Darlington Raceway

If you’re getting itchy feet for an RV adventure, then why not make your way to Darlington Raceway? Secure your NASCAR tickets and hit the road.

Event information

If you’re a petrolhead with a love for travel, camping, and action-packed events, then it might be time to head to the Darlington Raceway. Home of the NASCAR series and many other standout events, this event facility at 1301 Harry Byrd Highway, Darlington, South Carolina will blow you away.

It has been an impressive feature of South Carolina history since 1950 and has many nicknames courtesy of NASCAR drivers and fans. It’s not uncommon to hear “The Lady in Black” and “The Track Too Tough to Tame” thrown around on your visit to the area.

The 1.366-mile oval-shaped track is not the only drawcard, even though it’s the top reason why people visit the Raceway. The facilities of Darlington Raceway are out of this world. The grandstand caters to tens of thousands of spectators, while the hospitality village ensures everyone has a great time.

Even the surrounding land will capture your attention. The park-like grounds incorporate a pond, beautiful grassy spots to see all the action, and camping areas. If you intend on staying in South Carolina for a few days, then onsite camping is a no-brainer.

Don’t let the RV season pass you by without at least checking out the Darlington Raceway. There is bound to be a whole list of events that will draw you to the area for the trip of a lifetime.


The best way to purchase tickets for events at Darlington Raceway is by heading to their website. There, you can choose whether you want tickets for adults, children, inclusive or exclusive of camping, or as a package deal. On the website, you can also discover the pricing for various events. For any headline events such as NASCAR, you may like to purchase your tickets well in advance to avoid missing out on your dream events.

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If you’re new to South Carolina, then you’re going to need to make sure you enter the Darlington Raceway address on your GPS and focus on the road. While main highways lead you to the Raceway, it can be a little tricky dealing with congestion, especially in a large vehicle.

Darlington Raceway sits near the main North Governor Williams Highway, but you may also see signs for SC-151, and your route may require a sharp turn as you approach. From here, you can travel down Harry Byrd Highway and gain entrance to Darlington Raceway through several different gates. Have your passes ready for helpful officials to lead you to the correct area.

Parking areas

Parking spaces are not only plentiful but have, in the past, been free for single-day use. There are several different parking spaces for various vehicle sizes and types, including RVs. You can park in the day parking lot if you don’t intend on staying overnight. RV parking is through Gate 10.

Public Transportation

Depending on the event you are attending, you may find there are shuttles that run to and from Darlington. You may need to organize such a service in advance or use private ride services if you intend on leaving your RV at a nearby campsite. With ample bus parking, it makes sense to save the hassle of using your own vehicle to get to Darlington Raceway daily.

Where to stay


Travelers will find onsite campsites galore at Darlington Raceway. Many of them have electric hookups, but there are communal water filling areas and dump stations. The services you receive, and camp size limits, can depend on where you park. There are five different RV campgrounds and one tent area at the Raceway. When you book your campsite, you also receive infield admission and access to all the site’s amenities. You can even bring your pets along, provided they are well cared for and secure at your site.


If you don’t fancy the hustle and bustle of Raceway camping, then follow the main highways out of the area to make use of other camping areas. Campground options in the Darlington area often don a racing theme and readily welcome raceway fans. Facilities and service hookups can differ from one place to the next, but camping out of the general Darlington region can mean you get to make the most of all the area has to offer in addition to the Raceway. However, you may have to rely on public transportation or private ride services to get back to the event site daily if you do not want to drive your tow vehicle or RV.

Getting around

Bikes, scooters, and golf carts are not available for visitors to Darlington Raceway. Taking in all the area has to offer, guests will need to plan to get around on foot. Get amongst the action in the grandstand and rest your weary feet. You are then proximate to everything you will need for a fun day at the races.

What to pack


The majority of standout events at Darlington Raceway are held during the summer months. With the sun beating down during the day, and the nights warm, you’ll be able to leave your winter woollies at home. Pack light, breathable layers and make sure you have comfortable footwear. You can then navigate the raceway without working up too much of a sweat.


To make your trip through security screening a bit quicker, take a soft, small bag or clear bag with the basics. Leave your umbrella, any weapons, stroller, thermal cups, seats with armrests, and even beach balls back at your RV. While you’re in the grandstand, space is limited. If you’re venturing from the comfort of your RV to a premium viewing area, bring cash, a clear water bottle, and comfort items.

Health & Safety

The sun is bound to be beating down during the standout events on the annual Darlington Raceway calendar. If you want to remain happy and healthy for the duration of your stay, then ensure you remember to pack sun safety products. Sunglasses, a cap, sunscreen, and even a small first aid kit are must-have items. Depending on the length of your stay, you may also need to pack prescription medication and any medical supplies you might require.

Where to eat


The best way to cook up a storm at Darlington Raceway is by taking advantage of your onboard RV cooker. You can check out the action then retreat to the comfort of your RV for a light snack. Short on supplies? Never fear. There is a convenience store within a half-hour walk that can provide you with the essentials.


There is a branded and themed restaurant within the grounds of Darlington Raceway, but you may not always have a hankering for what’s on the menu. If you’d prefer to venture out into Darlington, then there are restaurants galore. Feed the whole family at fast food restaurants, or enjoy intimate dining at bistros, cafes, and other nearby dining establishments. You don’t need to travel far to see beautiful food logos emblazoned on many buildings in the vicinity of Darlington Raceway.


The hospitality village is full of food options for the hungry petrolhead. Take a break from the action and line up with the rest of the hungry patrons for the delicious offerings. To avoid the line for the ATM machine, bring cash and credit with you. You can then bring your delicious food items back to your seat or RV to satisfy your worked-up hunger.



Security officials at Darlington Raceway take screening seriously. Leave any hard travel cases back at your RV and make all your items as accessible for security as possible. You can also bring two bags with you into the facility, a clear bag and a soft one of set dimensions. Both should be free of weapons, thermoses, and glass containers. Guests also can’t bring a pet in a handbag to the raceway. You are welcome to leave your pets with supervision at your RV.


Weather is typically fantastic in South Carolina, but in the event of a canceled race, you will be able to use your ticket again at another event at any other time of the year. The likelihood of a summer event being canceled is nearly unheard of at Darlington. Instead, you may get to enjoy temperatures into the high 80s throughout your stay.


There is not one, but five different first aid areas on site to help you with any injuries you may sustain. From twisted ankles through to scratches, abrasions, or any other minor accident or injury, the friendly and trained team can help. If you require further assistance, there is a hospital within 15 miles of the Darlington Raceway, and a pharmacy within a half-hour drive.