Dolliver Memorial State Park
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Dolliver Memorial State Park is a must for RV enthusiasts living in or visiting Iowa. The park features attractive and deep ravines and canyons created by the Des Moines River. The park is located ten miles south from Fort Dodge and three miles northwest of Lehigh and is relatively easy to get to.

If you want your next camping adventure to be by a river setting then Dolliver Memorial State Park might just be a perfect choice. The rugged camping experience mixed in with a rich landscape that encompasses unique sandstone formations, ancient river beds, flatlands and Prairie Creek itself, make for a memorable and adventurous trip.

The park has a rich and diverse history featuring ancient Native American mounds that overlook the Des Moines River Valley to Bone Yard Hollow that was once a hunting ground for Bison.

This 457-acre park was purchased in 1925 and a memorial plaque was made by the famous sculptor Laredo Taft to commensurate the opening of the park. Dolliver Memorial State Park’s historical sites, beautiful scenic views, and diverse topography make it the ideal camping site for your next RV expedition.

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Dolliver Memorial State Park lies ten miles south of Fort Dodge and three miles northwest of Lehigh. Getting to the park is relatively easy with wide well-signed roads leading to the park entrance. Once inside park grounds gravel roads make for a relatively smooth driving experience around the park. Local roads lead to boat rentals, fuel stations, grocery store, hospital, medical clinic, motel, putt-putt course and retail stores, all within a mile of the store. RVs, Trailers, motorhomes, cars and big rigs are all welcome at Dolliver Memorial State Park.


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Campgrounds and parking in Dolliver Memorial State Park

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Dolliver State Park Campgrounds

Dolliver State Park has a total of 28 campsites that include two day-use lodges, two family cabins, one group shelter, one youth group shelter, three tent-only sites, and 19 standard electric RV sites. RV sites have electrical hookups and are situated close to modern restrooms, showers, and a holding tank dump station. If you are planning a larger gathering a group camp and two day-use cabins are available for reservation that comes equipped with a dining hall, and separate restrooms and showers. The open picnic shelter is also a great site for larger gatherings that want a more rugged camping and picnicking experience.

Campers at the park are facilitated with modern amenities and a park office to accommodate any camper queries. Designated parking areas, picnic areas, and playgrounds are also situated near the campsites. About half of the campsites are available on a first come first serve basis and the park is open all year round.

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Dolliver State Park hosts a well-maintained trail system where visitors enjoy winding trails leading through the Copperas Beds. Copperas Beds are unique sandstone formations that cover Prairie Creek. Visitors get the opportunity to see these 100-foot ancient structures carved by erosion over hundreds and thousands of years. The ancient river bed situated nearby is dated to be 150-million years old and as you travel through the woods, the trail leads to oak-covered hillsides; lush with all types of flora and fauna. Following the trail going north, you will reach Bone Yard Hollow, another famous historical area in Webster County.


Boating at Dolliver Memorial State Park is an exciting experience as the park is located on the Des Moines River which is visited by many people for boating activities and fishing. There is a modern boat ramp that provides access to the river waters. Boating, kayaking, and canoeing on the relatively calm river waters is a joyful experience that everyone can enjoy


RV enthusiasts who have a love for fishing out in the wilderness will discover many secluded fishing spots dotted around Dolliver Memorial Park. The lake and river waters are teaming with lake trout, brook trout, white fish, smelt, small mouth bass, sunfish, yellow perch, brown bullhead, sucker, rainbow salmon and minnow.



Dolliver Memorial State Park is a kid-friendly park facilitated with playgrounds. Campers can enjoy some peace and quiet while their children play in the well-maintained playgrounds during their stay. Picnic tables are available at designated picnic sites. An open picnic shelter is also available for reservation if you are planning on camping with a large group of friends this summer.

Historical Sites

Dolliver Memorial State Park has a profound and rich history, which makes it an amazing place to explore natures wonders and learn more about its unique landscape. From the towering copperas beds to boneyard hollow the park will take you back-in-time to a more ancient world. The Native American mounds are another key feature of the park which is a narrow used to heard bison in during ancient times which is worth seeing if you visit this park.

Cabin & Lodges

Dolliver State Park has two historic lodges for day-use only; South Lodge and Center Lodge. These structures were built in the 1930's and have simply mesmerizing rustic architecture. These beautiful historic cabins blend in with their surroundings and offer a simply serene experience that heightens the surrounding rugged natural beauty. You can rent out these lodges online if you are planning to celebrate family reunions and wedding receptions outdoors.