Dark Star Jubilee

Dark Star Jubilee brings the finest musicians on stage in a picturesque rural setting with music, food, and shopping fun and is ideal for RV camping.

Event information

The Dark Star Jubilee music festival is packed with amazing musical experiences in a fun, laid-back environment. Guests prefer making the most of all three days of the festival which makes RV camping the ideal choice. The RV experience adds a lot of versatility as you can enjoy all performances and return to the comfort of your home on wheels as often as needed.

The event is held in the Village of Thornville, Ohio. The rustic setting offers picturesque views with large, open farmlands all around. While guests can expect to enjoy mild temperatures, spring storms often grace the skies in this region offering cool breezes with sunshine. There are dedicated parking spaces for campers to enjoy the outdoor environment and music in tandem.

Dark Star is all about stunning musical performances and is where great people, great music, and great vibes all come together. This music festival campout experience sees well-known bands grace the stage with their immensely energetic performances that set the crowds swaying to the music. Past performers have included Dark Star Orchestra, The Rumpke Mountain Boys, California Kind, The Little Smokies, and more.

One of the best things is that there is no performance overlap; you’re never faced with the tricky question of deciding between your favorite bands. Just set up your hammock and listen to the melodies unfolding on the stage. Dark Star is also very family-friendly. There are special events for kids including the Kids’ Parade where children wake everyone up to a fantastic day. Come straight to Thornville for the perfect summer musical celebration of a lifetime with Dark Star!


Ticket sales usually go live when the festival lineup is announced in late fall every year. Dark Star Jubilee ticket prices increase as the event draws closer. You will be required to print the tickets yourself which will be scanned later at the event gate. It is here that you will be issued wristbands. The pricing of the General Admission tickets ranges between $110 and $175 for the three days while the VIP tickets typically cost between $250 and $300. RV camping passes vary between $90 and $150. There are designated areas for General Admission and VIP RV parking. Guests must carry a separate RV pass apart from their festival passes.

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Dark Star Jubilee music festival is held on Jacksontown Road in Thornville at the Legend Valley Concert Venue and Campground. It is located merely three miles south of Interstate 70 and about 30 miles from New Lexington. The venue is just minutes away from Zanesville and Columbus. Remember to check your route in advance since direct local routes can often be preferable over GPS.

Parking areas

There is a parking area outside the venue, but regulations vary here from the main camping areas. General Admission RV Parking is an option inside the venue area. Dark Star also has a dedicated VIP parking lot where space is maintained for VIP RV campers. It is essential to purchase a VIP RV pass beforehand to secure a place in this zone. VIP campers will be able to camp in the VIP area only if they stay for all three days of the festival. Guests who arrive or must leave outside of the designated times will be provided VIP space in a separate area. Day parking for guests staying off-site will also be available. Vehicles that are parked inside the venue will not be able to leave and re-enter during the festival.

Public Transportation

The GoBus from Columbus to Newark is a great option for those coming from the west. No single day passes are available but those staying outside the festival venue entrance can leave and return with their vehicles. Guests who leave and return must arrive with their own valid wristbands through the main entrance every time. A dedicated shuttle service is not available directly to the Legend Valley venue site.

Where to stay


RV camping is available within the festival venue in Legend Valley. Guests must ensure that they have a separate RV pass in addition to their usual festival passes to be able to bring an RV to the camping site. It would be a great idea to bring in friends to share the cost and spend fun times together. However, each General Admission RV guest must carry his or her own individual General Admission festival pass. If your crew purchases a VIP RV pass, each RV guest must carry a VIP festival pass for entry. It is important to note that no electrical or water hookups are available for any pass type on site. Ensure you have your water tank full when you arrive. You’ll thoroughly enjoy your “dry camping” experience near Buckeye Lake merely half a mile away from the event site.


You may want to stay at a nearby campground for some individual space. Being popular event destinations, Thornville, Newark, and Lancaster have a number of great RV camping sites of all sizes. You’ll also find good ones near the beautiful Buckeye Lake. Some campgrounds have swimming pools, arcades, toilets, and bathrooms. This is a great option to consider if you wish to stay close to the event venue and still enjoy the pristine natural surroundings of the lake and its beaches.

Getting around

How far you will need to walk to the performance area depends on your chosen campsite. Guests can carry coolers and gear and select a spot on a first-come, first-served basis in the concert areas. Dark Star also prohibits the use of vehicles that are faster than the normal human walking pace. Overall, movement in and around the venue is convenient on foot. Guests who purchase a VIP pass gain easy walking access to the main stage area. Guests camping outside of the venue have the furthest to walk.

What to pack


Guests must be prepared for weather changes and are advised to bring comfortable summer clothing along with simple rain gear. It is also a great idea to carry a hat or scarf to protect yourself from the sun if it gets hot. You’ll be walking around a lot so the importance of good shoes you can wear all day long cannot be overemphasized!


The use of audio recorders is permitted on site. A separate Tapers Section is maintained which can get full fast, so it is recommended to be early for the performance. Dark Star allows the use of cameras but requests guests to be respectful with the use of a flash. You can enjoy personal musical instruments, but the use of amplifiers is not permitted. The event encourages a nice acoustic rendition of your favorite song in the campgrounds. No personal generators are allowed inside the venue.

Health & Safety

Guests are reminded to carry sunscreen and insect repellent creams. Water stations are available onsite, and it is highly recommended to carry a water bottle with you at all times. The festival prohibits the use of glass bottles or items as these pose a health risk and supports the use of cans or plastic containers. It is also a great idea to carry your own first aid kit with essential items and medications.

Where to eat


Guests camping outside the festival venue cannot light a ground fire. Dark Star offers guests staying inside the venue local firewood and prohibits the use of personal firewood recognizing it as an environmental hazard. Guests staying inside the concert venue can light campfires that are not more than knee-high. It is also recommended to ensure your campfire is not too close to a tent or other flammable materials. RV campers should ensure rigs are they have their vehicles in proper condition with all tanks full. Dark Star does not offer hookups.


There are several restaurants in the Village of Thornville. Guests can enjoy a good time at pizzerias, American restaurants, and pubs. A number of eateries and pubs are located by the lakeside and are great if you wish to enjoy panoramic views from the waterfront after a fun-filled day at the festival.


There are several vendors to choose from at the concert site. You will find food and craft vendors selling their specialties. Snack and beverage stands will also be present which is perfect for a quick meal. Craft vendors will also be selling souvenirs, jewelry, handmade items, and art, so you can shop and dance to the beats of your favorite artists. The festival encourages guests to only purchase from registered vendors.



Dark Star has around the clock security. The festival also maintains a ‘Lost and Found’ center for guests to trace lost items. Dark Star also prohibits underage drinking and the use of illegal drugs. This guest-oriented event offers sober camping support; a substance-free camping area is set up by Camp Traction. Guests who wish to experience the event in a clean and sober state are provided encouragement and a unique community within Dark Star Jubilee.


While temperatures remain moderate, it can get hot in the open areas, so guests are advised to stay hydrated at all times to make the most of the entire experience. It would be a good idea to wear summer clothing while also considering sudden potential climate changes and rainfall. Festival officials will instruct festival-goers in the event of severe weather, but shows can be expected to continue rain or shine.


The festival has EMTs on site for the benefit of the guests. A medical tent is located on site next to the main stage. Find a volunteer or a Jubilee staff member if there’s a medical emergency as this will be the fastest source of help. Dark Star also has a dedicated ADA camping area for guests with ADA credentials. Temporary disability is also honored, but guests are required to register in advance.