Delabar State Park
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Located in Illinois, Delabar State Park honors two brothers, Roy and Jack Delabar, who donated their piece of land to be established as what is now known to be one of most serene parks in the state. 89 acres of Delabar State Park are abounding with quality recreation and RV camping on the banks of Mississippi River, about one-and-a-half miles north of Oquawka. Whatever may be your pursuit – from hiking and angling to picnicking, boating, and of course quality RV camping, you are covered for the most satisfying experience ever. Opportunities for winter recreation are no less exciting either.

While RV camping at the park, you will be delighted to explore the wildlife of the park. From wild animals to songbirds and thickly forested regions of birch, hickory, and oaks, you will discover the most remarkable forms of nature. RV camping is offered year-round, so feel free to bring your trailer any time of the year. May to October, however, is considered the best time of year to visit the park.

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This Illinois state park is located along the famous Mississippi River, so getting access to the park is pretty easy. The park is situated on a less than 10-minute drive from Oquawka, a small village in Illinois. The park is easy to access via 1350 E Highway in a car or trailer. Driving inside the park, you must abide by a few rules. Do not make unnecessary use of horns. Drive at an appropriate speed. You can easily drive your RV or motorhome on the park roads for getting around. Parking is more than sufficient with four different parking lots scattered throughout the 89 acres of the park.


Public Transportation

Campgrounds and parking in Delabar State Park

Campsites in Delabar State Park

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RV Camping

More than 50 RV campsites with 30-amp electric hookups are offered. 40 of the campsites also offer tent camping. Besides electric hookups, amenities like a dump station, water, restrooms, and a jet pump for filling are also provided. Before setting up a campsite, you must obtain the permission from the park. You can also book your site in advance. The campsites are generally not large enough to accommodate big rigs, so the smaller your camper or trailer, the better off you are. The campground is pet-friendly, but pets must be kept on a leash at all times.

Large groups of 25 or more people can also set up a group camp after seeking permission from the park superintendent.

Seasonal activities in Delabar State Park



No visit to Delabar is considered complete if you don’t include hiking among the list of your RV adventures. Not just one but two hiking trails serve enthusiastic hikers with the kind of experiences they are looking for. The trails wind through wooded regions loaded with opportunities for wildlife viewing and nature seeking besides a casual stroll through the trails. These terrains appeal to hikers looking to enjoy the generous offerings of nature besides stretching a few muscles.

Ice Skating

Who says winter deprives you of outdoor adventures? Plan your next RV adventure for the upcoming winter and bring out the sportsman in you on the skating rinks of Delabar State Park. The skating opportunities are one of the few compelling reasons to bring out your RV in the winters. Breathe the winter air and discover the snow-covered outdoors. If you are on an outlook for a place to hone your skating skills, Delabar’s icy trails serve the purpose just right.

Ice Fishing

Ice fishing at the surrounding Mississippi River is quite an experience at Delabar State Park. If you are craving for such an experience, join the adventures when the weather gets extra cold and a blanket of ice wraps just about everything. Head out in the cold to the Mississippi River with all your ice fishing essentials and start hunting for your prize. If you have never tried ice fishing before, you should indulge in this fun sport straightaway when you arrive in your RV at Delabar.


Enjoying the Nature and Wildlife

It is not unknown to anyone that exposure to nature has a considerable effect on our moods and well-being. If you are seeking nature, Delabar State Park is, without a doubt, an excellent option. The sturdy oak, hickory, and birch trees are an abundant source of green and offer remarkable refreshment and relaxation.

If you are seeking views of the wildlife, drive your RV into the forested regions of Delabar where you will discover the park’s native wildlife including but not limited to squirrel, rabbits, raccoons, groundhog, quail, and deer.

Water Recreation

Boating and fishing are permitted on the Mississippi River that engulfs Delabar and serves as the central recreational destination of the park. With a nearby marina, launching ramps, and two launching docks, it is not wise to miss out on the boating adventures that are awaiting you and your group. Angling at Delabar is not something to be missed either. Both lake and river fishing opportunities are provided. While the Mississippi River attends those who favor river fishing, Gladstone Lake is a fishery that lies very close to the park and boats a variety of species.


Planning a picnic at Delabar? Do it right now as three picnic spots are available at this state park that are enjoyed by hundreds of picnickers year-round. These picnic locations can be found near the northern end, southern end, and the center of the state park. All the picnic locations are placed near parking lots so that you don’t have to worry about the parking issues and only focus on the joys of your picnic. Drinking water, toilets, and even stoves are available in plenty.