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Douglas Provincial Park


Thinking of taking a trip to explore one of Canada's Prairie provinces? Plan an RV stay at Douglas Provincial Park. It's the perfect spot for an outdoor vacation in the heart of the Great Canadian Shield.

Douglas Provincial Park is located in Elbow, SK, and takes its name from the much-beloved, late Premier Mr. Tommy Douglas. Nestled along the southeast portion of Lake Diefenbaker, this recreational area is both remote and serene, making it the ideal place for a quiet RV getaway.

Lake Diefenbaker, named for Saskatchewan Prime Minister John G. Diefenbaker; the author of Canada's first Bill of Rights, was created via the damming of two prominent rivers: the Qu'Appelle and the South Saskatchewan. Gardiner Dam brought the two rivers together to form a lake of immense proportions, measuring 220 km (137 miles) in length and providing 800 km (497 miles) of coastline for families to explore. Lake Diefenbaker's shore is comprised largely of sand, and its waters are an idyllic haven for those who enjoy fishing, swimming, or water sports.

Hiking opportunities are also plentiful at Douglas Provincial Park. There are two trail systems that are quite popular with visitors year round: the Transcanada Trail and the Dunes Nature Centre trails. For those who love to golf, the nearby Harbor Golf Club offers an 18 hole championship-certified golf course.

A relatively secluded location, Douglas Provincial Park is 140 km (87 miles) from Saskatoon and 157 km (98 miles) from Regina, making travel from the campground to some of Saskatchewan's biggest cities viable for those who like a little bit of city living mixed in with their RV camping experience in the wild of Saskatchewan.

For your next Canadian RV adventure, consider a visit to Douglas Provincial Park. It's a great place to unwind in the heartland of the Great White North.

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To travel to Douglas Provincial Park from Saskatoon, SK, head out on Chief Whitecap Trail/SK-219 S. When you reach the exit for SK-19 S, follow the ramp and continue on the highway until you reach Maple Bush No. 224. The park is located on the right hand side of this road. The entire journey encompasses 145 km (or 91 miles). A very direct route, the trip to this recreational area is largely straight and travels along roads in excellent condition. Most of the highway is comprised of two lanes. Road construction is a possibility in the summer months.

The trip from Regina to Douglas Provincial Park consists of 177 km (or 110 miles). Take the Transcanada Hwy/SK-1 W to the exit for SK-42 W. Follow this stretch of highway until you reach SK-367 W. Make a right hand turn onto SK-367 W at the signs for Tugaske. At the first right, exit onto SK-19 N. At the end of this road, make a left hand turn. The park is directly on the right hand side. A scenic trip, this route meanders through more rural areas of the province. You will encounter both four lane and two lane stretches of highway, but overall, traffic moves along well, and the roads are well-maintained. During the summer months, there is often repair work being done on the roads, so do prepared for delays.


Parking is available via a lot at the entrance to Douglas Provincial Park.

Public Transportation

There is no public transportation available to this park and camping facility.

Campgrounds and parking in Douglas Provincial Park

Campsites in Douglas Provincial Park

First-come first-served

Douglas Provincial Park Campground

Douglas Provincial Park is home to a large campground that offers 150 campsites for families to enjoy. Of the 150 lots, 140 provide electric hookup with 10 being completely unserviced. Both RV and tent camping are permitted at this campground. Generator use is allowed, and dogs may join their owners on the grounds but must remain on a lead at all times.

Open for camping only from May 18th through September 4th yearly, campsites are available on a first come, first served basis. Among the amenities available at Douglas Provincial Park Campground are firewood, ice, a convenience store, a concession stand, a beach, laundry facilities, modern bathrooms, toilets, drinking water, fire pits, a fish cleaning station, a sewage disposal repository, and picnic areas.

Douglas Provincial Park is home to many attractions. Some of the most popular activities at this campground include birdwatching, swimming, water sports, fishing, cycling, hiking, golfing, sailing, and geocaching.

Coordinates: 51.0372° N, 106.4844° W

Seasonal activities in Douglas Provincial Park



Home to what is considered Saskatachewan's "Great" Lake, Lake Diefenbaker, Douglas Provincial Park is a fantastic place to take the family for a day of fun in the sun. The lake is quite large at over 220 km (137 miles) in length and remains mostly clear and calm, making it the perfect spot to take a dip on a hot summer's day.

With over 800 km (497 miles) of coastline to explore, there is ample room for a long, leisurely walk, for doing some beachcombing, or even just reclining in the sand with a good book. Water sports are also a popular activity at this beautiful stretch of beach. Bring along your canoe or kayak and launch it from the shore of the beach. While you're at it, why not bring along your fishing gear and some bait to try your hand at catching some supper?

TransCanada Trail

Hiking is one of the most popular attractions at Douglas Provincial Park. One of the most beloved trails is the Transcanada Trail which is 12 km (7.5 miles) in length and covers diverse and interesting terrain.

The trail can be accessed directly from the beach and is located by the laundry facilities. A parking lot is situated in front of the trailhead, making it an excellent choice for a spot to leave your vehicle during your hike.

The trail is well-marked and traverses through the campground and areas of thick birch trees and vast, flat prairie land. There are several forks in the trail which allow opportunities for hikers to chart their own course.. 

Along the trail, you will be treated to stunning views of the lake and the abundant wildlife that makes this park their home.

Harbor Golf Club

Harbor Golf Club offers RV campers the opportunity to experience 18 holes of golf on a championship-certified course. Located on a pristine tract of land that offers incredible views of the rich sand coastline along the beach, this golf course is the perfect spot for a relaxing round of golf against picture-perfect scenery.

After your game is done, why not stop by the clubhouse or on-site restaurant to enjoy a cold drink or snack? Feel your golf game could benefit from a little advice? Harbor Golf Club has a pro shop on the premises where you can pick up some new golf accessories or chat with the pros.



Lake Diefenabaker is well-renowned for its excellent fishing opportunities. Whether you take your chances from the coast or paddle out in your kayak or canoe, you're sure to have a great time trying to reel in "the big one." Bring along a picnic lunch and some drinks to keep hunger and thirst at bay.

The campground at Douglas Provincial Park houses some fish cleaning stations, so after you've caught your haul, you can stop in to fillet your treasures in preparation for a seafood feast. Grill up your bounty over the firepit at your campsite.

Dunes Nature Centre Trails

For those who love hiking and exploring sand dunes, the Dunes Nature Center Trails are a must-visit attraction. You will easily spot this set of trails across the road from the entrance to Douglas Provincial Park. You will also find a parking lot where you can safely park your vehicle.

The route to the dunes is approximately 5 km in length (3 miles) with an alternate route back along the Cacti Trail which is marginally longer. During your hike, you will encounter diverse and unusual plant life and glimpse many species of wild animals in their natural habitat.

From the top of the sand dunes, you will have the opportunity to feast your eye on incredible views of the sandy coastline below. It is highly recommended that you plan to picnic along your hike, so pack a lunch and some drinks to bring with you.


Douglas Provincial Park is home to a vast array of bird and animal species. Hike along one of the trails or meander through the forested areas of the campground to discover many different animals in their natural habitat.

You will want to bring along drinking water, a snack, your camera, and a naturalist's guide to help you identify some of the unusual things you will encounter along your walk. Be sure to snap lots of photos to commemorate your day exploring Douglas Provincial Park.