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Dewolf Point State Park is one of the smaller camping spots located on Wellesley Island along the St. Lawrence River. It is almost as far north as you can go in New York before reaching Canada. Its picturesque views of the Lake of the Isles makes it a favorite destination for RV campers and fishing enthusiasts. The landscape features pine forests, clear, cool river water, and grassy areas beneath canopies of towering trees. The park's serene location makes it a fantastic place to enjoy bird watching or to encounter a local raccoon or skunk.

Dewolf Point State Park is the smallest and most secluded state park on Wellesley Island, but that's part of its charm. This state park offers the chance to escape from the daily grind and get closer to nature in the beautiful Thousand Islands region. Whether you want to spend the entire day fishing on the lake or chat with family over a quiet picnic lunch, Dewolf Point State Park is an RV getaway spot that shouldn't be overlooked. The park is open from May until September.

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The park is located close to Interstate 81, which continues northwards to Highway 401 to Ontario, Canada. To get to the park, take Route 81 to Exit 51. The park is two miles north of Alexandria Bay. The campground is very small and features paved roads, making it no problem for any vehicle to access. The parking for the boats and trailers is also on paved roads. If you are camping overnight, however, you'll need to be in a small rig. Only RVs, trailers, and campers up to 20 feet long can be accommodated at the campground.


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Dewolf Point State Park Campground

The smallest of the state parks on Wellesey Island, Dewolf State Park has 14 comfortable cabins and 14 pet-friendly campsites. It also offers a stone gazebo, dockage for boats, and beautiful river views.

Sites all have trees that provide partial shade for your comfort. Each campsite has a fire pit and a picnic table. Hookups are not available, but generator use is permitted. The cabins feature waterfront views, while campsites are hidden a little bit further inland. The campsites are located around a small circuit behind the park office.

All campsites allow a maximum number of two pets and six people with two vehicles. The maximum length of stay is 14 days. Reservations must be made two days in advance.

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The main reason to pick Dewolf State Park is due to its waterfront camping and boat dockage capacities. St. Lawrence River is the perfect backdrop to bring your boat, whether it be for fishing, water skiing, sail boating or jet-skiing. If you do not have your own boat, there is an option to rent one less than five miles away. There are also canoes and kayaks for rent, which will allow you to enjoy the serene nature of this far north American park. St. Lawrence River and the 1000 Islands is a draw to any boater.


Dewolf Point State Park is the ideal destination for eager fishermen and women. The St. Lawrence River flows 700 miles to the Atlantic ocean, has an average width of two miles, and a maximum depth of over 200 feet. This means it has a wide variety of aquatic habitats. Consequently, a diverse range of warm, freshwater fish species live there. Anglers can expect to catch anything from the common panfish to the rarer musky. The smallmouth bass is fish most frequently caught here.

Be mindful that St Lawrence River spans two counties with stunning fishing locations on both sides of the border. Consider where you are fishing and obey the rules and regulations of the country where you are located. There are numerous bait shops in the area where you can stop in to gain more information about fishing guides.


This camping area is ideal for boaters, however even if you do not have your own boat you can enjoy the water by jumping in for a swim. The waters around the campgrounds are frequently tested to ensure safe swimming conditions for the guests. If there is a lack of lifeguard coverage or any water quality issues, swimming will be prohibited.


Bird Watching

There are over 450 species of birds which call New York state their home, with many passing by Wellesley Island. You can spot them from the comfort of your campsite or wander into the forests on a hike. Make sure to bring your binoculars in your campervan. Wellesley Island is located within an important birding area which stretches from Wilson Bay downriver to Chippewa Bay. You will likely be able to spot waterfowl, Common Golden eyes, Common Mergansers, and Canvas Backs.


The stunning nature on Wellesley Island provides a great opportunity for amateur and professional photographers alike. The 1000 Islands, shimmering water, expansive forests, and native wildlife are all great subjects for a quality photograph. The eastern orientation of the campground means a short walk to the water's edge will provide spectacular sunrise views over the river.


The luscious green trees provide a perfect shady spot for picnicking by the river. This camping spot offers the ideal location for a nice outdoor meal with your family in the picnic pavilion or on one of the many picnic tables around the sites.