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Colusa-Sacramento River State Recreation Area is the perfect place for RV lovers looking to take a break within a quiet and serene setting. Formally inhabited by the River Patwin Indian tribe, the first recorded stay in and around the area by non Native Americans was in 1872 when John Muir stayed by the river. From the 1900s up until 1955 the area was actually a dump for the city of Colusa. The transformation began in 1955 when the city of Colusa gave the seven and a half-acre site to the state of California. After this initial plot, more land was added and the area was filled, leveled, cleared and landscaped to transform into a beautiful area.

The park is a very popular destination for families and the river is the hub of recreation within the park. If you love to boat you are in luck because there is a launch ramp for small boats available for your convenience. If you are a fishing fan then you will love the park as the river offers one of the best fishing stretches in California. King salmon, steelhead, rainbow trout and striped bass are some of the regularly caught fish in the park.

There are 14 developed campsites available for RV lovers to enjoy for those who have rigs up to 27 feet long. Two of these sites are accessible campsites with accessible restroom and shower facilities located nearby. Peak season at Colusa-Sacramento River State Recreation Area is during the summer months.

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Colusa-Sacramento River State Recreation Area is located in near the town of Colusa on the west bank of the beautiful Sacramento River. The park is in an easy to find location and is located close to many amenities including restaurants, grocery stores and gas stations. Along with Colusa there are a few other smaller towns near the park, including Williams (around 10 miles away), Maxwell (around 13 miles away) and Yuba City (around 25 miles away). The closest major city to Colusa-Sacramento River State Recreation Area is Sacramento, which can be found 65 miles to the south.

Accessing the park is super easy and the most common routes are from Interstate 5 & Highway 20. The park entrance is to the north of the intersection of Levee St and 10th St in Colusa. There are no major regular weather events in or around the park, but if you are concerned you can contact the park to make sure that it will be open before you begin your journey to Colusa-Sacramento River State Recreation Area.


There is plenty of parking in and around Colusa-Sacramento River State Recreation Area.

Public Transportation

Unfortunately there are no public transportation options that will take you to Colusa-Sacramento River State Recreation Area.

Campgrounds and parking in Colusa-Sacramento River State Recreation Area

Campsites in Colusa-Sacramento River State Recreation Area

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Colusa-Sacramento River State Recreation Area Campground

The campground at Colusa-Sacramento River State Recreation Area is very small and quaint, however that doesn't mean that the facilities are anything but top notch. Visitors to the campground have noted that the campground is very clean and that the amenities are well kept.

In total there are 14 sites available for RV travelers and each of these sites come with electric and water hookups. Each site is very spacious and also come accompanied with a picnic table for you to use. The campground also features a bathhouse with toilets, showers and a dump station. The campground is also pet friendly and you should be able to get cell phone reception throughout the whole campground. Reservations are available for the campground and we recommend one as the campground is quite small so you don't miss out on a site. Colusa-Sacramento River State Recreation Area Campground is open all year round.

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Want to check out the water? The Sacramento River is waiting for you to explore with your boat all year round during your stay at Colusa-Sacramento River State Recreation Area. There is a small boat launch located on the western bank of the river that is available for you to use. It only suits small watercraft so you will have to launch outside of the park if you have a large boat. The park does not offer boat rentals but speak to the friendly park staff upon arrival and they will have some tips on where to privately hire one.


Along with being an awesome boating destination the fishing within the Sacramento River is also incredible. There are so many different fish that call the river home and depending on the season you could catch king salmon, steelhead, rainbow trout, striped bass, catfish, shad, carp and sturgeon. Fishing is permitted on a boat and you can also cast out from the riverbank to try your luck at catching the big one. If you do wish to fish during your stay you will need a valid California fishing license.


Once you are finished with the river many visitors to Colusa-Sacramento River State Recreation Area sit down, relax and have a picnic. The park has a tranquil tree-shaded picnic area that is made up of five acres for you to enjoy. Within the picnic area you will find BBQ stoves, a restroom and drinking water/ hot showers are also located nearby. The picnic area is very popular during the summertime so we recommend setting up early to avoid missing out on all the fun.



The location of the park so close to the Sacramento River means that visitors will have ample opportunities to participate in birding whilst staying at the park. Migratory waterbirds are the most common and most popular to spot and depending on the time of year you may be able to see ring-necked pheasants, California quail, mallard ducks, Canada geese, western meadowlarks, northern flickers and ospreys. If you have any questions about birding within the park, speak to the park staff and they will assist you.


Since Colusa-Sacramento River State Recreation Area is so small (the park's total area is around 14 acres) there are limited hiking opportunities available within the park. Despite this, you can still enjoy the location and the peaceful surrounding by visiting the nature trail that is located to the left of the boat launch area. You could also go for a walk along the banks of the Sacramento River, or walk into the town of Colusa and see what the cute town has to offer.

Wildlife Viewing

Although the park is small that doesn't mean that there is no interesting wildlife around. The riverbank cottonwood and willow trees shelter many different animals throughout the year, including deer, raccoons, opossums, foxes, skunks and muskrats. Other common shrubs that you should look out for are wild grape and fig shrubs that provide food to the local animals. If you want to learn more about the wildlife in and around the park the staff at the park will be able to assist you and answer your questions.