Eastern Idaho State Fair

The Eastern Idaho State Fair is everything a good time is meant to be. Pack the RV and head to Idaho for a week of family fun.

Event information

The Eastern Idaho State Fair isn’t just a fair; it’s an experience you won’t want to miss. With a motto, “happy together,” this event has activities to please every member of the family. Animal lovers won’t want to miss the livestock exhibits, and music fans will move to the beat of bands ready to showcase their talents.

Thrill seekers will enjoy the races, performers, hypnotists, and illusionists. Family members with a hearty appetite can take part in several eating contests. Mega trucks abound for those who love the noise and excitement of a ride up and over rally.

Baking enthusiasts won’t want to miss the ultimate dessert demonstration, and the creative member of the family can cheer on the spray paint artists. Cowgirl tricks, carnival rides, and skills demonstrations will add to the entertainment. Of course, no fair is complete without quilt displays, 4-H showmanship, and the search for the most gargantuan squash.

Eastern Idaho State Fair also offers a chance for self-care in the form of meditation walks amongst a garden space. Have the family participate before heading back to your retreat where you can further the indulgence of taking care of yourself by cherishing family time together in the RV. “Happy together” all week long.


Sign up online to become a fair VIP and get early information and special ticket discounts. Tickets to Eastern Idaho State Fair are a true bargain with all of the unique goings-on that are encompassed within one price per visitor. From $2 tickets for kids over five years of age to $25 wristband days that offer the midway along with admission, there is a price point for every fair-goer. See www.funatthefair.com to view the options.

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You will likely head to the Eastern Idaho State Fair via US Route 91 or Interstate 15, which run north and south. Enter 97 Park Street, Blackfoot, ID 83221 for fair's address in the GPS and enjoy the variation of scenery as you head to the fair. You will pass through unique small towns that may call out to you as a pit stop to gas up or enjoy an ice cream cone.

Parking areas

Parking is available; the closer to the grounds you want to park the more expensive it will be. If you choose to navigate the rig to a spot further away from the busiest area, you can take advantage of the free tram that drops fair-goers off right at the main entrance. Check the website for the tram and parking map. For guests with mobility issues, have your handicap sticker visible for accessible spots.

Public Transportation

Without a public transit service in the area that easily accesses the fairgrounds, attendees can drive and park their vehicle near the grounds. Carpooling and taxi services are other options.

Where to stay


The fairground does have an RV site, but it is not open during the week of the fair. Head just a hop, skip, and jump outside of town and take your pick from nearby campgrounds.


Areas close to Pocatello, Idaho have interesting options to pick from that will suit every RVer’s taste. You will find small RV parks with trees to shade your camper or larger campgrounds with more of an Idaho plains environment for those who prefer wide open spaces. Hiking, picnicking, and scenic views are within your reach if you visit areas like Idaho Falls or American Falls. Amenities will vary depending on the size and location of the campground.

Getting around

The little ones can see all that the fair has to show without getting tired feet if you rent a stroller. There are a limited amount available so best to head seek out the rental booth by the Main Gate upon arrival at the Eastern Idaho State Fair. Wheelchairs can be rented at the same spot.

What to pack


The weather can vary this time of year in Idaho. Be sure to pack the RV with clothing for every occurrence. The main thing to keep in mind is comfort. Comfy shoes that allow for plenty of walking, a favorite hat to shield the face and ears from the sun, and clothing that suits the day’s temperatures are best. Jean or shorts with a light sweater for the evening are ideal fair apparel items.


Backpacks are allowed, but there is no place to store them, so be sure not to overpack and make them heavy. When prepping your gear for the Eastern Idaho State Fair, include sunscreen and sunglasses. Basic cameras that do not record are allowed and are a must for capturing memories. You can bring a cooler into the fair as long as you do not bring alcohol.

Health & Safety

Every family member needs to have a refillable water bottle in their backpack to stay hydrated. Have the kiddos slow down for a cold drink, a snack, and a rest in the shade occasionally throughout the day. There is a Lost Child Booth, but it’s wise to avoid that event by setting rules at the beginning of the day to keep all family members together.

Where to eat


Hot dogs over an open fire are a camping meal that few want to miss. Check the campground rules before starting a fire to ensure that restrictions are not in place as the plains of Idaho can get dry in the summer. If campfires are not permitted, a camp stove or the RV stove are both ideal for cooking a pot of chili or frying a tasty meal of sausages and onions. Salads are always a delicious accompaniment to a meal at the picnic table.


Fish and chips, coleslaw and sandwiches, and tasty tacos are on the menu in Blackfoot eateries. If you are looking for Mexican, Chinese, or Latin flavors, you can find those as well. One evening after the fair, take the night off from cooking and sample Idaho small town fare.


The range of vendors at Eastern Idaho State Fair is second to none. Traditional fair food like caramel apples, brownie on a stick, and delectable donuts are waiting for hungry fair-goers. Save these items for dessert, though and try a burger, turkey sandwich, or plate of wings first. Cash is the way to go for most concessionaires; there are ATMs on site if you run short.



The Eastern Idaho State Fair is well staffed with security personnel who are keen to assist and ensure that the fair is a safe and happy place all week long. If you see something amiss or have a concern, you can seek them near the Main Office or ask someone on patrol.


Be prepared for any weather event by popping a small umbrella in your backpack. September can be cloudy and cool on occasion, so it's usually best to have a warm sweater on hand as well. Take the opportunity to visit the many indoor exhibits for a break from the sunshine or any rain that comes during your visit.


First Aid Stations are clearly marked so that all fair-goers can spot them easily; take a look at the fairgrounds map for the exact location. Service dogs are more than welcomed at the fair as long as they are in official attire. For safety back at camp, keep a well stocked First Aid kit and put medications at the top of the packing list. Emergency medical services and pharmacy options are located in Blackfoot about a 10-minute drive from the fairgrounds.