Dixie Classic Fair

Winston-Salem is home to the Dixie Classic Fair, an event that showcases all the fun that man, machine, and, animal can create. Don’t miss a minute.

Event information

Both North Carolina locals and visitors ready to compete are heavily involved in the Dixie Classic Fair; it’s a venue that allows people to showcase their talents and provide plenty of amusement for all attendees. Watch stock dogs happily show off their skills, and marvel at the intricate patterns of the quilts on competition display. Choose your favorite decorated cake and admire the majestic horses.

The kiddos will love the magic show and the barnyard zoo, and teens will want to head over to the midway. Together, the family can visit Yesterday Village to explore the buildings that were constructed in the 1800s. Examine leatherworks crafts, watch blacksmith demonstrations, listen to music from yesteryear, and more.

The entertainment is non-stop which means that you will want to make a week of it. It is a family-oriented event that will create memories to last a lifetime. Stock the RV with games and great food and set course for the Dixie Classic Fair. Get ready to create your home away from home wherever you choose to park your rig.


Children 5 and under can attend the fair at no charge. Other family members can choose from a few options; there are levels like the Early Bird Admission or Unlimited Ride Wristband. Prices will range from $4 to $40. Seniors over 65 enjoy free admission. Check www.dcfair.com to decide on your ticket preference for the Dixie Classic Fair.

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US 52 is the highway that will take you in the vicinity of the fairgrounds which are north of Winston-Salem proper. The city is a bustling metropolis so be sure to have the coordinates for the fair in your GPS. As you approach the fairgrounds, signage will point you in the right direction.

Parking areas

There are a few parking options offered at the Wakefield University Coliseum Lots. Prices will vary as will location, depending on the day of the week and whether there is a football game at the time you wish to park. Play it safe and check the website for accurate, up-to-date information. Shuttles will be available and drop off is convenient at the fairground.

Public Transportation

Taking the bus via the Winston-Salem Transit Authority to the Dixie Classic Fair will necessitate figuring out the best bus route from where you have parked your rig. Stops involve a walk between five and 15 minutes. Taking a taxi or ridesharing option can be considered as well.

Where to stay


Although there are camping sites at the fairgrounds, they are not open during the Dixie Classic Fair. There are accommodations for your rig within a few minutes drive, though. Make it a family affair as you choose your favorite campground.


Camp near the Yadkin River and enjoy walking trails, mountain panoramas, fishing, rolling field views, and tranquil nights. There are campgrounds with everything you will need, from full hookups to pull-through sites. Some of the campgrounds are very expansive in size but offer exceptional service to their RVing and tenting guests none-the-less. Campers will find multiple RV options with a fifteen to forty-minute drive in various directions from the fairgrounds.

Getting around

For those who need assistance or have small children but still want full access to all of the fun, there are rentals available for strollers, manual wheelchairs, and motorized scooters. A reservation to hold any of these items is not possible, so get to the fair early if you will need one.

What to pack


A pleasant fall day at the fair will have you wanting a light sweater or jacket as an option to throw over your shoulders. Slacks or jeans and a pullover should be just right for apparel, topped by your snazziest southern hat as a shield from the sun. Your best walking shoes are a must.


A refillable water bottle, a camera for capturing the perfect family photo op, sunscreen, and an eager attitude are all that you need to pack for gear for fair day. As for your camping preparation list, gear should include important items like flashlights, toiletries, cooking supplies, and extra blankets.

Health & Safety

It may be October, but you will need to apply sunscreen often, wear a protective hat, and ensure that the family is staying hydrated. The kiddos may not want to stop for a drink and snack but insist, so that their energy stays with them all day. Putting a change of footwear in everyone’s backpack is a wise decision to ease aching feet. Children wandering off in excitement is not uncommon at fairs; set the rules from the beginning that the younger ones stay with you.

Where to eat


Prep some meals at home for cooking in the RV early on in the trip, and have a refrigerator full of healthy food for later in the week. A southern destination calls for southern-type fare so research recipes like jambalaya, chicken and veggies in foil, and skillet potatoes. Build a well-prepared kitchen with pots and pans, dishcloths and towels, foil, and garbage bags.


Continue on the southern theme when eating at a restaurant in downtown Winston-Salem. North Carolina clams, biscuits and gravy, bacon wrapped meatloaf, or pork chops and chutney are just a few of the wonderfully prepared dishes you will find at eateries in town. Have a hearty meal and then head back to the camper for a night under the stars.


Local churches and community organizations run non-profit booths that sell traditional fairground food like hot dogs and hamburgers. There are also outside concessions selling unique specialty foods and, of course, every fair has cotton candy, popcorn, and corn dogs. There are ATMs at the fair if you need additional cash to buy flowers, cakes, pies, handmade crafts and jewelry, or other novelty items.



Officers from the Winston-Salem police force will be patrolling the grounds each day to keep the fair a peaceful, family-oriented event. If you have a concern, speak to one of them or head to the Fair Information Booth for assistance. Paging services are available at the Clock Tower Stage Information Booth for a small fee.


Pack the RV with cozy blankets for refreshingly cool nights. After a day at the fair, the family will sleep well if comfortable. Have the closet stocked with rain boots and jackets in the event a rainy day moves in during your stay. Enjoy the fall colors and pleasant daily temperatures as you explore the Dixie Classic Fair.


A camping list must always have medications listed as the number one bring along item. If you need medical aid while at the fair, seek out a member of the Winston-Salem Rescue Squad. Your service dog is more than welcome to accompany you to the fair. Make sure that they are easily identifiable and have a copy of their credentials on your person.