Crooked Creek State Recreation Site
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Crooked Creek State Recreation Site is located near the confluence of Crooked Creek and Kasilof River, Alaska. It is an RV park and campground that offers various activities on the Kenai Peninsula; an ancient landscape that has a diverse topography and extreme climate.

Most campers like visiting the park in the months of May and June as it gives them the chance to experience king salmon fishing at the bank of Kasilof River. If you are an angler, you would love visiting Crooked Creek State Recreational Site to catch some truly delicious fish.

It is publicly managed by the State, Federal and Municipal agencies of Alaska and therefore strict compliance with rules and regulations is mandatory during your stay at this park. The park is also pet-friendly and offers over a hundred acres of land to stretch the legs of your furry friends.

It is a haven for tent campers and those seeking a minimalist camping experience. The surrounding wilderness, extensive wildlife and spectacular landscape are simply majestic in the summer months with clear blue skies and perfect weather.

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To get to the park follow Seward Hwy South and onto Sterling Hwy South. Take a right on to North Cohoe Loop Road which will lead directly to the park entrance. Crooked Creek is at an easy walking distance from Kisalof River. As you enter, you can either walk to your campsite or travel on gravel roads to the picnic areas and various other amenities available at the park.

Everything from boat launch ramps, cultural activities, hospitals, vehicle maintenance stations to motels, ATM facilities, and restaurants all are located within a 10-mile radius of the park.


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Campgrounds and parking in Crooked Creek State Recreation Site

Campsites in Crooked Creek State Recreation Site

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Crooked Creek State Recreational Area Campgrounds

Crooked Creek State Recreation Site offers campers and RV enthusiast to spend up to seven days camping at the 24 campsites available for trailers and RVs. The park has a total of 79 campsites and also offers 36 day-use parking sites.

The campsites are not equipped with any facilities like electric or water hook-ups so make sure to bring a generator along. The campground is built with the intent of providing a minimalist camping experience for the true outdoor enthusiast that wants to feel connected to nature. The day-parking spots and seven-day camping limit is largely because this park is most popular for being a fishing destination for King Salmon.

Wifi is provided at the campground to keep you connected with your friends and family while you enjoy your outdoor vacation. There is a large dining hall that you can reserve it if you are planning a remote gathering to celebrate a special occasion.

The staff is friendly and knowledgeable and will help you through your visit regarding all services. Pets are allowed on the campground and some campsites are accessible to the disabled.

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Being a real forest retreat, Crooked Creek Campground has many trails that can be explored by hikers of every skill level. Hiking through the evergreens is a memorable experience. You will be mesmerized by the peaceful scenery, the gentle sound of running river water and the chance to spot all kind of wildlife from hares and squirrels to moose and bear. There are several hiking trails you will love to explore among the forest trees.

Wildlife Watching

Crooked Creek Recreation Site is a great place for people who want to spend time wildlife watching. You may get the chance to see moose, black and brown bear, lynx, squirrels, hares and many other beautiful animals and birds all around the park.

Please follow the guidelines while wildlife watching and do not feed or engage the wild animal in any way. Do not litter the area, and try to clean your mess as best as you can before you leave.


A large number of people visit Crooked Creek State Recreation Site for its exquisite fishing opportunities. In May and June, King Salmon fishing became a retreat for anglers that flock to the park from all over the world to fish at the banks of Kasilof River. Anglers can also catch Dolly Varden, sockeye and silver salmon in the summertime. Visitors need to bring their own fishing equipment. You can also book fishing excursions from the park reception. There are several fishing spots on the river or in the nearby small lakes for anglers to choose from.



There are many camping and picnicking spots for visitors to simply relax in the beautiful atmosphere created by the surrounding nature and landscape. It is a great place to revitalize and rejuvenate from the daily rut of everyday life. Picnic tables are available in many places for visitors who want to come and spend the day relaxing and snacking outdoors.

Historic Sites

Crooked Creek State Recreational Site is situated in the Kenai Peninsula that has been an ancient hunting ground for humans for over 8,000 years. The rich fish stock in the rivers along with plenty of game animals and a rich and extensive history make this landscape extremely interesting to historians and history lovers.

Kayaking and Canoeing

With access to the river, Crooked Creek State Recreation Site has a close by boat launch area where boating enthusiast can drop in their kayaks and canoes and paddle around Kasilof River exploring the forest landscape and open expanses of prairie-like terrain spotting many exotic species of birds and wildlife.