East Bank Rec Site


Managed by the Bureau of Land Management, East Bank Recreation Site is 20 acres filled with beautiful sites and fun activities. The recreation area itself is at nearly 6,000 feet in elevation and gives an incredible view of Montana. Many people who visit here enjoy camping within the recreation site itself or using one of the nearby campgrounds.

There are a plethora of amazing activities that you can enjoy no matter what time of year you visit. East Bank Recreation Site offers fishing, boating, hiking, wildlife viewing, and more. There are even local guides in the area to answer any questions or show you around. You can also find important information on the kiosk located at the base of the recreation site.

Located along Big Hole River near Melrose and Wisdom, Montana, East Bank Recreation Site is a great place to get away from technology and immerse yourself in nature. Whether you're driving an RV, camping in a hammock, or taking a scenic drive with the family, this is a breath-taking area that is waiting to be explored.

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Montana is known for being filled with mountains. The Rocky Mountains make driving around the state a little more time consuming, but the view makes it worth it. The East Bank Recreation site is located near Butte, Montana. The easiest way that both locals and visitors can get there is by taking Interstate 15 or Interstate 90. The roads in the area are paved and well-maintained. Because of the mountains and the increased chances of snow at high elevations, it's important to pay attention to the weather when planning your trip.

You may experience a snowstorm while driving, which can make curvy roads dangerous for larger vehicles such as RVs. Cell phone reception is often spotty in higher elevations as well. To prevent getting lost without service, it's a good idea to print out directions ahead of time, with alternative routes. Once you arrive at East Bank Recreation Site, you will see both paved and gravel roads. Once you leave the parking lot and start exploring, you'll be hiking on nature's gravel paths. Bring a high-quality pair of hiking boots and you'll be set!


Public Transportation

Campgrounds and parking in East Bank Rec Site

Campsites in East Bank Rec Site

First-come first-served

Star Hope Campground

One of the closest campgrounds to the East Bank Recreation Site is Star Hope Campground. If you love spending the night under towering trees and bright stars, this is the campground for you. It is open 365 days a year, with the exception of impassable road conditions. Star Hope Campground has 22 campsites available on a first-come, first-served basis. Each of the 22 campsites has a fire ring, picnic table, and grill for your convenience.

The campground also offers hand pumps for potable water and vault toilets available. 22 campsites may seem like a lot, but Star Hope Campground can get a little busy during the summer months. There aren't too many activities in the area; it's usually just used for sleeping and making food when visitors are not visiting East Bank Recreation Site. The one activity that campers can enjoy at Star Hope is hiking. There are three trails that are easily accessible from the campground.

Joe T. Fallini Campground

Another campground that you can stay at during your visit to East Bank Recreation Site is Joe T. Fallini Campground. Camping here is allowed for RV and tent campers and you can choose from one of the 22 campsites available. For RVs, there are modern electrical hookups. Each of the campsites is available on a first-come, first-served basis all year round. The campsites have picnic tables and fire pits available for campers to use.

One of the unique things about Joe T. Fallini Campground is that all of the roads and trails around the campground are paved. If you're looking for a quiet campground that won't have loud families or nosy neighbors, this may be the perfect choice for you during your visit to East Bank Recreation Site. The campground is also kept nice and clean. You will have easy access to hiking, swimming, and other water activities. If you're visiting Montana during the summer, this is a great spot to stay!

Bear Creek Campground

Last, but not least is Bear Creek Campground. Located a little further from East Bank Recreation Site, you will find 10 campsites for you to choose from. This campground is suited best for RV or tent campers and is open every day of the year. If you're partial to modern amenities, you may want to choose one of the other two campgrounds as there aren't any at Bear Creek Campground.

What you will find is a picnic table, fire pit, and grill at every campsite. There are also vault toilets for your convenience. It's important to note that you are required to bring your own firewood if you plan on building a fire. Many people enjoy staying there due to the number of activities in the area. You can get in a bit of wildlife watching, go for a hike, or take a short drive to Mackay Reservoir for a swim.

Seasonal activities in East Bank Rec Site



With many streams, rivers, and other bodies of water in the area, swimming is a great activity to enjoy during the warmer months. Because there are so many different areas around the East Bank Recreation Site to swim, it never feels overly crowded. Whether you're traveling with small children or alone, you may want to note that there are no lifeguards on duty or medical staff in close proximity. Swim at your own risk and avoid swimming in the rapids.


Another water activity that many people enjoy when visiting the East Bank Recreation Site is fishing. Due to Montana's climate, this is something that you can enjoy year-round.

Whether you're interested in casting a line from a boat or getting a bit of ice fishing in during the winter, you may find yourself catching bass, Kokanee, rainbow trout, whitefish, or sturgeon. If you're traveling with an angler, this activity is a must.


Mackay Reservoir Recreation Site allows visitors to explore the area on the water. There are a variety of different ways that you can do this. The most common ways that people boat in the area are by canoe, kayak, paddleboard, or fishing boat. This is a great way to spend a warm summer afternoon outdoors.

There is an easy to access boat launch, but you must bring your own watercraft as there are none to rent.



Easily one of the best off-season activities that you can enjoy while visiting the East Bank Recreation Site is picnicking. East Bank Recreation Site doesn't have picnic tables available, but don't let that stop you. You can lay down a throw blanket, set up your own table, or eat right outside of your RV.

This can be a great way to enjoy your meal while being immersed in the beautiful scenery of Montana. Just be sure to clean up any trash or scraps from your meal.

Wildlife Viewing

Wildlife viewing is something that can be done at any time of the year while visiting the East Bank Recreation Site. It is most popular during the off-season as there are more animals to spot. You may see large animals like moose, elk, grizzly bears, American black bears, or white-tailed deer.

For your own safety, it's important to know that there are also timber wolves and cougars in the area. You can bring a pair of binoculars to increase the chances of you seeing wild animals or to experience a bit of birdwatching at East Bank Recreation Site.


Last but not least, hiking is one of the best physical activities that you can take part in when visiting the East Bank Recreation Site. There are trails all around the area that give a challenge for those of any skill level.

Whether you're looking for a casual walk in the woods or an intense cardio workout, hiking is a great way to do just that while being able to explore East Bank Recreation Site.