Dove Springs OHV Area


Dove Springs OHV Area is located in California less than 30 miles north of the Mojave Desert. It is also close to Red Rock Canyon State Park. Dove Springs consists of a completely open area of 5000 acres. Dove Springs OHV Area is open all year round and sits at an elevation of 3,000 feet. It is managed by the Bureau of Land Management and is a popular destination for those looking for an adventure in the golden state. There you'll find a variety of different landscapes including steep hills and deep bowls.

This place offers hundreds of miles of trails waiting to be ridden. There are trail maps available or you are welcome to use a GPS device such as your cell phone. While Dove Springs OHV Area is open to primitive campers, it is mostly visited by those who love the outdoors. Other than off-highway vehicle riding, Dove Springs OHV Area offers hiking, mountain climbing, and more. You may get the opportunity to see one of the many wild animals in the area such as coyotes or blacktail deer. There are a variety of different campgrounds in the nearby area that make perfect places to rest your head at night.

RV Rentals in Dove Springs OHV Area



Dove Springs OHV Area is located off of State Route 14 just outside of the Mojave Desert. You'll find it north of Red Rock Canyon State Park. Because Dove Springs OHV Area is so large, there are multiple ways to get in. If you're planning a visit it's important to note that green sticker OHV registration is mandatory on all vehicles. From the fall until the spring there is a red sticker rule that applies as well.

To make sure your vehicle is legal for Dove Springs OHV Area, check online before heading out the door. Speaking of, you won't have to worry about looking for directions before your trip. There is plenty of cell phone service in the area and the roads around Dove Springs OHV Area are well-maintained.

Because it is in Southern California, you also won't have to worry about blizzards or torrential downpours during your drive there. Once you arrive at Dove Springs OHV Area the majority of transportation is done on off-highway vehicles and on foot. Due to the changing terrain, it's best to bring a pair or two of high-quality hiking boots.


Public Transportation

Campgrounds and parking in Dove Springs OHV Area

Campsites in Dove Springs OHV Area

First-come first-served

Owl Canyon Campground

Owl Canyon is a campground near Dove Springs OHV Area. It is managed by the Bureau of Land Management and provides camping for both RV and tent visitors. They are you'll find 22 campsites in total. These are available on a first-come, first-served basis. While each campsite individually has a picnic table and a fire ring, there are no hookups for RVs. The only two semi-modern amenities you'll find at Owl Canyon Campground is a vault toilet and a single tap water spigot.

There are no showers available. This campground is a great choice because you will be camping in the heart of California. There are deep canyons, a relaxing river, beautifully painted rock formations, and more. There is also a lot to do at this campground if you're looking for outdoor activities outside of Dove Springs OHV Area. Some of the most popular are hiking and horseback riding.

Fossil Falls Campgrounds Recreation Site

Next, you have the option to stay at Fossils Falls Campgrounds Recreation Site. This campsite is also managed by the Bureau of Land Management. Available on a first-come, first-served basis is 11 secluded campsites. Each one of these 11 campsites has a picnic table and a fire pit grill for your convenience. It's an ideal location if you're looking to get off the grid and want a quiet place to rest your head.

You will have access to a water pump and of all the toilets. Unfortunately, there are no RV hookups available. Because this campground doesn't have much shade, it is suggested that you camp here during the winter or autumn. Not only is this a great place to stay if you're looking for privacy, but it's quite beautiful as well. You will be surrounded by mountains all around you. Activities such as stargazing, wildlife viewing, hiking, and fishing are popular in the area.

Afton Campground

Lastly, there is Afton Campground. Again, this campground is managed by the Bureau of Land Management and offers 22 campsites for both RV and tent camping. All 22 campsites have fire grills and picnic tables. There are no reservations here, as camping is available on a first-come, first-served basis. RVs must be 30 feet in length or less to camp in Afton Campground. It may be important to note that there are no RV hookups available at Afton Campground. There are two vehicles allowed per campsite as well as eight guests.

You will have access to piped water, though past visitors suggest that you bring your own. There are also part toilets scattered throughout the campground for your convenience. Afton Campground is open all year round and you are able to check-in and check out at your convenience. If you want to camp somewhere that has beautiful mountains and a great view of the night sky, Afton Campground is a great choice!

Seasonal activities in Dove Springs OHV Area


OHV Riding

As you can tell by the name, Dove Springs OHV Area is best known for off-highway vehicle adventures. There are plenty of different trails in the area for riders to enjoy. A lot of the land is fairly flat with slight hills throughout. If you explore long enough you'll find many different types of terrain.

There is also a restaurant and general store in the area. Off-highway vehicle rentals are available at a variety of different price points.

Mountain Climbing

While Dove Springs OHV Area is best known for off-highway vehicle riding, there are plenty of nearby mountains to climb. It is important to note that bringing your own climbing and safety gear is required. Mountain climbing is a great physical activity to incorporate a work out during your visit to Dove Springs OHV Area. If you're looking for something more intense or perhaps an adrenaline rush, there are steep boulders that you can climb as well.


Since Dove Springs OHV Area is so vast, there are plenty of areas to hike. All of the trails that are used for off-highway vehicle riding can be used for hiking as well. Though the majority of the area is fairly flat, there are different terrains and plenty of rugged spaces to hike all around. There are hiking areas for visitors of all skill levels. Bring your favorite pair of hiking boots and get ready to hit the trails.


Horseback Riding

Another off-season activity that visitors of Dove Springs OHV Area enjoy is horseback riding. There is Black Mountain Wild Horse Territory nearby that has 13,000 acres for you to use for horseback riding.

You have the option of bringing your own horse or you can ride one of the horses available. The best time to enjoy this activity is during the winter or autumn due to the warm summers. This can be a great activity to enjoy for the whole family.

Wildlife Viewing

Who doesn't love animals? Dove Springs OHV Area is the perfect place to spot a variety of different wild animals in their natural habitat. Depending on the time of year you visit, you may see larger animals such as mountain lions, blacktail deer, coyotes, and bobcats.

Kids seem to enjoy watching different types of snakes and spiders crawl around Dove Springs OHV Area. Lastly, you can get some birdwatching in if you bring a pair of binoculars.


There's no denying that California is one of the most beautiful states in the country. Photography is an amazing off-season activity that anyone can enjoy. You can take photos of the mountains, canyons, or other types of landscapes. You also may be able to capture some photos of wild animals.

If anything, photography is a great way to remember your trip to Dove Springs OHV Area and bring back a bit of it home, especially when traveling with loved ones.