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If you feel like spending some time in the wild, but also wish to stay conveniently close to your urban roots, then Delta State Recreation Park is just what you need. The expansive landscape adjacent to the river offers all the wilderness you want in your life, while the close proximity to the town makes sure you have everything you need.

Surrounded by natural beauty and containing traces of history, this Alaskan State Park offers it all and guarantees a perfect mini vacation.

If you are anywhere between Tok and Fairbanks, then this state park is not to be missed. The campsites in the Recreation Park are located spectacularly close to the Delta River and provides panoramic views of the notorious Alaskan natural beauty.

Sitting outside their RVs and enjoying their camping experience, guests are blessed with the unadulterated view of the Alaska Range and if they are lucky and end up with a clear night, they might even get a glimpse of the largest mountain of the range, Mt. Hayes, that stands at an elevation of 13,832 feet.

The State Park is quite simplistic when it comes to its recreational activities and allows RV campers to enjoy some time alone in this oasis of nature and unwind; enjoying the magnificent views before them.

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Located at the end of the Alaska Highway, Delta State Recreation Park is pretty easy to locate and reach. Delta State Recreation Park can be reached from Anchorage or Fairbanks and is located at mile 267 of the Richardson Highway. Right next to the Delta Site on the Richardson Highway is the Delta Visitors Information Center and the Division of Parks Office. Reka Road leads directly to the park entrance and has wide roads making it easy for big rigs, large RVs and motorhomes to access the park. The park has no RV size limits and offers plenty of room to maneuver and park on the various campsites.


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Campsites in Delta State Recreation Site

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Delta State Recreation Park Campground

Delta State Recreation Park has one campground with 25 campsites, all primed and ready for RV campers to spend some beautiful nights in a remote Alaskan setting.

The campsites are equipped with picnic tables, shelters, BBQ grills, garbage service, running water, fire pits, and clean vault toilets. There is also a gravel airstrip right next to the campground for those who fancy some fly-in camping.

All the facilities available in the park are ADA accessible. The park also welcomes pets with open arms, both on the trails as well as on the campground. The owners need to keep their pets leashed, and must clean up after them.

The park allows guest to stay for up to 15 days at a stretch. The park is currently privately operated and is not maintained by the State of Alaska.

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As soon as you drive your RV towards the end of the Alaska Highway, you’ll meet the Alaskan Wilderness head on. Wherever your turn, you’ll see boreal plantations, mountainous backdrop, high county tundra, and intertwined river bottom.

There’s not a sight that you wouldn’t want to capture forever in your camera. If you are into nature photography, then Delta State Recreation Park will serve as an ideal spot for you to capture some award-winning photographs.


To be surrounded by such wild beauty with the snow-capped mountains in the backdrop and not have a picnic day is just not right. Delta State Recreation Site offers covered picnic shelters for visitors to have an enjoyable and relaxing time together.

The park offers picnicking enthusiast ADA accessible picnic sites as well as picnic shelters to protect against harsh weather conditions. A picnic table, fire pit, and BBQ area is provided on each picnic site that are situated close to water access and vault toilets.


While the Delta State Recreation Park doesn’t offer any trials or marked paths, the forest offers plenty of opportunities to go trekking and exploring the wilderness.

The unique flora and fauna of the land make for an interesting trekking experience and you might even get to see some bison on your way. The Delta River is a sight to behold and you can hike you way up to higher grounds to enjoy an aerial view of the clear blue water and surrounding landscape.


Buffalo Sightings

One of the best features of the Delta State Recreation Park is its close proximity to the Delta Junction. The town itself is a historical epicenter and is often referred to as the “Buffalo Center”

During the early nineties, 23 bison were brought from the National Bison Range in Montana to Delta Junction. As a result of that decision, Delta Junction is now home to around 400 free-ranging bison.

When you are camping at Delta State Recreation Park, stay on a lookout for these endangered herds as they graze across this once pristine landscape.

Trans-Alaska Pipeline

It's not every day that you get close to one of the largest pipeline systems in the world. When you are camping at Delta State Recreation Park, you get the privilege to witness this man-made wonder built on this harsh and relatively untouched landscape.

The Trans-Alaska Pipeline is not only an extremely successful industrial endeavor but is also surprisingly aesthetic. Make sure to take some selfies here and enjoy the view of the magnificent pipeline that goes on for hundreds of miles disappearing into the distant horizon.

Historical Sites

There are a number of historical sites that are located very close to the Delta State Recreation Park and allows the campers to learn more about the history of the land.

The Sullivan Roadhouse Historical Museum, for instance, is located on the old roadhouse in the interior of Alaska and in the heart of Delta Junction. Just an hour away from Delta State Recreation Park, this museum was built in 1905 and focuses on all the trails and roadhouses that operate along its routes. There’s also a garden outside the museum that is blooming year-round with vibrant colors of wildflowers and traditional vegetables.