Dos Cabezas Mountains Wilderness


Looking to explore someplace new on your next RV adventure? Why not stop by Arizona's Dos Cabezas Mountains Wilderness? It's an idyllic place to enjoy a camping getaway.

Dos Cabezas Mountains Wilderness, a Bureau of Land Management property, sits near the small, rural town of Bowie,Arizona. Declared a national wilderness site in 1990, the property itself spans 11,700 acres in total. The landscape of this large tract of land is extremely picturesque and includes such rich topographical features as steep mountain peaks, glorious crisp waterfalls, and immense granite boulders. The Dos Cabezas Mountain range rises in elevation from 4.080 to 7,587 feet, making it challenging to traverse but well worth the effort for the incredible views alone. From the pinnacle of the mountains, families can enjoy the rare glimpse of such treasures as Sulphur Springs and the San Simon Valleys.

Dos Cabezas Mountains Wilderness is home to many springs that provide a water supply for area wildlife that frequents the region. Some of the most popular species found on the grounds include white-tailed deer, mule deer, mountain lions, golden eagles, and bald eagles. Several endangered creatures also make this recreational area their home, including the peregrine falcon and the collared lizard. An area that typically enjoys moderate temperatures, Dos Cabezas Mountains Wilderness does experience extremes of heat in the summer months and some snow in the wintertime.

There are many outdoor recreational activities families can enjoy on a visit to Dos Cabezas Mountains Wilderness. Among the most popular attractions are hiking, cross country skiing, picnicking, and backpacking. It is important to note that certain types of motorized vehicles are not permitted in the wilderness including motorized boats, bikes, carts, off-road vehicles, and airplanes.

For those who wish to do some camping, primitive style tent conditions can be found within the wilderness itself. There are also two camping facilities in nearby Bowie where RV and tent campers can enjoy a few nights' stay near to this beloved BLM managed land.

Dos Cabezas Mountains Wilderness is near to several area attractions including Fort Bowie National Historic Site and Indian Bread Rocks Picnic Area. To learn more about local western culture, why not stop by the Rex Allen Arizona Cowboy Museum? You're sure to have a ball.

For a wonderful RV vacation you'll not soon forget, plan a trip to Dos Cabezas Mountains Wilderness. It's an amazing place for a camping getaway.

RV Rentals in Dos Cabezas Mountains Wilderness



To reach Dos Cabezas Mountains Wilderness from Bowie, Arizona, you will travel along country highways of two lane construction. As you near this recreational area, some of the roads will change from pavement to gravel or dirt. Motorists should reduce their speed to prevent any damage to their vehicles. Since this park is true wilderness and prohibits motorized vehicles on the grounds, it is necessary to park your car, trailer, or RV just outside the entrance to the premises and continue onto the property on foot. RVs and trailers are not permitted within Dos Cabezas Mountains Wilderness.

Roads are kept clear year-round to allow for travel to this popular attraction. Since Dos Cabezas Mountains Wilderness is a haven for many species of wildlife, on occasion, wildlife will enter the road space. Remain alert while driving to prevent an accident.


Parking can be found just outside the entrance to Dos Cabezas Mountains Wilderness. Though not a formal parking lot, it is safe to leave your vehicle along the side of the road.

Public Transportation

Due to its remote location, there is no public transportation available to Dos Cabezas Mountains Wilderness.

Campgrounds and parking in Dos Cabezas Mountains Wilderness

Campsites in Dos Cabezas Mountains Wilderness

Reservations camping

Sunny Flat Campground

Found in Coronado National Forest is Sunny Flat Campground. All campsites are available on a first-come, first-served basis with no reservations accepted. This camping facility offers campsites suitable for RV, trailer, or tent camping and is open year-round.

It is important to note that during flood season, it may become necessary for the premises to be evacuated for your safety.

The on-site amenities at this campground include toilets, drinking water, and picnic tables. Parking is also available via an on-site lot. There are no power or water hookups.

Pets are permitted on the grounds so long as they remain leashed.

There are many popular recreational activities found at Sunny Flat Campground include hiking and birdwatching.

Since black bears do frequent this area, it is important for all campers to be familiar with proper bear safety protocols.

Alternate camping

Indian Bread Rocks Campground

For those who enjoy primitive style camping conditions, Indian Bread Rocks Campground is the perfect place to enjoy a little getaway. Found within the Dos Cabezas Mountain ranges, the road leading to this camping facility is narrow and comprised of dirt, making travel with an RV or trailer extremely challenging. Visitors to this campground recommend the property for tent camping only.

There are no on-site amenities provided for campers at this BLM-managed property except for a few picnic tables for public use.

Indian Bread Rocks Campground does permit dogs to join their owners but asks that they remain leashed at all times.

The terrain here is rugged, challenging, and exceptionally beautiful. Though there are no designated hiking trails, hiking remains one of the most popular activities on the grounds.

There is no water access at this campground, so campers are asked to bring some with them for their use.

Dos Cabezas Mountains Wilderness

Dos Cabezas Mountains Wilderness offers tent camping for families who are looking to enjoy a taste of the Arizona wild country. Motorized vehicles are not permitted within the wilderness, meaning RVs, trailers, and cars are not allowed on the premises.
This camping facility offers wilderness camping at its finest, so campers are asked to come prepared with drinking water and other amenities for their use. Generator use is not permitted.
Dogs may join their owners on their camping adventure but must remain leashed.
Dos Cabezas Mountains Wilderness experiences high elevations, meaning hiking is necessary to get to and from your campsite.

Seasonal activities in Dos Cabezas Mountains Wilderness



If you enjoy charting a course all your own, you will welcome the opportunity to scale the heights of the mountainous terrain found at Dos Cabezas Mountains Wilderness. Though none of the land is cleared for trails, there are plenty of interesting places to explore. Since the terrain is extremely rugged, you will need to be sure to bring along supplies to keep yourself well-hydrated, and your energy stores primed for peak performance. During the summer months, it is best to avoid hiking during the hottest parts of the day to prevent sunstroke or dehydration.

Elevation rises from 4,080 to 7,587 feet throughout the grounds, so hiking at this destination is not for the novice. However, there are areas within the wilderness that are less strenuous, which would be better suited to beginning hikers.

The views from the top of the mountain peaks are awe-inspiring, so be sure to bring along your camera to capture the sights you will glimpse along the way.

Fort Bowie National Historic Site

No trip to Dos Cabezas Mountains Wilderness is complete without a visit to Fort Bowie National Historic Site. This property was once the home of an important base for the army and was in operation from 1862 to 1894. Though a lengthy walk to the grounds at 11.5 miles, the trek makes for an easy journey. Along the route, take time to reflect on the many soldiers who once made the region their home.

Today, the property still houses many buildings of historic importance including the Butterfield Stage Station and the Post Cemetery. Still on the premises is the area that was once the Chiricahua Apache Indian Agency.

Before heading back to the wilderness, be sure to travel out to see the Apache Spring, a body of water which was the source of sustaining life and was also a breeding ground for many conflicts.

Indian Bread Rocks Picnic Area

Indian Bread Rocks Picnic Area is found within the Dos Cabezas Mountain range and reaches elevations as high as 4,080 to 7,587 feet. The area is exceptionally picturesque and features a wide expanse of unique flora and fauna, making this one trip where you will definitely want to have your camera along.

Found on the grounds are several picnic tables where families can enjoy a leisurely lunch or snack surrounded by the beauty of the magnificent mountain peaks, vast granite boulders, and rich vegetation.
This area is extremely remote, making travel to and from picnic areas a challenging hike. Though reaching the picnic area will mean a vigorous workout, it is worth the effort as the scenery is jawdroppingly beautiful.


Wildlife viewing

Dos Cabezas Mountains Wilderness is a natural habitat for many different species of animals, many of which are considered to be endangered. Among the different creatures you may encounter on a visit to this idyllic outdoor haven include white-tailed deer, mule deer, mountain lions, golden eagles, and bald eagles. The peregrine falcon and the collared lizard, two animals currently found on the extinction list, have also been spotted here.

Be sure to bring along your camera, your binoculars, and a naturalist's guide on this adventure. You will want to have the opportunity to identify the animals you encounter before snapping some photos to preserve as a memory of a great day out looking for wildlife at Dos Cabezas Mountains Wilderness.

Rex Allen Arizona Cowboy Museum

For those who love the idea of life on the wild frontier, a visit to Rex Allen Arizona Cowboy Museum is an absolute must. This property pays homage to one of America's most well-known singing cowboys.

Mr. Allen was born only 40 miles from the premises in a small town by the name of Wilcox. A singer and guitarist since childhood, Mr. Allen rose to fame through a popular radio show in the area. He later took a starring role in the TV show known as "Frontier Doctor" before moving on to do voiceover work for well-known film studios.

Across the street from the museum is a park that bears Allen's name and contains a statue of him. The statue, cast in bronze, bears the likeness of a human heart. This was a request of Allen's who believed that long after his death, his heart would remain in his beloved hometown of Wilcox. Situated next to Allen is a statue of his cherished horse Koko.

Going for a scenic drive

Though motorized vehicles are not permitted on the wilderness grounds, there are plenty of roads leading through the mountain range where you and your family can enjoy the scenic views provided by the Dos Cabezas Mountains. Simply travel through the small towns of Wilcox or Bowie, Arizona, and you will be treated to the unusual sight of the twin mountain heads which form an important part of the Dos Cabezas Mountain range.

These majestic peaks are truly twins in that their appearance is almost identical regardless of the viewpoint from which you observe them. The summits reach 8,350 feet in total height.

Bring along your camera and plan to stop along the way, so you can enjoy the crisp mountain air while snapping a picture or two as a memento of a great Arizona vacation on this popular BLM-managed land.