Czech & Kolache Festival

Want to celebrate Czech heritage and culture? It might be time to pack up your RV and head to the Czech & Kolache Festival in Kewaunee, Wisconsin.

Event information

The Czech & Kolache Festival in Kewaunee County is the largest festival of its kind in Wisconsin. Every year on the first full weekend of August, thousands of people make their way to the Agricultural Heritage Farm which is five miles south of Kewaunee on State Road 42.

The entire festival is dedicated to Czech culture and, of course, the kolache. Kolache (or kolach) is a type of pastry with puffy dough and fruit, meat, or cheese filling. In past years, up to 12,000 kolaches were made by hand over the two-day event and sold fresh to the general public.

While kolache is a standout reason to load up your RV and take a road trip to Wisconsin, it’s not the only one. The Czech and Kolache Festival is a popular event that incorporates many aspects of Czech culture.

You can enjoy a Kroj-style show with clothing modeling from Slovak and Czech ancestors, and music from the Heritage Brass Band. You can then dance and jive your way to the beer and food garden where a range of Czech treats await your inspection.

You can also learn how to cook Czech food, speak the language, and learn a little of the history. If you’re a history buff, the display of heritage buildings will be an eye-opening experience as well. The wider Kewaunee area which sits on the edge of Lake Michigan will not disappoint either.

Once you’ve seen all there is at the Czech & Kolache Festival, you can then wander around the surrounding townships. Pay a visit to Bruemmer Park or travel over to Green Bay to visit the Bay Beach Wild Life Sanctuary or Amusement Park. An RV summer adventure is undoubtedly on the cards, so don’t miss a chance to experience all Wisconsin has to offer.


In the past, general admission has been affordable for all members of the family, and available at the gates when you enter. Make sure you bring enough cash for both entry and purchases. All profits go back into the Agricultural Heritage & Resources Inc that hosts the event and maintains the buildings.

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The drive to Kewaunee is known to be a pleasant journey, no matter your start point. Two main roads, State Roads 42 and 29, lead you to Kewaunee then five miles south of it to the event site. Because the event is held in the summer, you’re unlikely to encounter any adverse weather conditions. However, there are bound to be many seasonal travelers on the road, so take care and keep your eyes on the road.

If you want to stay up to date with traffic, road construction, and any accidents or weather highlights, make sure you download a travel app such as 511 Wisconsin before you hit the road. You can then travel safely from the direction of Milwaukee, Michigan, or Minneapolis while remaining informed.

Parking areas

The Czech & Kolache Festival is bordered by miles and miles of farmland, but parking is still reasonably limited. There is a dirt lot at the Agricultural Heritage Farm which may have sizing limitations. You may be able to park your RV on the side of the road if there is not an available area for you at the event site itself. Otherwise, you may like to consider parking at your campsite and arranging alternate transportation to the festival or ride over in a tow vehicle.

Public Transportation

The rural location of Kewaunee County makes your transportation options limited. While there are no train or bus stations, you may be able to phone for a taxi to take you to the Czech & Kolache Festival. Private ride services may also be in operation in the area. There is also a shuttle that transports visitors around the various heritage building sites.

Where to stay


Onsite camping is not available at the Czech & Kolache Festival, but that doesn’t mean you’re stuck without accommodation. Kewaunee County welcomes visitors with open arms and ensures there are plenty of options for RV travelers and tenters alike in the surrounding area. Services can differ from one site to the next.


There are several different accommodation providers within a 13-mile distance of the festival. An RV park, lodges, resorts, and campgrounds all sit within a short six-mile distance of the event as well. You will never be too far from all the action. Make sure you book in advance to ensure you get your first pick.

Getting around

The Czech and Kolache Festival is on a relatively conservative site, which means you don’t have to cover a lot of ground on foot. You can sit down, relax, enjoy the entertainment, and wander around the stalls at your own pace. There is also a shuttle that can take you to and from different heritage buildings around the area.

What to pack


The Czech & Kolache Festival is held in the heart of summer, which means you can store away your winter woollies for this event. Pack shorts, t-shirts, comfortable footwear, and something warmer to wear at night once the festival finishes. Temperatures fluctuate between the high 50s and high 70s, so you’re bound to have some decent weather in Wisconsin.


One of the most important things you’re going to need to bring on your trip to the Czech & Kolache Festival is your camping equipment. Make sure you’ve got everything you need to remain self-contained in case you’re not able to access service hookups. For the festival, bring a light backpack, cash, and bottled water to stay hydrated. Most vendors will only accept cash, so visit an ATM before your visit.

Health & Safety

Pack essential equipment in your RV, such as a first aid kit, toiletries, bug spray, and medical supplies. Once you get to the event site, prepare yourself for the sun with sunscreen, a hat, and sunglasses. There will be restrooms at the festival for your convenience, but such amenities may vary with campsites in the area.

Where to eat


After a full day of Czech cuisine, you may be too full to cook. However, if you do start to feel a little peckish, it’s helpful if you’re prepared. Stack your RV shelves with light and yummy meals that are easy to prepare and filled with color from the garden. Most campsites will permit you to use your onboard kitchen appliances. There are even some campsites with shared facilities. If you’re short on supplies, there are a few markets and convenience stores six miles away in Kewaunee.


If you’ve had your fill of Czech food, then you may like to branch out and try something new in Kewaunee. This city delivers on tasty delights and cultural treats. You can call into one of the many privately-owned cafes and eateries, or wander along the lakeshore until you find the bar and grill. This stunning city has a lot of hidden restaurants and cafes that will surely impress.


From kolache and Czech cream puffs through to cinnamon rolls, Metanky, and Jitrnice, you’re not going to go hungry at the Czech & Kolache Festival. All manner of Czech cuisines bay be available for you to try, made fresh on the day. There are also plenty of other things you can buy, such as artwork, merchandise, ornaments, and more. Most vendors will accept cash only, so bring enough to tide you over for the full two days.



While there may not be a heavy security presence at the Czech & Kolache Festival, that doesn’t mean there’s no one to assist if you need help. You can approach any of the Agricultural Heritage Farm officials. The Kewaunee Police Department is also only four miles away from the event site.


With temperatures in the high 70s for most of August, you’ll achieve that sun-kissed look you desire in no time. To contend with the hot weather, it’s also imperative to make sure your RV has all its fluids topped up, and that you remain hydrated yourself. Leave a vent or two open in your RV to allow air to flow through in case it gets stuffy.


If you begin to feel a little under the weather, or if you sustain an injury, Kewaunee County has you covered. There is a medical center within four miles of the festival site. There is also a pharmacy in the city for you to top up your medical supplies as well.