Colorado State Fair

Have a memorable family camping trip to Colorado by visiting the Colorado State Fair, and enjoy everything it has to offer.

Event information

If you would like to experience an exciting family event, then you cannot go wrong with the Colorado State Fair. This event typically takes place at the end of August in the City of Pueblo. It sums up everything there is to love and cherish about Colorado and caters to people of all ages.

The history of this fair goes far into the past, all the way to the year 1872. It was then that the Southern Colorado Agricultural and Industrial Association decided to hold the first annual agricultural exhibition. Even though Colorado wasn't recognized as a state at that time, this fair was already becoming an essential feature of the State's history.

More recently, the fair welcomes thousands of people who come to experience an entire week full of spirited competitions, great music, live entertainment, tasty food, refreshing drinks, and a good, old Western atmosphere.

The Colorado State Fair campground space for fair participants or guests can camp nearby. At your campsite, you can leave your RV, set up camp, cook your own food, and just relax and enjoy the Colorado skies.


Tickets for the Colorado State Fair can be bought either online or at the entrance gates. Adult tickets will come at a regular price, whereas tickets for kids (between 5 and 12), senior citizens, and military personnel come with a discount. Lastly, tickets for children under the age of 5 come free of charge.

Keep in mind that guests can pay for tickets with a card or cash, but not with a check. For more information about the ticket deals and details, visit the official website of theColorado State Fair. Fair participants can request a campsite reservation via the website instructions.

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The Colorado State Fair location is 1001 Beulah Ave, Pueblo, CO. If you are coming from Denver, make sure to take the shortest route via I-25, as it may make your ride last less than two hours. If you are coming from Albuquerque, take I-25, and it may take you less than five hours to reach the fairgrounds. Traveling from Kansas City via I-70 can take around eight hours. Main highways are generally quite accessible for RV motorists, but remember to check your route in advance for road closures due to rockslides or otherwise, especially if you will travel on a smaller road at any point.

Parking areas

Aside from featuring standard car and motorcycle parking lots, the Colorado State Fair does offer RV parking and camping with some restrictions. Keep in mind that the rules and parking may vary from year to year, so look up the information on their website to see where and when RV parking and camping will be available and who is eligible to rent those lots.

Public Transportation

If you don't feel like driving and looking for a parking spot, public transportation is available. Your best option would be to look for the Free Shuttle Services, which operate from the Main Street Parking Garage to the main State Fair Gate. These shuttles typically run every 15 to 30 minutes during the Fair. Other public transportation options include buses and taxi services.

Where to stay


Camping at the Colorado State Fair will be available in the Horsemen/Livestock Lot for participant guests. Some camping spaces are reserved for exhibitors and vendors. Not participating in the fair? No worries, grab a campground in the Pueblo area and enjoy!

The campgrounds will feature hookup options and amenities, but these may vary by site selection. Camping spaces are typically 15 wide and 40 feet long. If you need more than 15 feet in width, keep in mind that you will be required to rent two spaces.


Campers may wish to head a few miles south of the fairgrounds and camp near Lake Minnequa. Nearly a dozen campgrounds litter the map within 40 minutes of Pueblo. Guests can look for various hookup options and plenty of unique amenities. Travelers can camp in nature and explore the beauties of Pueblo and Colorado.

Getting around

Fair-goers may want to consider renting a wheelchair, electric scooter, wagon, or a stroller to ease movements through the fairgrounds. Rental prices cover one day and require you to have a state-issued ID, Military ID, or a driver's license. Also, you will be able to pay with cash or major credit cards but not a check.

What to pack


Since the Colorado State Fair takes place in late-August and early-September, guests can expect plenty of sunny, warm days. Pack accordingly by bringing light summer clothes, such as t-shirts, lights dresses, shoes, and a cap or hat. If you plan to camp anywhere in Colorado, remember a warm layer or two for chilly nights. Don't hesitate to pack a hoodie or a light jacket.


Due to the timeframe of the Colorado State Fair, guests will want to prepare for the sun and heat. Remember to bring plenty of water and sunscreen with you. Don't forget to bring cash, but there will be ATMs scattered around the fairgrounds. When planning to camp, pack all your essential grilling equipment, kitchen supplies, blankets, pillows, and a flashlight.

Health & Safety

To stay ready for action during your stay at the Colorado State Fair, remember to pack any medicine you might need. Also, don't forget to bring adequate sunscreen, a first aid kit, any allergy medicine, and some quality bug spray, especially if you plan to explore the outskirts of Pueblo. The elevation of Pueblo is around 4,600,' so keep this in mind if you are coming from a lower elevation. Some guests may tire a bit sooner and sleep more soundly the first night in the area.

Where to eat


Plan to bring your own cooking equipment, food, and drinks to enjoy at your campsite. Stock your RV shelves with your favorite outdoor snacks and easy meal preparations. If you forget something, worry not, because there are a number of grocery stores near the fair's location, where you can purchase anything that may be needed.


For guests not willing to test out their cooking skills, there are plenty of alternatives. These come in the form of several restaurants scattered throughout Pueblo. If you fancy spicy, South American food, you are sure to find something to suit your palate. If you are looking for a quick bite or a unique local option, options may be found within five to ten minutes from the fairgrounds.


A State Fair is hardly complete without a large number of vendors to widen your perspective of human creativity. Luckily, the Colorado State Fair traditionally shines in this department. Guests can expect hundreds of vendors, which will provide some unique and exciting shopping opportunities. Don't forget to check out the Shopping Center, located inside the Palace of Agriculture, as well as other options scattered around the fairgrounds.



Just like any other fair, the Colorado State Fair has a number of rules and regulations intended to ensure everyone has a fun and safe time. Before entering the official fairgrounds, guests will be subject to search. Remember to leave behind any prohibited items, which include firearms, knives, outside food and drinks, coolers, illegal substances, and drones. All types of smoking are prohibited inside buildings, and some types may not be allowed at all.


Since events are held at the end of August, fair-goers can expect relatively stable weather with plenty of sunny, warm days. However, don't be surprised by somewhat chillier nights and short bursts of rain. Remember to pay attention to the weather before departing for Pueblo and close the windows in your rig while traveling just in case.


The Colorado State Fair is surrounded by a few hospitals and medical facilities. So, if you require any medical services, head north or south from the fair to find a health facility. ADA parking is available with a current placard, and wheelchairs are available for rent if needed.