Dillon Lake


Ready for your next RV adventure? Plan a trip to Dillon Lake. You'll have an amazing time.
Nestled in the heart of Ohio, Muskingum County near to both Nashport and Zanesville is Dillon Lake, a much-beloved body of water and recreational area. This manmade lake was constructed in 1961 and encompasses 1,736 acres in total. Dillon Lake's primary role was to provide necessary flood control measures; however, today, the lake enjoys use for several different recreational activities, including boating, swimming, and fishing. Dillon Lake takes its name from Mr. Moses Dillon, the gentleman who bought the land at the turn of the 19th century.
Dillon Lake finds its home in the eastern portion of the state and is characterized by its gently rolling hills, lush forest, and breathtakingly beautiful valleys. The property is the perfect spot for families that enjoy outdoor recreational activities such as hiking, boating, swimming, mountain biking, and much more.
There are many interesting geographical features to be discovered at Dillon Lake, including rich Black Hand sandstone formations, immense cliffs, and dense tree cover. The varied terrain supports many different wildlife species, including white-tailed deer and wild turkey.
Dillon Lake is centrally located, offering families the opportunity to explore such nearby attractions as the Blackhand Gorge State Nature Preserve and the National Road/Zane Grey Museum. Whether you plan your visit in spring, summer, winter, or fall, you are bound to have a great time on an RV adventure to Dillon Lake. Start planning a visit today!

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The route from Zanesville, OH, or Nashport to Dillon Lake is both straight and direct and travels along country highways of two lanes. These roads are only lightly trafficked, making travel proceed smoothly and at a moderate pace. The highways are kept in good condition, and regular snow removal services, in season, keep the roads clear for motorists. Due to the remote location of this recreational facility, wildlife does occasionally wander into the road. Exercise caution when traveling and remain alert at all times. Road construction is very infrequent.


Parking can be found via several different lots throughout the Dillon Lake grounds.

Public Transportation

There is no public transportation available to Dillon Lake.

Campgrounds and parking in Dillon Lake

Campsites in Dillon Lake

Reservations camping

Dillon Lake Campground

Dillon Lake Campground offers campsites for RV and tent camping year-round by reservation only. There are a total of 195 campsites, all of which provide full power hookups except for 12, which are set aside for more rustic style camping conditions.
On the premises, RV campers will find showers, flush toilets, and a waste disposal station. There is also a small concession stand which sells food items and basic camping conveniences. Near to the store are laundry facilities for public use for a fee.
Wifi is available at the camp store for all campers with a registered campsite. Pets are permitted in some of the camping areas. Please let the staff know at the time of your reservation if you plan to travel with your pet so that the correct site can be assigned to you.
There are 20 sites available for equestrian camping as well as 29 cabins for rent by reservation only.
On-site activities include hiking, archery, fishing, picnicking, boating, and disc golf.

Seasonal activities in Dillon Lake



Swimming is a popular attraction at Dillon Lake. Found on the grounds is a beautiful beach that offers 1,360 feet of water for families to enjoy. Dillon Lake is known for its crisp, refreshing waters that are crystal clear in hue.
Located on the premises for the public to use are a changing room, showers, lockers, a concession stand, and a small wading pool for kids to enjoy. For families looking for some outdoor recreational opportunities in the sand, there are also tennis, horseshoes, paddleball, volleyball, basketball, and shuffleboard. A playground is also on the premises where kids can have some fun.


Dillon Lake's waters draw boating enthusiasts from all across the state. There is no limit to the horsepower which is allowed on this popular body of water, so feel free to bring along your powerboat to enjoy.
The property is home to four boat launches, and there is also a concession stand that offers rentals of watercraft and motors. This small store also sells fuel as well as supplies for such beloved activities as fishing and boating. You can also purchase snacks and drinks here.
A boat license is required for taking your pleasurecraft out for a spin on Dillon Lake.


On a warm day, there's nothing like enjoying a picnic lunch at Dillon Lake. Grab your picnic basket and some comfortable walking shoes and head out in search of the most picturesque spot to unfurl a blanket, spread out your feast, and enjoy a great meal. The beach provides the ideal backdrop for a relaxing picnic, or you can enjoy a snack in an area surrounded by light forest. There are also several picnic areas you can choose from, which offer tables and grills for the public to use.
Several shelters can be reserved for larger gatherings.


Blackhand Gorge State Nature Preserve

A visit to Blackhand Gorge State Nature Preserve offers families a great way to spend a day. The property consists of 956 acres and was declared a nature preserve in 1975.
The main feature of this area is a Black Hand sandstone gorge created by the Licking River. The gorge is an incredible sight to behold and contributes to the area's rugged terrain. The region is home to vast tree cover comprised primarily of oak, hickory, Virginia pine, and mountain laurel.
The Licking River formed an important transportation hub for settlers in the region in the 19th century. In 1929, the Ohio-Erie Canal, the Central Ohio Railroad, and the CN2 all found their origins in the gorge and are now long gone.

National Road/Zane Grey Museum

No trip to the Dillon Lake region is complete without a detour to spend some time at the National Road/Zane Grey Museum. The National Road, also known as US 40, is affectionately termed the "Main Street of America." A walk through this museum takes you through the history of this important highway as well as the popular novels written by beloved author Zane Grey.
The museum houses informative exhibits that tell the tale of the history of US 40 from its construction to its most prominent uses. Also found in the building is a replica of Mr. Grey's study, which contains some of his original manuscripts and items from his home.


Those who love to hike will find Dillon Lake is an absolute haven. The property is home to many hiking trails of varying lengths and difficulties. With valleys and steep cliff faces earmarking the terrain, a lot of the land is challenging to traverse, making it a great place to get in an excellent workout whether you plan to visit in the spring, summer, winter, or fall.
Bring along your camera as along your journey, you will encounter unusual species of both plant and animal life. If you are particularly lucky, you may even spot a bald eagle on your travels.