Delaware State Fair

Ten days of entertainment is about to begin, so load up the RV with your nearest and dearest and set the GPS for the Delaware State Fair.

Event information

For over a century, 18500 S. Dupont Highway in Harrington, Delaware, has been home to the Delaware State Fair. As a non-profit event and organization, the goal of the event is to provide a fun and entertaining atmosphere for families and individuals alike.

The Delaware State Fairgrounds is well-located on the outskirts of Harrington, Delaware. Therefore, whether you plan on staying at the grounds or the township itself, you’re not short of things to do, see, and experience.

The fair boasts a wide range of fun offerings for the whole family. From carnival rides and activities through to concerts, agriculture, livestock, and eateries, it’s a hive of activity. There are even opportunities to fill your wardrobe, with vendors galore looking to offer you something special.

The beautiful Delaware weather puts on a show of its own too, with hot summer temperatures making it the perfect event to achieve that sun-kissed look.

Are you looking for a way to enjoy the summer months before you throw yourself back into your daily routine? Set your RV in the direction of the Delaware State Fair, and enjoy ten days with an action-packed schedule. Spend your days soaking in the atmosphere, and your nights in the comfort of your RV. It doesn’t get much better than that.


Tickets for the Delaware State Fair are available in the weeks leading up to the event. You can order them online to skip the line or buy tickets for adults (13 years and older), youth (6-12), and children under five (free) from the main entrance.

If you plan on hanging around the Delaware area for a few days, then consider a five-day admission pass to beat the lines. Refer to up-to-date ticket pricing and special promotional deals.

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Getting to Harrington, Delaware is simple, but the sheer volume of traffic on the road means you should allow time for delays. If you come from the Philadephia area, your route is likely to take about two hours and pass through Wilmington along the way. Baltimore rests just under two hours to the west. There may be tolls along the way from most directions. Upon reaching Harrington, the fairground entrance is on the outskirts at 18500 S. Dupont Hwy., with ample parking and helpful staff to guide you.

Parking areas

Parking is free, but motorists will want to inquire if the size of their RVs can be accommodated if you plan to park it outside of the campground. Alternatively, you can buy VIP parking passes online by the day or for the full ten days. VIP parking allows quick and convenient access to the fair’s main gate, with exiting simplified from US Route 13. Given the scale of the event, parking will be a commodity, even in Harrington itself. You may like to arrive the day before, establish a parking spot, and arrive at the fair well-rested.

Public Transportation

If you weren’t able to secure a camping spot at the Delaware State Fairgrounds, then it’s helpful to have a plan B. You can arrange accommodation in Harrington, then make use of the public bus service that runs from the city center to the grounds. Alternatively, it’s a 30-minute walk, offering the opportunity to learn more about Harrington while you’re in the area.

Where to stay


Onsite camping is available, but only by online application. Before you hit the road, head to the Delaware State Fair website for a Camper Inquiry Guideline form. Exhibitors and volunteers take priority over the general public. Once you apply, you find out by April whether you have been awarded a spot. There are both water and electricity hookups, with pricing available on the website. RVs must be no longer than 40 feet long, and pets are allowed in the campground on a leash but not into the fairgrounds.


If you were too late to apply for a camping spot, or you didn’t get one, then not to worry. Harrington boasts many different RV-friendly facilities to ensure your stay in the area is a comfortable one. Many of these facilities are within 30 to 50 minutes of the fairgrounds, boasting service hookups and other convenient amenities. Some campgrounds may offer natural resource amenities for additional excursions on your trip,

Getting around

The best way to get around the Delaware State Fair is on foot. Bikes and golf carts are not available. However, you can rent strollers, electric scooters, and wheelchairs inside the main gate beginning mid-morning. Motorized vehicles are not permitted inside the camping areas. There will be wheelchair-accessible shuttles available from the parking areas to the main entrance.

What to pack


In the intense Delaware sunshine, there won’t be much need for the winter woollies. Wear light, breathable clothing to ensure you’re as comfortable as possible. However, even if you want to achieve that perfect tan, it may be a good idea to cover up to prevent sunburn. Comfortable footwear is also a good idea.


The Delaware State Fair is well-equipped with everything you need during the ten days. There is a convenience stand at the entrance, which boasts wheelchair for rent and other must-have items during your stay. However, you will need to bring all your own camping and cooking equipment and money in the form of cash and credit. There are also ATM stands throughout the grounds.

Health & Safety

Even if you encountered less desirable weather at the beginning of your trip, you’re bound to be surprised by how Delaware can turn up the heat or bring in the cool air from the nearby Atlantic Ocean. Make sure you bring plenty of sunscreen, drinking water, and even a first aid kit for bites and burns. Organizers also take health and safety seriously, so you are not short of help on site if you need it.

Where to eat


Cooking opportunities are limited to individual campsites, but you can cook up a storm in your rig's galley or outside in your space. You are allowed to have a campfire, but it must be in a fire pit or ring and elevated. You may also use personal cookers. A short walk from the fairgrounds will also land you in the vicinity of grocery and convenience stores to stock up on supplies.


It doesn’t matter what time of the day or night you work up a hunger, Harrington will deliver. Travelers can find a 24-hour restaurant and an eclectic mix of dining establishments to suit the fussiest of diners. Given the time of year, expect these places to be busy. Allow extra time for serving and have patience with the restaurant workers.


There is no shortage of food and beverage offerings throughout the Delaware State Fair. Expect most standard fair offerings such as deep-fried food and sweet treats. Not all vendors take credit so you may want to head to an ATM booth if cash is needed. Beverages and beer are also available at the Grandstand venue with ID.



Delaware State Fair officials are not responsible for any lost or stolen property. There will be police and fair officials on site to make sure the event runs smoothly. Any video cameras and filming equipment, chairs, coolers, and umbrellas are not allowed in the Grandstand area. Guests are also not allowed to bring any weapons, fireworks, metal detectors, or drugs on site.


With summer in full swing, travelers can expect a sticky, damp heat while in Delaware. To make yourself and your family more comfortable, ensure your RV is well-ventilated. Keep yourself hydrated as well. Cloud coverage may not always mean rain is on the horizon. Even night temperatures can fluctuate over several days, so bring lightweight blankets with a few thicker ones to grab if needed for a restful night’s sleep.


There is a first aid station on the fairgrounds for minor cuts, scrapes, and bruises. This station also offers an air-conditioned area for nursing mothers, a baby changing area, and an area for lost children. In an emergency, dial 911. There are various medical centers, pharmacies, and a hospital within 20 minutes of the fairgrounds.