Delta Fair

Shake your tail feathers and have a good time at the Delta Fair and Music Festival! This RV-friendly event boasts nine days of entertainment for all.

Event information

The Delta Fair and Music Festival at Agricenter International, 7777 Walnut Grove Road in Memphis, Tennessee is a highlight on the summer entertainment calendar. Not only is it a standout event to end summer on a high, but it’s an RV-friendly one that allows you to rest, relax, and do a little bit of tail feather shaking.

You can dance the days away, browse the many vendor offerings, or even grin from ear to ear as you take advantage of all the carnival rides. This annual nine-day event is one that truly has something for everyone.

You can reserve your RV camping spot adjacent to the fairgrounds, purchase your admission tickets, then pack your bags for the adventure of a lifetime. Not only is there much to see, do, and experience at the fairgrounds, but in Memphis, Tennessee as well.

The Delta Fairgrounds are set amongst a park-like setting that’s home to many different events throughout the year. There are all-weather facilities, asphalt roads in the RV camping area, and luscious grass parking spots for comfortable camping. If you want to head into fall with a bang, then there’s no better event to pencil on your calendar than the Delta Fair and Music Festival.


If you’re all about being organized in advance, then you’ll be pleased to know that Delta Fair officials encourage that. Beat the lines and buy your tickets online. All general admission tickets include special events, shows, and concerts, so you don’t have to buy extra.

There are also four pricing tiers for children, youth, adults, and seniors. The pricing can differ depending on whether you buy a day or twilight pass.

Alongside general admission, you can also buy ride wristbands for unlimited rides, and special family fun packs to cater to everyone. Visit for current ticket pricing and to secure yours now.

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Two main highways can lead you in the direction of the Delta Fairgrounds: I-40 and I-55. The best and most direct route from Arkansas and Tennessee is likely I-40, while those from Mississippi and Missouri might take I-55.

The I-40 highway cuts through Shelby Farms Park, which is a large, grassy area that forms part of the Delta Fairgrounds. Navigate your way down to Walnut Grove Road to gain access to the main fairgrounds, or Smyth Farm Road for the RV Park.

Parking areas

There is ample parking on site for all different types of vehicles. There is limited bus parking in a designated area and a mixture of gravel, asphalt, and grass parking for cars. Valets will direct you from the main entrances to your paid parking spot.

If you are setting up camp for the fair’s duration, then you will need to reserve your RV parking spot with space for up to two vehicles in the adjacent Agricenter International RV park. These grass spots are limited but provide you full and convenient access to the fairgrounds.

Public Transportation

Delta Fair officials have thought of everything, including public transport. If you’d prefer not to move your RV once you park it, there are many options to get around Memphis and the fairgrounds.

Delta Fair has paired with personal ride services to offer discounted transport to and from the fairgrounds. Alternatively, you can take advantage of regular bus routes which can transport you to tourist hotspots and areas around Memphis.

Where to stay


Onsite camping is available but is limited at the Delta Fair. If you want to enjoy being near the fairgrounds, you will need to book your spot in advance, with access from Smith Farm Road. The RV campsite is adjacent to the fairgrounds at Agricenter International.

It’s available for year-round use and includes permanent facilities and service hookups such as electricity, water, sewage, dump stations, restrooms, laundries, and showers. Pets are also welcome but must be kept under control.


The popularity of RV camping means you may miss out on a spot at the Agricultural Center. If that’s the case, there’s no harm in shopping around to find the next best thing. Within a few miles of the fairgrounds are many different camping and accommodation facilities to suit your family. Some boast full-service hookups, while others offer none. From these campgrounds, you can then make use of your ride service discounts to make daily trips to the fair.

Getting around

Thousands of people descend upon the fairgrounds every year, meaning navigation can be tricky at the best of times. The safest way to make your way around is on foot. There will be no bikes, scooters, shuttles, or golf carts available for rent and you may not bring your own.

What to pack


Past weather patterns show that conditions in Memphis in September are favorable for the fair. While you might need a pair of warm pajamas for bed, you’ll be happy in a pair of shorts and a t-shirt during the day. Temperatures can reach the high 80s and only drop to around mid-60s overnight. If you’d prefer not to achieve that sun-kissed look, you may like to wear breathable layers as you meander around the fairgrounds.


As the Delta Fair is a nine-day event, you will want to be as prepared as possible. Load your RV with cooking and camping equipment, but leave all of it at your campsite when heading for the fairgrounds. You will not be allowed any camp chairs or coolers once you enter the fair. Nor will you be allowed to bring your dog, gun, or outside food. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about withdrawing cash elsewhere in Memphis. The fair boasts ATMs so that you can buy from all the available vendors.

Health & Safety

Whether you plan on making a vacation out of the fair or stopping by for a few days on the way to another destination, you will need to make sure you pack items that for safety and convenience. That might include prescription medication, a first aid kit, sunscreen, and bug spray. Drink plenty of water during the day to remain hydrated, and don’t be afraid to rest often if the intense Memphis heat is taking its toll.

Where to eat


Cooking in your RV is permissible at the RV campsite. However, outdoor fires are prohibited, so you must limit all cooking to the inside of your RV. Fair-goers may not take any food into the fairgrounds.

The beauty of this campsite is that it’s also proximate to all life’s amenities. It’s near both I-240 and I-40, meaning that malls, grocery stores, and markets are within a five-mile radius. You’ll have no problem stocking up on cooking supplies.


If you want a break from your gas cooker and vendor food at the fair, then Memphis has many different restaurants to suit your needs. Once again, the proximate campsite means you have various eateries at your disposal within five miles. These include family-friendly diners, bars, bistros, and more intimate settings.


Cotton candy, deep-fried delights, and sweet treats all await your inspection at the annual Delta Fair. Don’t be afraid to try something new, or stick with your favorites such as corn dogs or French fries. You are spoilt for choice in the food and rest tent, with even frosty, cold beers available for those aged 21 and over. Both cash and credit are available.



The Delta Fair is a family-friendly event, which means your security and safety is paramount. Fair officials do not allow any guns, weapons, fireworks, or anything else harmful. You may be subjected to searches or screening. There will be police on site, set up by the Amphitheater if you need assistance.


Historical weather patterns show that the sunshine can be quite intense throughout August and into September in Memphis, even if fall begins to break through into the trees. After hours of wandering around the fairgrounds, that sun can take its toll. Take a break in the rest tent, stay hydrated, and wear light, breathable layers. Your RV may also require ventilation during the day to keep it fresh for your return.


The first aid tent with trained EMS staff is well-appointed in the middle of the fairgrounds. It’s next to the Amphitheater and police base. If you require any minor first aid assistance, head to this area. Alternatively, there is a hospital, medical center, and pharmacy within four miles of the fairgrounds.