Country Fest

Country Fest is one of the largest music and camping events in the US, which is perfect for RVers seeking three days of food, music, and outdoor fun.

Event information

Country Fest is one of the best-known music and camping festivals in the US that presents endless exciting opportunities to the guests. The three-day festival is best enjoyed as an RV camping experience and is a great way to unwind and relax amidst the festival hues. You not only get to enjoy the splendid performances but also have the comfort of your mobile home on standby.

The event is organized in a natural amphitheater in central Wisconsin sprawling 380 acres. The event grounds have a whopping 7,000 campsites surrounding the main stage and the four side stages. The weather often remains moderately warm during the summers, but guests should be prepared for the occasional thunderstorm and rainfall. Country Fest also offers dedicated parking spaces for guests close to the concert venue.

Country Fest is one of the oldest and largest camping events and country music festivals and has been organized since 1987. Major performance line-ups see the crowds swaying to the music every day. The concert venue has hosted the performances of artists and bands including Taylor Swift, George Strait, Miranda Lambert, Blake Shelton, Carrie Underwood, and others.

There’s so much more to the event which celebrates the country spirit with tasty food, boutique exhibits, and interactive activities throughout the weekend. The festival campgrounds, one of the largest in the region, play host to thousands of campers who join in the celebrations with full zeal and a festive fervor like no other.


Tickets to Country Fest usually go live for sale in late summer every year. Try to purchase your tickets as early as possible; prices typically rise as the event dates draw closer and might sell out. A Three-Day General Admission ticket includes entry into the concert venue along with access to the kick-off party. However, the pass does not comprise access to the campgrounds, which must be separately purchased. The Three-day GA pass is usually priced between $100 to $200.

There is also a One-Day General Admission ticket that often ranges from $70 to $150. Guests can also purchase tickets to the Reserved Lawns which are located right behind the VIP section and include seating. The pricing varies between $250 to $350. There is also a VIP Admission pass ($500 to $600), which includes VIP parking, meals, and seating.

You can choose to stay at a VIP Campsite, Electric Campsite, General Campsite, or other types as offered. RV campers can choose the electric campsite passes which are priced between $300 and $500 if they need an electrical hookup. Please visit the official Country Fest website to know the current ticket pricing.

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Country Fest is organized at the Country Fest Grounds located in Cadott in Wisconsin. The venue is about 30 miles away from Eau Claire, 120 miles from Minneapolis, 105 miles from La Crosse, and 86 miles from Wausau. The festival recommends following the GPS route to the permanent festival grounds at Country Fest, Chippewa Valley Music Festivals, 24447 County Hwy. S., Cadott, WI 54727. Guests are advised to check with the Wisconsin road and weather alert system by calling 511 or visiting 511WI online before planning their travels to stay up-to-date on the road conditions.

Parking areas

Guests should consider purchasing a parking pass (one or three days) for access to the general parking lot. The parking space is located just outside the main concert grounds. Only one vehicle can be parked at a festival campsite which means those bringing more than one automobile must purchase a general parking pass as well. There is also a dedicated VIP parking space which is included in the VIP, VIP Gold, and Lure Lock Top Tier Lounge tickets.

Public Transportation

Guests can opt for shuttles which operate from partnering hotels. The official shuttle schedule is published on the event website. Guests can sign up on a first-come, first-serve basis. You will also be required to purchase the shuttle wristbands. Guests who would like to arrive at their own convenience other than the earmarked shuttle times can choose a ridesharing service.

Where to stay


Country Fest makes several arrangements for a variety of camping options to suit every need. RV campers may want to choose an electric campsite which provides only electric hookups. You could invite your friends to come over for double the fun, but the festival only allows six people inside one campsite, and all individuals must possess the Camp Access Pass.

Guests should also note that no water hookups are available, but the festival arranges water trucks which can be called in to fill up. Make sure you arrive with the water tank full. Freshwater stations are also installed. RV campers who do not need electricity may wish to choose another campsite style.


If you would like to stay in a tranquil environment away from the festival crowds, you could choose one of the many campgrounds near Cadott, often within a 15 to 20 minute drive. Cadott draws music lovers as well as tourists who frequent the area for hiking, camping, and boating in Lake Wissota State Park.

Getting around

Country Fest takes place in a beautiful setting sprawling a large area. You’ll mostly find yourself walking between the main stage where the top bands perform and the side stages featuring regional artists. Your chosen campsite area will determine how far you need to walk every day. You’ll find the movement within the concert venue and campgrounds very convenient in general.

What to pack


Attendees will want to be prepared for sudden weather changes. Pack in summer clothing along with your usual rain gear. It is also a great idea to carry shade protection and sunglasses to keep you cool during the day time. Pack in good shoes to keep your feet smiling throughout the three days of the festival.


Country Fest allows guests to bring their cameras and take photos by the side of the stage. Guests are requested to head back to their seats quickly and not remain in the front zones, though, as this can affect the experience of the other seated guests. Please also be careful with the use of flash. There are charging stations provided inside the festival crew tents in case your phone or equipment battery needs a charge.

Health & Safety

Guests should carry insect repellent and sunscreen since the sun can quickly get to your skin as you’ll be outdoors most of the time. You should keep a water bottle with you at all times. There are water stations at the venue as well. Consider carrying a first-aid box with all essential medications in your camper for convenience.

Where to eat


Guests are permitted to light self-contained fires as long as the entire set up with the vehicle, sleeping unit, and campfire remains within the earmarked area for each campsite. Remember to ensure that there are no flammable materials near the fire. No open ground or bonfires are allowed. Guests are requested not to leave the fire unattended. Country Fest does not allow digging fire pits. RV campers should ensure that their vehicles are in proper condition with full tanks to make the most of their festival experience.


There are several restaurants and eateries in Cadott. You will also find good bakeries and pubs in the area to relax after a day full of endless fun at the festival. Travelers may also encounter delightful ice cream parlors and outlets serving Japanese, Asian, American, and Mexican cuisines, to name a few.


It’s impossible not to think of delicious food when talking of the Midwest. Country Fest organizes a number of food and drinks vendors on the concert grounds. Guests can savor local delicacies and all-time favorites during the concert ground hours. Country Fest also has a ‘Shirt Shop’ where you can purchase festival clothing. Consider carrying some cash in case your favorite vendor does not accept a card.



Country Fest takes fans’ security very seriously and employs a dedicated security team for the duration of the festival. Guests are encouraged to report any incidents to the nearest security staff. There is also a dedicated anonymous tip hotline where guests can text their concerns if they are uncomfortable reporting these in person. The festival retains a zero-tolerance policy towards sexual harassment.


Guests should consider that the temperature can vary widely during the summer in Wisconsin. Try to pack and dress according to the weather forecast during the week of the festival and prepare for unforeseen changes, severe weather, and storms. The festival will provide the most up to date weather information in cooperation with the local weather services. Guests will be notified via on-stage announcements and mobile app alerts.


A medical tent is located on the hilltop. It is recommended to get in touch with the nearest crew member in the event of a medical emergency. This may be the fastest source of help. The festival maintains a General Admission Handicap seating area. The Pit area, which allows guests with the requisite pass to stay closer to the artists, is also ADA-accessible.