Eagle Creek State Park
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Eagle Creek State Park is a well-known Illinois RV state park celebrated for its lakeside beauty, sandy shorelines, beautiful prairie, sunbaked bluffs, towering trees, and quiet camping. Eagle Creek encompasses more than 11,000 acres in Shelby County, east-central Illinois. The park’s primary attraction, Shelby Lake, is popular among visitors and campers for its water sports like water skiing, boating, and fishing.

A 146-site campground overlooks the lake from the top of a bluff. The campground offers excellent camping in peaceful surroundings in the form of class A, B/S, and D campsites, as well as an organized group camp area. You will love the opportunity to camp in a secluded campsite and reconnect with nature. For non-RV campers, Eagle Resort and Golf Course provides convenient options for an overnight stay. Both RV and non-RV camping visitors can enjoy its golf course.

More recreational opportunities exist in the form of six trails for varied purposes like hiking, equestrian, skiing, and snowmobiling. A 2,200-acre picnic spot boasts fabulous picnic facilities in the form of picnic tables, grilling equipment, drinking water, sanitation facilities, and playgrounds.

Visit Eagle Creek State Park for a peaceful camping experience any time of the year. May through September is the peak camping season due to pleasant weather conditions. If you are looking for cheaper deals, visiting during the off-season from October to the end of April may suit you the best. During the off-season, camping costs conveniently less due to unavailability of shower facilities in the campground.

RV Rentals in Eagle Creek State Park



Eagle Creek State Park sits on a prime location near many communities in east central Illinois making it easier for a large number of local tourists to access the park. The park is located minutes away from Springfield, also the capital of Illinois, Decatur in Macon County, Champaign in Champaign County, Effingham in Effingham County, and Findlay in Shelby County. It is super easy and quick to access the park starting from any of the above locations in your RV or car.

The park spans a vast area covering 34,000 acres in Shelby County. The park roads are well-built, and driving is easy. There are no strict driving rules to drive either a car or any recreational vehicle on roadways.

You will find several parking options inside the park. You will be able to park your vehicle outside the resort and golf course, by the entrance, and near a few trails. A 175-car parking area can also be found near the boat launch. If you are a camper, you also have the luxury of parking at your campsite in the campground.


Public Transportation

Campgrounds and parking in Eagle Creek State Park

Campsites in Eagle Creek State Park

Reservations camping

Eagle Creek State Park Campground

The only campground of the park spans up to a large area containing nearly 200 sites on the top of a bluff overlooking Lake Shelby. There are 75 reservable class A campsites. If you don’t know already, class A campsites offer the best conveniences – electric hookups, toilets, and showers. A few electric-only and electric-water hookup sites are provided as class A campsites at Eagle Creek. In addition, there are class B/S, class D, and 26 tent-only sites. A dump station is situated at the entrance of the campground. Pets are allowed to camp with you but must stay on a leash.

An organized group camp area is also available for reservations.

Showers become unavailable in the campground starting from November and remain closed until the peak season. From May to September, a campsite is only issued for up to two consecutive weeks. During the rest of the year, any campsite is available for an unlimited number of days.

Quiet hours are observed between 10 pm to 7 am. Noise producing activities such as bonfires and parties are also prohibited otherwise.

First-come first-served

First-Come, First-Served

There are a few campsites that are available on a first-come, first-served basis only so you might be able to snag a spot if you are planning a spontaneous trip to the park. These sites are class B/S and D. Class B/S sites offer non-electric hookup sites with showers on a walking distance. Class D are tent-only sites with water and toilets available nearby.

Seasonal activities in Eagle Creek State Park


Water Sports

Lake Shelby is thriving with energetic boatmen, anglers, and skiers for the most part of the year, especially during the summers. The lake itself and its tributary streams and ridges are a constant source of recreation and pleasure for many sports lovers like you. Visit Lake Shelby and don’t forget your fishing gear behind. The lake is teeming with your favorite species like crappie, bass, walleye, catfish, bluegill, muskies, carp, bullhead, and sunfish. A boat ramp allows access into the lake for boating. If you love water skiing, you have another reason to bring your motorhome or trailer to Eagle Creek State Park.


Capture the remarkable beauty of nature while strolling in Eagle Creek’s forested hiking trails. Jump out of your RV with your hiking boots on as soon as you spot a trail. Six different trails present campers with the joys of hiking at Eagle Creek State Park. The 12-mile Illini Trail is challenging in the truest sense. Campfire Trail, Windy Point Trail, Prairie View, and High Bluff Trail are equally adventurous and less stressing.

Horseback Riding

Eagle Creek State Park’s trails are also packed with equestrian adventures. Most of the trails – many miles long – promise fun and relaxation for horseback riders. If you want to join in the fun, visit Eagle Creek for your next RV vacation and don’t forget to bring along the horses. The trails are matchless in beauty featuring gorgeous prairie lands, emerald green grass, skyscraping trees, towering bluffs, and many more exciting vistas to feed your soul and bless your horseback rides.



For a majority of winter campers, hunting is a prime leisure activity at Eagle Creek State Park. There are outstanding hunting opportunities in the park and its surrounding regions. Almost 800 acres of Eagle Creek Wildlife Area serve as hunting hotspots. Hunting is an occasional activity at the park with established seasons during fall and winter. Tune your bows to perfection as a bow range is available for public use. From shooting squirrels, rabbits, and quails to stalking and bow hunting deer, a lot of electrifying hunting is waiting for you to bring your RV.

Cross-Country Skiing

Bring your trailer to Eagle Creek to experience winter jubilance on the widely-adored Snowflake Trail. For the love of winter and its outdoor adventures, Eagle Creek State Park allows cross-country skiing depending on weather conditions. Skiing usually begins with the first snowfall in the region and continues for as long as the ice does not start to melt. You can show off your skiing skills anywhere in the park including miles of Snowflake Ski Trail.


If cross-country skiing is not enough, you have an excuse in the form of snowmobile riding to stay a little longer on the snowy trails of Eagle Creek State Park. Trails spanning up to many miles allow snowmobiling as part of its winter outdoor activities. There are many reasons why you should bring your snowmobiles here for your next winter camping. The most important being the beautiful scenery – these snowmobile trails wander through some seriously beautiful locations and overlooking these gorgeous scenes while snowmobiling is an exhilarating experience in itself.