Colorado Springs to Napa Road Trip Guide


For families looking to enjoy their next great RV adventure, a seven-day road trip from Colorado Springs, Colorado to Napa, California will not disappoint.

Colorado Springs is a popular resort town that sits at high elevation in the midst of the Rocky Mountains. The city is near to Pikes Peak, a recreational center carved into the landscape by glaciers. Pikes Peak is an important landmark found within the Pike National Forest and is a haven for hikers with its abundance of scenic trails. Another popular attraction is the Garden of the Gods Park that is well-renowned for its unusual and beautiful red rock structures.

One of the biggest draws to Colorado Springs each year is tourism. Among the most favored attractions in the region include the ANA Money Museum, the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center, and Old Colorado City.

Colorado Springs is also home to a number of annual cultural events. Many tourists and locals alike look forward to the yearly hot air balloon festival known as the Colorado Springs Labor Day Liftoff. Other events that are sure to draw a crowd each year are the comic book convention and the science fiction convention referred to as GalaxyFest. The Colorado Springs Festival of Lights occurs each Christmas and includes a popular parade that runs the length of the city's main street.

Colorado Springs is a haven for lovers of beer. The state boasts a vast number of craft breweries currently measuring 348 in total. The state was also among the first to legalize marijuana.

When it comes to outdoor recreation, Colorado Springs will not disappoint. The city proudly offers a vast network of hiking trails, beaches, public parks, and much, much more for families to enjoy.

Navigating through this elevated city in an RV can be a bit of a chore, so it is recommended that families park their rig at their campground and make use of the Colorado Springs' transit system which includes taxis, buses, and trams.

For a great place to enjoy some RV camping, consider an overnight stay at Fountain Creek Campground or Golden Eagle Campground.

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Max RV length
Max trailer Length
Road trip length: 7+ days
Recommend rig: motorhome
audience: family

Point of Interest

Elitch Gardens

Just 71.3 miles away from Colorado Springs is the popular Elitch Gardens. This unique attraction is an amusement park that offers many different activities for families to enjoy. The property is home to a zoo that boasts a large collection of unique animal species. It is also the seat of the very first orchestra in the region. An aged institution, Elitch Gardens is only 30 years younger than the city of Denver itself.

Elitch Gardens, a facility named for its original owners John and Mary Elitch, first opened to the public in 1890. The property was originally farmland that was then repurposed to become a zoo and garden center. Among the most well-renowned visitors that attended the park's opening were P.T. Barnum and the Tom Thumb family. When Mr. Elitch died, his wife Mary continued to run the premises becoming the only woman at the time that both owned and operated her own prosperous hotel facility.

In subsequent years, a theatre was opened on the grounds with many popular actors and actresses gracing its stage including Sarah Bernhardt, Lana Turner, Grace Kelly, Mickey Rooney, and more.

Throughout the years, many different additions were added to the facility including the Trocadero Ballroom, a carousel, and KiddieLand. Today, the property is home to gardens, a theatre, an array of amusement park rides, and a water park.

If you're tuckered out after a day of fun in the sun at Elitch Gardens, consider an RV stay at Cherry Creek State Park Campground or Indian Paintbrush Campground.

Lory State Park

Lory State Park is 73.9 miles down the road in the town of Fort Collins, Colorado. This picturesque public recreational area offers many activities for families to enjoy including hiking, mountain biking, and horseback riding. The property is nestled amidst the area foothills and rests beside the much-loved Horsetooth Reservoir, a popular spot for fishing and other water sports.

Lory State Park is home to over 20 miles of hiking trails. Most of these paths do not experience a steep incline; however, they do traverse through rich valleys and gently rolling terrain. The hikes vary in length and in intensity. For those that enjoy backcountry camping, several sites are available here on a first-come, first-served basis.

To the east of the park is access to the beautiful landscape found outside Horsetooth Reservoir. Here, families can enjoy water sports such as canoeing, kayaking, and even swimming. The reservoir boasts of a boat ramp where families can launch their powerboats into the water. The ramp is found within Boyd Lake State Park.

Lory State Park is comprised of 2,492 acres and offers incredible views of the Rocky Mountains. There is a diverse amount of plant life here as well as over 175 species of birds.

Tired out from a day hiking the grounds at Lory State Park? Consider an RV stay at Fort Collins/Lakeside KOA Holiday or Horsetooth Reservoir South Bay Campground.

Liberty Park

The next day's journey is a long one at 450 miles, but it is well worth the effort to spend the day enjoying Salt Lake City's Liberty Park. This popular public recreational area consists of 100 acres and offers many fun things for families to do during their visit.

The Tracy Aviary found on the grounds is an attraction that is not to be missed. For avid birdwatchers, this is a wonderful place to glimpse some rare and unusual species and capture some perfect photo ops.

Liberty Park is home to a lake that bears its name. This body of water is an excellent place to do some fishing. The conditions are excellent for swimming, and paddleboats can be rented at one of the area concession stands for those that fancy paddling around in the water. There is a small island found in the center of Liberty Lake. A pedestrian bridge leads to a gazebo at the heart of the island where families can stand and enjoy incredible views.

Other family favorite attractions at Liberty Park include the Seven Canyons Fountain and the Park and Splash Pad.

After a long day's drive and spending some time exploring the park, an overnight stay might be the perfect ending to the perfect day. Plan to do some RV camping at Salt Lake City KOA Holiday or the Spruces Campground.

Historic Wendover Airfield Museum

One hundred and twenty-four miles from Liberty Park is the Historic Wendover Airfield Museum. This popular attraction sits atop a former World War II Army Air Forces training base. It remains in excellent condition and is considered to be the most original of all similar airfields in the United States.

A property with a history spanning 75 years, the Historic Wendover Airfield Museum still carries the same spirit it did during its heyday in the 1940s. The barracks and hangars that once housed servicemen remain true to their roots, affording visitors a rare glimpse into their lives during times of training and war.

The museum's primary role is to preserve the work and dedication of the United States Army Airforce at Wendover Airfield. In addition to caring for the buildings, the curators also pay great attention to the location of the property as well as the resources deployed during the Second World War.

The museum contains exhibits and displays which house memorabilia and important artifacts that provide education about the science and technology employed during World War II and how it shaped the advances made today.

Thinking an overnight to catch up on some zzz's sounds like a slice of paradise? Park the RV for relaxing stay at Wendover KOA Journey or Lost Boys Peak Campsite.

Rancho San Rafael Regional Park

Only 399 miles separate RV campers from the joy of exploring the much-loved Rancho San Rafael Regional Park. This family favorite destination was once in use as a working ranch. It traces its roots to the late 19th century when the facility was a prosperous cattle farm which was operated by the Pincolini families. At that time, the property was only used for cattle grazing. No buildings were erected on the grounds.

In 1920, the land was obtained by Mr. Russell C. Jensen, and buildings were added to the property including a home for the ranch manager which today services as an office for ranger services for the park.

The Jensen family changed the purpose of the ranch from cattle to sheep. The ranch operated seamlessly until Mr. Jensen's unfortunate death in a car accident in 1925. For ten years, his wife continued work at the ranch before selling the property to Dr. Raphael Herman in 1935. It was at this time that the ranch began to blossom into the facility we know of today.

The Hermans made many improvements to the property including the addition of a main Ranch House, barns, sheds, corrals, and other buildings to assist with the ranch duties and care of the animals.
Today, the property houses only the main ranch house built by the Jensen family.
In the mid-70s, the ranch was sold and efforts were made to preserve the property as a public park. After fundraising efforts were successful, new amenities were constructed on the grounds including bathrooms, a playground, picnic areas, and a shelter. The property consists of over 570 acres of land for families to enjoy.

Among the best places for an RV stay in Reno include Reno KOA at Boomtown Journey or Lookout Campground.

Tahoe National Forest

It's a very short trip to Tahoe National Forest from Rancho San Rafael Regional Park at only 28.1 miles. This beautiful naturally landscaped property is nestled within the Sierra Nevada mountain range and offers breathtaking views of northern California.

Tahoe National Forest begins at an elevation of 1,500 feet and rises to over 9,400 feet in total. At the pinnacle of the forest, RV campers will find Mt. Lola, one of many statuesque mountains located in the Sierra Crest.

Tahoe National Forest is scenic and beautiful. It is a popular spot for those that enjoy both downhill and cross country skiing. Other popular things to do here include visiting the many historic sites and prosperous timberlands. Located within the forest is the Granite Chief Wilderness Area, a spot that is well-renowned for its abundance of hiking trails.

This much-loved natural space is portioned into four ranger districts; each of which offers its own unique set of outdoor activities for families to enjoy. One of the attractions that is not to be missed is the Calpile Lookout, a structure erected by the Civilian Conservation Corps Towers in 1934. Today, the facility is available for rent and is home to a storage facility, a section for sleeping, and an observation deck.

Among the best places to enjoy an RV stay near Tahoe National Forest are Wild Plum Campground or Sardine Lake Campground.

Roseville Golfland Sunsplash

Just 39.4 miles down the road RV campers will find Roseville Golfland Sunsplash, one of the most beloved destinations in the northern portion fo California. This popular family attraction offers over 30 different things for RV campers to do all housed within one central locale. Water-based rides are the name of the game here with many new activities such as the Double Door on offer for the thrill-seekers in the family.

King Ben's Castle is a great place for the true fan of old-style arcades. This attraction includes a selection of over 200 video games as well as the opportunity to take on the fam in a battle to the death in laser tag.

Golfland offers families the chance to try their hand at some mini-golf. This facility offers two different courses; each with 18 holes.

Fastcar Raceway is a ton of fun for those that fancy the need for speed. Other much-loved activities here include Riptide, Six Chuter, Double Dare, and much, much more.

Housed on the premises are several different places where families can get snacks, drinks, and other treats including Kings Kitchen Pizza and Snacks, Iceberg Shakes, and Castaway Cove Snack Bar.

After an invigorating day of fun in the sun at Roseville Golfland Sunsplash, catch up on your zzz's with an RV stay at Beals Point Recreation Area or Placerville KOA.

Fairytale Town

The final leg of the journey before reaching the final destination of Napa is only 22 miles and leads to Fairytale Town in Sacramento, California. This unique attraction was designed in the mid 20th century in response to the great success of Disneyland. The primary intent of this particular storybook village was to bring life to characters from popular children's literature of the day.

The park was originally constructed of all miniatures and was completed and ready for unveiling to the public in 1959. Since its inception, Fairytale Town has undergone a number of renovations to improve the facilities. It continues to be a popular gathering place for children from all around the globe.

Some of the features of the park have been carefully preserved since their construction in 1959. These include the Cheese Stand Alone, the Toy Soldiers, the Old Woman in the Shoe, and Jack's Candlesticks.

This literary-themed park is the only one of its kind designed with children in mind in the Sacramento area. To encourage further education and participation, community events are housed on the grounds throughout the year.

In 2012, Fairytale Town added its own Yellow Brick Road to the facility.

For a great place to enjoy an RV stay in Sacramento, park your rig at Cal Expo RV Park or SacWest RV Park and Campground.


The final drive of the seven-day road trip en route to Napa is 62.5 miles. RV campers will be delighted by the opportunity to hunker down for some R&R at a campground in their desired destination.

Napa is found in Napa County, California. It is the seat of wine country, making it an extremely popular area for both tourists and locals year-round.

Napa's downtown core traces its roots to the late 19th century. Today, its facade is still reminiscent of the good old days with its unique architecture, riverfront views, and stellar restaurants. A city with a thriving cultural scene, Napa is home to such institutions as the Napa Valley Opera House and the Oxbow Public Market. For the true wine connoisseur, the Napa Valley Wine Train is not to be missed.

Napa has enjoyed a reinvention, leaving it a sophisticated cosmopolitan center. It is a gathering place for many celebrities and includes many restaurants commandeered by celebrity chefs and glamorous accommodations.

But Napa is also a haven for the outdoor enthusiast offering a wide abundance of hiking trails, beaches, public parks, national forests, campgrounds, and more for families to enjoy.

Traveling through Napa in an RV is no big chore. However, many families do prefer to park their rig at their campground and take the bus or a taxi into town to do some exploring.

The best places for RV stays in Napa include Skyline Wilderness Park and Steele Canyon Campground.

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