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Eagle Trail State Recreation Site is a 280-acre park located about 16 miles south of Tok, Alaska. Surrounded by thick forests of spruce and aspen, mountain views, and scenic vistas, this recreational site is a beautiful destination to visit and explore. The recreation site has a few historical features such as the Washington-Alaska Military Cable and Telephone System as well as the Valdez-Eagle Trail both constructed as a result of the Klondike Gold Rush.

If planning to visit, it is recommended to plan your stay during the months of May through September. The daylight hours in the summertime are long and have mild temperatures ranging from the 60s to 70s. These make for perfect conditions for exploring the park’s trails. The winters, however, can be quite cold with the average temperatures well below freezing. Though a colder time of year in the area, the Northern Lights may be seen by visitors to the area between August and May.

Eagle Trail State Recreation Site has 35 campsites. Five of these campsites can accommodate big rigs. The campsites are surrounded by woods providing quiet, privacy, and plenty of rest and relaxation. While relaxing at the campsite or traipsing around the recreational area, keep an eye out for the many different types of birds that frequent the area. Wolves and bears may pass through as well. Be sure not to leave out any food between snacks or meals that could attract a bear!

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Eagle Trail State Recreation Site is located at mile 109.5 of the Tok Cut-Off Highway, about 16 miles south of Tok. You shouldn’t expect to encounter any hazards along the way. The main roads in and around Tok are maintained year-round.

Once inside the recreational area, you’ll find that the roads are gravel. The campsites are mostly level, but some leveling may be necessary. Big rigs can be accommodated at some of the campsites.

Though the park is remote, the community of Tok is only a 20-minute drive. Fuel, supplies, and other activities can be found there. Some businesses may close during the offseason, re-opening for their peak season of May through September.


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Campgrounds and parking in Eagle Trail State Recreation Site

Campsites in Eagle Trail State Recreation Site

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Camping at Eagle Trail State Recreation Site

Eagle Trail State Recreation Site has 35 campsites, five of which can accommodate big rigs. There are no hookups at these sites. There is a 15-day limit on camping. The campsites are surrounded by spruce and aspen, providing privacy and a remote feeling.

While there is water at the camping area, it’s still a good idea to come prepared with extra supplies. The recreational site does have latrines. A fire ring and picnic table are also located at each site. Bears are known to the area. After meals and snacks, be sure to clean up and secure food.

Pets are welcome at Eagle Trail, so it's okay to bring along the dog for your stay. Dogs will have fun exploring the nature and hiking trails, as well as the historical sites. They’ll be all ready for a good night’s sleep once the day is done.

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The recreation site has three and a half miles of trails to explore leading you through a forest of aspen and spruce. The one-mile nature trail is a great way to stretch your legs after a long drive or if you’re just looking for something leisurely. If you’re looking for a longer hike, the two and a half-mile trail may be more to your liking. Keep an eye out for a glimpse of the many different types of wildlife that roam and live in the area.

Tok Trophy Sheep Management Area

You can get within viewing distance of Dall Sheep by following the creek bordering the recreational area for about eight hours. You’ll come within close distance to view the sheep at the Tok Trophy Sheep Management Area. Bring along binoculars for better viewing! The long hours of daylight in the summer months make it the perfect time of year to enjoy this long hike. Be sure to pack extra water and food for the hike.


There are picnic shelters located at the recreation site. These shelters are a great gathering place for groups big or small. Covered to protect from the sun and occasional rain, your group will surely enjoy whatever the celebration may be surrounded by stunning Alaskan scenery. Latrines are located nearby.


Many different types of wildlife live in or pass through the area. Birdwatchers should be on the lookout for owls, eagles, and various migratory birds. Dall Sheep are in the area and you can get your best glimpse by hiking to Tok Trophy Sheep Management Area. Bears are known to the area also, so be sure to put away food after meals.


Historical Sites

There are historical sites to experience in the recreational area. The Valdez-Eagle trail was a military trail that was constructed during the Klondike Gold Rush. A section of the Washington-Alaska Military Cable and Telephone System (WAMCATS), later known as Alaska Communications Systems (ACS) is also located in the campground.

Northern Lights

The Aurora Borealis can be seen from the Tok area between the months of August and May. Planning your trip in August or September would give you the opportunity to see these Northern Lights. Cloudy days can restrict viewing, so check the weather forecast if planning your trip to see this stunning display.


Enjoy a campfire during the mild evenings in the fire ring at your campsite. The area is mostly remote, so you can expect quiet nights. Toast marshmallows, make s’mores, or cook your meal over the hot coals and flames. It’s a relaxing way to finish off a day of hiking and exploring the area.