If you're looking for aquatic adventure during your RV road trip to Texas, you've come to the right place. If you’d like to kayak in the park, you have the option of bringing your own or renting one from the park. If you choose to rent, you can pick from a single or a double sit-on-top kayak. You even have the option to rent by the hour or by the day. Kayaking can be a great way to escape and relax.


There are so many fun swimming opportunities throughout the park including swimming holes, waterfalls, and rivers. Spicewood Springs is even known to have some of the best swimming holes in Hill Country. There is no better way to cool off in Texas than taking a dip in these natural bodies of water.



If you’ve decided to bring your boat with you on your trailer to have a good time, there is a boat ramp that you can use at Lake Buchanan. On Lake Buchanan, you can travel downstream for a total of about 10 miles. When you go though just be aware of the risks of running into low water and seasonal flood debris.

Hiking the River Trail

If you're looking for an easier route to hike you should head in your RV to the River Trail. This trail is actually fairly easy compared to some others, and you may even want to stop along the way to enjoy a few of the spots that allow river access all along the trail. This is a great hike if you’re looking for lush dense canopies that give you plenty of shade, while also getting to enjoy the river up close.

Hiking Gorman Falls

Gorman Falls is yet another one of the most popular trails to hike. Expect rocky terrain and steep hills that make for a fun and challenging adventure when you choose to hike to the Falls. This waterfall is very impressive, so you’ll want to capture all of its glory with a camera when you go.

Hiking Spicewood Springs

There are over 35 miles of hiking trails within Colorado Bend State Park, and one of the most popular places to hike is Spicewood Springs. Here you’ll find waterfalls and natural pools all created naturally and fed by the Spicewood Springs. You’ll also be hiking up a canyon and crossing the creek. The views once you get to the top are amazing.


There are lots of fishing opportunities inside Colorado Bend State Park, and you don’t even need a license. If you love to fish, you may also be happy to hear that this park is historically known for having some of the best bass fishing opportunities in all of central Texas. They even have a fish cleaning station for your convenience.

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