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Conkle Lake Provincial Park


Conkle Lake Provincial Park in BC includes a secluded lake in the Okanagan Highlands east of Osoyoos. The park’s setting includes a hilly forest consisting of western larch and lodgepole pine trees mixed with willow and black alder. Located in the sub-alpine Kettle Valley area and including 587 hectares (2.26 square miles), Conkle Lake Provincial Park was established in 1973. Conkle Lake, which was named for an early settler of the Kettle Valley named W.H. Conkle, is known for its rainbow trout.

Visitors to the park will find plenty of things to do to keep active and explore their gorgeous surroundings. Water activities are popular, like swimming, fishing and canoeing; boats with motors that do not exceed 10 hp are allowed on the lake. The park includes hiking trails as well so that you can explore the park on foot. Relax on the beach before a swim or among the park’s trees. No matter how you choose to spend your time, you will find the park an excellent place to experience solitude and become refreshed.

Conkle Lake Provincial Park is home to a variety of birds, bears and other wildlife. Keep your eyes out for the common loon, common merganser, ruffed grouse, pileated woodpecker, black-capped chickadee and ruby-crowned kinglet.

Go ahead and pack up your RV and head toward Conkle Lake Provincial Park, where you can not only engage in a number of fun activities, but enjoy the peace and quiet the area has to offer.

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RV Rentals in Conkle Lake Provincial Park



From Bridesville, head east on BC-3 E toward Bridesville Townsite Rd. for 7.4 km (4.59 miles). Then turn left onto Johnstone Creek Rd. W and proceed for 11km (6.83 miles). Continue on Holme Creek Rd for 4.3 km (2.67 miles), turning left on James Lake Rd. Take James Lake Rd for 7.7 km (4.78 miles) until you arrive at the park.


Parking is available throughout the park.

Public Transportation

There is no public transportation to Conkle Lake Provincial Park.

Campgrounds and parking in Conkle Lake Provincial Park

Campsites in Conkle Lake Provincial Park

Reservations camping

Conkle Lake Group Sites

Conkle Lake Provincial Park has two group campsites available, both of which are able to be reserved. One group site has seven small sites surrounding a larger, central open area. The site includes two pit toilets and a large fire pit. The site can host from 15 to 80 occupants and is most appropriate for trucks with campers and/or tents. Located close to the lake, the group site offers easy access to the park’s water activities. The second group campsite is closer to the beach, located above the day use area. The site includes five picnic tables, a pit toilet and a central fire pit. The area is open and campers can set their tents up as they like; five to ten tents can be accommodated. The group site is surround by trees and can accommodate 15 to 80 individuals. This group site is next to a set of stairs that will take campers down to the beach.

First-come first-served

Conkle Lake Campground

Conkle Lake Campground in Conkle Lake Provincial Park is an excellent place to get set up for a night (or more) during your visit. The campground includes 34 campsites, four of which are double sites, as well as pit toilets and a hand pump for water. The camping season runs from March 15 through September 3, however the campground can be utilized year-round. Sites, which are considered medium in length, are first-come, first served and include a fire pit and picnic table. The campground offers a place to relax and from which to venture when looking to enjoy all that the park has to offer.

Seasonal activities in Conkle Lake Provincial Park


Spend Time on the Water

Perhaps it is not surprising that Conkle Lake is a popular place to for boating, which is an excellent way to explore part of the park. Boats with motors with greater than 10 hp are not allowed on the lake, which makes the lake ideal for kayaking and canoeing. The park includes a boat launch that is ideal for small boats on a trailer, kayaks and canoes, which has a small, single wide section of beach that is marked by rocks. Due to the southerly winds regularly seen, the lake also offers the opportunity for windsurfing.

Hiking and Biking

While there are not many hiking opportunities within Conkle Lake Provincial Park, a 2 km (1.24 miles) trail will take you through some of the park’s beautiful scenery to a waterfall that is located outside of the park. The Falls Trail, which begins at the campground between campsites 32 and 33, is considered an easy trail and will take you part of the way around Conkle Lake. A hike on this trail will offer an opportunity for a little exercise with a beautiful destination ahead. Those that enjoy biking can bring their bike to the park; biking is allowed on the roadways only and helmets are mandatory!

Fishing and Swimming

Conkle Lake Provincial Park is a great place for fishing as well as swimming. The park offers a large beach and the lake’s cold, clear water is inviting after some time spent relaxing or playing in the sand. Swimming is at your own risk, as there are no lifeguards at the park. Conkle Lake is a popular place to fish as well. The lake, which is three kilometers long, is stocked with Rainbow Trout and fed by East Creek. While fishing, you can take in the park’s scenery, including its steep hillsides. Make sure to get an appropriate license before fishing or angling in the park!



Conkle Lake Provincial Park is not just a place to visit during the warmer months of the year. The park and its surrounding area are also fun to explore during the winter months, particularly when there is snow on the ground. Outside of the park’s boundaries are gravel forest service roads. During the winter, these roads become snowmobile routes perfect for exploration. Bring a snowmobile and take in the winter scenery from atop of the vehicle as you cruise along the roads. Dress in layers and bring along something warm to eat or drink!

Ice Fishing

Whether you are experienced or merely curious about ice fishing, Conkle Lake Provincial Park is a place where you can go to give the activity a try. Ice fishing is when you attempt to catch fish using lines and fish hooks or spears through an opening made in the ice on a body of water that is frozen. While access can be difficult, it is possible to ice fish on Conkle Lake. Make sure that you obtain the appropriate license before you get started and dress warmly. Ice fishing is a challenging activity that will allow you the opportunity to get fresh air and enjoy the solitude of the park during the winter time.

Explore Boundary County

A district in southern British Columbia, Boundary county is located along the boundary between Canada and the United States. During a winter visit to Conkle Lake Provincial Park, you can explore the county, which offers a number of recreation opportunities during the winter, as well as things to do indoors. Check out opportunities for downhill and cross-country skiing, snowshoeing and snowmobiling in the county, as well as the cafes and restaurants where you can relax and fuel up for your next adventure. With beautiful landscapes and plenty to see and do, Boundary County is worth checking out!