Donnelly Creek State Recreation Site
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A hidden gem located at the Delta Junction, Donnelly Creek State Recreation Site offers such jaw-dropping views that no camper would feel like going home after experiencing the tranquility of this remote sanctuary.

The camping spots overlook views of the braided Delta Creek and the magnificent snow-covered Alaskan mountain range glistening in the background. Its mind-blowing scenery and peaceful camping experience makes Donnelly Creek State Recreation Site a popular camping destination for seasoned campers and RV enthusiasts.

With very limited campsites to offer, the state recreation site is hardly ever crowded and provides just the kind of serenity campers are always searching for. The mountainous backdrop and the shimmering creek aren’t the only attractions of this state park. The secluded wilderness of the woods is just as mesmerizing and allows the more daring outdoor enthusiasts to experience the wilderness that Alaska is known for.

If you are in search for a place to disconnect with the chaotic world and connect with nature, drive your RV straight to Donnelly Creek State Recreation Site and experience stillness and beauty like never before.

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Located about 32 miles South of Delta Junction, Donnelly Creek State Recreation Site lies on mile 238 of the Richardson Highway. Many other small parks are located in and around the Delta Junction and Donelly Creek State Recreation Site is perhaps one of the more reclusive and private camping areas available.

When driving to Donnelly Creek, plan your route and timings if you want to see the sunrise or sunset behind the glorious Alaska Range. The roads inside the park are gravel and dirt but provide enough room for large RVs, motorhomes and Big Rigs to fit through easily.


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Campsites in Donnelly Creek State Recreation Site

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Donnelly Creek State Recreation Site Campgrounds

Donnelly Creek State Recreation Site offers 12 campsites to the RV campers, all located on one campground. People of all ages are allowed to stay on these campsites. All 12 campsites are located along on a loop road and the roaming bison herd can be spotted from the campground quite often especially during the summer months.

Every campsite comes with picnic tables and a grill. The campground offers drinking water via a nearby hand pump and clean vault toilets for visitors. The campsites and other amenities are NOT ADA accessible. The area is rugged, wild and offers a minimalist camping experience for the more adventurous outdoor enthusiasts.

The authority welcomes pets as long as they are leashed on the trials as well as on the campsite. Visitors are obligated to clean up after their pets. Trash collection facilities are also provided.

Grizzly bears are known to visit the campgrounds occasionally hence it is advised to secure food in the vehicle and keep the campsites clean of any trash or food products. Guests can stay for up to 15 days at a time.

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Donnelly is home to a variety of wildlife and the campers might get a glimpse or two of Alaskan wild animals in their natural habitat. While camping at the Donnelly Creek State Recreation Site, campers might come across grizzly bears, moose, porcupines, snowshoe hares, and beavers. The popular Bison herds that roam these rich and fertile plains can also be spotted grazing during the summer time, making for some truly epic wildlife watching. Caribou that are rarely seen in the wild can also be spotted here at Donnelly Creek State Recreation Site.


If bird watching is something that tickles your fancy then you will have a wonderful time visiting Donnelly Creek State Recreation Site in your RV. Delta Junction is home to various species of local Alaskan birds while many more migrate through the area. You might be able to catch sight of Eurasian collared doves, snow goose, brant, wood duck, teal, gadwall, tundra swan, redhead, mallard, common pochard, common eider, common goldeneye, common merganser and many more rare and exotic bird species.


One of the most unique recreation activities that Donnelly Creek State Recreation Site offers is a chance to pick unlimited amounts of blueberries. The rich and fertile soil is home to many species of flora and blueberry bushes can be seen sprawled across this vast Delta. Picking blueberries with friends and families while hiking along this spectacular terrain is not only entertaining but also rewarding as you can enjoy eating the berries you have gathered or take them back to your RV to bake a delicious blueberry pie to enjoy for supper. Locals come here often for the sole purpose of stocking up on their blueberry supplies.



Donnelly Creek State Recreation Site offers spellbinding views of the beautiful Delta Creek and some of the tallest peaks of the Alaska Range revealing their snow-covered peaks on clear sunny days. It’s an ideal destination for wildlife and nature photographers to capture unbelievable images of untouched scenery, landscape, and nature. And that’s not all. The wilderness, the northern lights, the wildlife, and the birds, all provide an opportunity to photographers to capture some truly awe-inspiring images.

Northern Lights

Heard of Aurora Borealis? Or the Northern Lights, as it is commonly called? Did you know that the best spot in the United States to witness this light spectacle is in Alaska?

People from all over the world travel to the Land of the Midnight Sun, as Alaska is often called, during the colder season to witness the Northern Lights in action. On a clear night camping at Donnelly Creek State Recreation Site in winters, campers get a chance to witness the aurora in all its splendor.

Cross-Country Skiing

When the snow covers the wilderness of the Donnelly Creek State Recreation Site, the skiers come out to play!

It is a very popular recreational activity in the region and allows campers to set-up base on the campsites before setting off on their cross-country expeditions.

Donnelly Creek State Recreation Site provides a flat terrain that makes it suitable for young ones to learn skiing for the first time. Make it a family business, or come here with friends, cross-country skiing at Donnelly Creek State Recreation Site definitely guarantees fun times.