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Dillberry Lake Provincial Park


If you've got an RV adventure on your mind, why not consider a trip to Alberta's Dillberry Lake Provincial Park? It's a great place for a camping holiday.

Dillberry Lake Provincial Park is a popular spot for families looking to enjoy the best of rural life in Canada. The park is nestled in the midst of the prairie heartland and offers incredible views of the lush aspen forest and surrounding mountainous areas. The property is built along the edges of Killarney Lake, a much-loved haven for avid swimmers and fishermen.

The two small beaches found on the grounds of Dillberry Lake Provincial Park attract visitors from all across Canada and the United States. The refreshing waters of Killarney Lake make it a popular spot for summertime activities such as canoeing, kayaking, power boating, fishing, and swimming.

Situated within driving distance of the two towns of Provost and Chauvin, Dillberry Lake Provincial Park offers families the occasion to enjoy rural Canadian living coupled with the close proximity to the bigger attractions of city life.

For an RV vacation that's fun for the whole family, plan to take your next vacation at Dillberry Lake Provincial Park. It's a rural Canadian paradise.

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RV Rentals in Dillberry Lake Provincial Park



The trip from Provost, AB to Dillberry Lake Provincial Park travels over 49 km (30 miles) of mostly flat terrain. This route is comprised of highways of primarily two lanes of well-maintained roads. Road construction does occur infrequently. In general, traffic moves along at a moderate pace.

To reach Dillberry Lake Provincial Park from Chauvin, AB, your journey will cover 21 km (13 miles). Following this route will take you along highways comprised of two lanes. The roads are maintained in good condition and are kept clear year-round. Construction occurs periodically, but traffic generally moves along well.


Parking can be found at the entrance to Dillberry Lake Provincial Park.

Public Transportation

Because of its remote location, there is currently no public transportation available to this park and campground.

Campgrounds and parking in Dillberry Lake Provincial Park

Campsites in Dillberry Lake Provincial Park

Reservations camping

Dillberry Lake Campground

Dillberry Lake Campground offers 83 campsites for reservation for RV and tent camping from May 15th through September 2nd yearly. Of the 83 available sites, 8 are completely unserviced with the remaining 75 offering power hookups only. Park officials do permit the use of generators. Dogs are welcome to join their owners but must remain leashed.

Each of the campsites are surrounded by a short tree growth of aspen and shrubs to afford families some privacy. There are many amenities available at this camping facility including a playground, a camp store, toilets, showers, fire pits, tap water, a sewage disposal station, and a fish cleaning station.

The most popular outdoor activities at Dillberry Lake Campground are swimming, boating, and wildlife viewing. Bear sightings occur regularly at this park and campground, so families are advised to familiarize themselves with the appropriate bear safety protocols.

Seasonal activities in Dillberry Lake Provincial Park



Dillberry Lake Provincial Park houses two small beaches where families can enjoy the Alberta sand, sun, and surf. The waters of Killarney Lake are warm and inviting, making them a great locale for enjoying a dip and practicing your best doggy paddle. Swimming at Killarney Lake is unsupervised, so do take care to only swim when the water conditions are favorable.

Though the shoreline is smaller than at some other beaches, there is still ample room to enjoy some beach combing or to relax in the sand with a good book.

Bring along sunscreen, drinking water, and a snack or two. Your dog is welcome to join you on your day at the beach, but please keep them leashed at all times.


There are many hiking trails found throughout Dillberry Lake Provincial Park. These same trails are often used for biking and cross country skiing, in season.

The trails vary in length and intensity with something sure to suit the age, health, and activity level of every member of the family. Some wander through areas of lush aspen forest and abundant shrubbery. In season, many wildflowers are in bloom - a beautiful sight to behold.

Be sure to wear appropriate footwear and bring along drinking water to ensure your hydration needs are met. Your dog may join you on the trails but must remain on a leash.


The boat launch at Dillberry Lake Provincial Park is the perfect spot for avid boaters to get their watercraft out on the water. Killarney Lake is of sufficient size for families to enjoy getting their power boats out on the water. In accordance with Alberta law, boaters are asked to keep their speed to 12 km (7.5 miles) per hour.

Killarney Lake is also an excellent place to enjoy canoeing and kayaking. Launch out from the shore and paddle away to your heart's content.

You'll need to bring along some drinking water or pick some up at the small camp store.



Dillberry Lake Provincial Park is part of an area that is well-renowned as a bird habitat. Among the most common birds found at this recreational area include ducks, geese, and swans. Along the shoreline, shorebirds and herons love to make an appearance.

There is a lot of diversity among the species of birds which make this area their home. Some of the birds you may catch a glimpse of during your visit include hermit thrush, lark sparrows, marsh wrens, yellow-headed blackbirds, Sprague's pipits, and western meadowlarks.

Cross-country Skiing

Just because the snow starts to fly doesn't mean that the fun has to come to a stop at Dillberry Lake Provincial Park. The trails that are popular with hikers in the summer months become a haven for cross-country skiers after the first snowfall. These trails are kept ungroomed during the winter months.

Come prepared to ward off the Alberta chill by wearing layers of warm clothing. You'll also need bottled water to keep up your hydration levels.

There are many beautiful sights to behold when the aspen forest is blanketed in snow. Make sure you stop often to enjoy the view.

Ice fishing

Fishing is a popular activity year-round at Dillberry Lake Provincial Park, but during the winter months, ice fishing is also a favorite sport. Be sure to bundle up against the cold and come prepared to enjoy an afternoon of fun on the frozen lake.

Bring along some hot coffee, warm gloves, and snacks to enjoy while you wait to catch your fill of fish. The fish cleaning station found along the shore is an excellent place to fillet your haul.