Eel Weir State Park
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Tucked in the very north of the New York state is the gorgeous Eel Weir State Park, an outdoor retreat whose beauty is only matched by its peculiar name you will never be able to forget. Pack your bags and get your RV going on an adventure of a lifetime in one of the prettiest corners of New York where you can enjoy peace, quiet, and a little piece of nature that you deserve to have as a break from the hectic city life. Explore all the wonders of St. Lawrence County on the road to this park, and spend some time reflecting on the life people used to live back in the day, before all the commodities and craziness of the world we live in now.

Nature lovers will be able to enjoy the closeness of the water, as the park is safely wrapped around the Oswegatchie River, approximately two miles away from the lovely Black Lake. This small park spans over 16 acres, but all of those 16 are covered with absolute beauty and filled with opportunities for fun, relaxation, and friendships. You will meet other campers, share your travel stories, and listen to the adventures of others, all in a secluded park, away from the swarming noise of cars and mobile phones.

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Safely hugged by the Oswegatchie River, the Eel Weir State Park is small, but not hard to reach. If the road takes your rig to New York state, do not miss the chance to visit this gorgeous piece of heaven up north, really close to the Canadian border! The closest town is Ogdensburg, which lies on the river and is the closest point to the border. Driving south from Ogdensburg, you will need to cover seven miles to reach the park, located off Route 812. Heuvelton is a close-by small town just southeast of the park, and Lost Village is located on the opposite side, very close to the park itself. The park is easily accessible, however, bear in mind that the road that leads to it is a narrow dirt road, so be careful when you drive, especially at night or dusk when visibility is not the best.


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Campgrounds and parking in Eel Weir State Park

Campsites in Eel Weir State Park

First-come first-served

Eel Weir State Park Campground

Since Eel Weir State Park spans over only 16 acres, so understandably, you cannot expect a huge campground here. The park offers 38 campsites, none of which have hookups so this is a dry camping-only zone. However, don’t let that discourage you, as this is one of the cutest little parks you will ever visit in New York state, and it gives you a perfect opportunity to relax and forget about the amenities of the modern life and just – exist. The park does not take reservations and the sites are walk-in only, so you might want to ask around with locals and see what the best time is to come here. All sites allow up to six people at a time, and all of them are dog-friendly. Some of the sites offer a spectacular view of the Oswegatchie River, which is a perfect backdrop to wake up to each morning – overlooking the rushing river water and thinking how lucky you are to be there at that exact moment.

Seasonal activities in Eel Weir State Park


Having Fun with Pets

One of the most amazing things about this park is the fact that pets are allowed to come in and stay overnight with their humans! You can finally take your beloved dog on an adventure so they can enjoy all the beauties of mother nature by your side. Pets, especially dogs, have to be supervised at all times, and they cannot be let to roam freely. You must keep them on a leash no longer than six feet, and you have to bring proof of rabies inoculation to show to the park staff. You can bring up to two pets per campsite, so this is great news for campers who have more than one dog and do not like to discriminate between them.


Reach deep inside and get your inner dad out because it is time to grill! If you are a skilled fisherman, you can catch a tasty treat in the river and serve it to your guests gathered around one of the many grill stations in Eel Weir State Park. Make your RV the center of the party by organizing all the campers around and providing a delicious meal! This is a perfect opportunity to meet some new people, make some new friends, and hear new stories of someone else’s adventures around the country. You may even find out new ways to improve your RV and make it even more functional than it is now, and of course, maybe get a new travel buddy that will accompany you on the road to visiting as many state parks as you can in your free time!


Nothing better than packing your picnic basket, getting a soft blanket, a bottle of freshly squeezed juice, and heading out to have a nice alfresco meal. You will find many spots in Eel Weir State Park that are just perfect for a romantic dinner under the stars or a big family meal that you can enjoy with your children and loved ones. Of course, make sure to clean up after yourself so as not to litter the park and to preserve the pristine nature here. Try not to use too much plastic and do not leave cigarette butts in the ground, since they take forever to decompose. As with other state parks, this one encourages the “leave no trail” policy, and all of us should try and live by those rules wherever we go.


Chilling by the Water

If you come here during the summer months, you will enjoy the proximity of the water and nature’s very own air conditioning system! Pack your beach bag in your campervan and sit on the river bank and just enjoy your day with your loved ones. Your rig will be close-by if the sun starts burning too hot, and the trees will provide enough shade so you don’t burn. The soothing rolling of the river water will make you forget about your troubles and transport you into a state of bliss as you watch the water glisten in the sun, and other campers enjoy their time on their kayaks and boats.

Taking a Walk

Hiking is not super popular at Eel Weir State Park solely because of its small size. While you cannot find challenging paths to tackle here, what you can find is an opportunity for a relaxing walk with your family and friends and a nice way to burn the extra calories from lunch. You can walk around the park and enjoy the solitude, soak up the sun, and accept the warm embrace of mother nature as she guides you through the wonderful area she created in New York State. Campers who are tired of the rush of the city and who want to unwind and forget about the stress they endure each week will benefit from a relaxing walk as they will be able to stretch their legs, but also empty their minds and allow positive thoughts to overtake.


Since the beautiful Eel Weir State Park is hugged by the Oswegatchie River, that means that campers will have plenty of opportunities for boating and having some fun on the water. The park has a designated small boat launch which can handle smaller boats, canoes, and kayaks. You can spend some time rowing on the river, especially if you are not as experienced a boater. However, the pros might want to try reaching the beautiful Black Lake and having the best of both worlds – rivers, and lakes, all at the same time! You do need to bring your own boat or kayak, and since the park is so small, lessons are not available for beginners. If you want to escape from it all, boating is definitely something you should try here, as nothing can beat the peace and quiet you can feel on the water!