El Dorado Wilderness


Located along the Colorado River in Nevada, you will find the El Dorado Wilderness. This area is surrounded by high peaks, sloping valleys, cliffs, and steep canyons. Nearby you'll find Black Canyon Wilderness, which you can reach via a corridor. The El Dorado Wilderness is managed by both the Bureau of Land Management, as well as the National Park Service.
It has a unique topography due to the volcanoes that erupted with lava millions of years ago. This is a beautiful place to visit for the solo traveler, families taking the RV out for a road trip, and anyone in between. There are several different types of animals you can see at El Dorado wilderness as well. There are large desert bighorn sheep, elk, desert tortoises, lizards, falcons, and jackrabbits.
At the El Dorado Wilderness, there are plenty of fun activities to take part in. Whether you enjoy physical activities such as hiking or you're looking for something more laid back, there's something for everyone. If you're planning a visit to the El Dorado Wilderness, be sure to stay at one of the nearby campgrounds that are also managed by the Bureau of Land Management. Staying at one of these campgrounds is a great way to immerse yourself in nature and rest after a long day of outdoor activities.

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El Dorado Wilderness is located just 17 miles south of Las Vegas. The nearest city is 10 miles away and goes by the name of Boulder City. Since El Dorado Wilderness rests near the Colorado River, State Route 165 is the easiest route to take. The El Dorado Wilderness can be a little difficult to find, but it is just north of Nelson, Nevada.
A large portion of the El Dorado Wilderness meshes in with the Lake Mead National Recreation Area. While that is much easier to get to, dirt roads along the river will lead you to the main portion of the wilderness. Throughout the wilderness, you will find dirt and gravel trails and roads. The majority of traveling is done on foot or bicycle.
Depending on which route you take, you may need to be aware of the weather. Flash Floods can happen after a rainstorm, which can block off some of the roadways. To prevent this from ruining your trip, make sure to not only watch the weather but check online for road closures before you head out to visit El Dorado Wilderness.


Public Transportation

Campgrounds and parking in El Dorado Wilderness

Campsites in El Dorado Wilderness

First-come first-served

Cottonwood Cove Lower Campground

Cotton Cove lower Campground can be found 14 miles east of Searchlight, Nevada. All campsites are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. There are 45 campsites in total, three of which are shaded. Every campsite has a picnic table and fire ring, while the campground has one shaded canopy area for the guests.

Cottonwood Cove Lower Campground has three modern bathrooms for campers and water on tap. There is also a dump station for RVs, but you won't find any electric or water hookups. The campground itself offers plenty of hiking and biking areas as well. You will be surrounded by the shores of Lake Mohave.

The lake provides a perfect soundscape to hush you to sleep after a long day exploring the outdoors at El Dorado Wilderness. Because of its proximity to Lake Mohave, Cottonwood Cover Lower Campground is the perfect place to not only rest but cool off as well!

Kingman Wash Lake Mead National Recreation Free Camping

Kingman Wash is a campground that is part of the Lake Mead National Recreation Area. It is free dispersed camping, and all campsites are available on a first-come, first-served basis. There you'll be surrounded by views of the lake and mountains. It is important to note that because it is a wash campground, it is not safe during rainstorms because of the risk of flash flooding.
There is a vaulted toilet available for your convenience. There are no RV hookups, picnic tables, firings, or any other modern amenities available at this campground. Because it is dispersed, you won't have to worry about hearing your neighbor or not getting the peace and quiet you look for in a camping experience.
Deer and wild horses have been known to roam around the area. If you're on a tight budget and don't mind a lack of electricity or modern bathrooms, this campsite is worth it for the views alone!

Boulder Beach Campground

Boulder Beach Campground is another amazing camping location closest to El Dorado Wilderness. There you'll find 154 campsites all of which have gravel pads. There is both tent and RV camping allowed, with a maximum length of 41 feet for RVs and trailers. As you can tell by the name, Boulder Beach Campground has a beach available for swimming and other water activities.

Previous campers have said to have seen plenty of jackrabbits and road runners in the area. The sun setting behind the lake is just one of the amazing views you'll be able to see if you choose to camp here. There are flush toilets available along with water, a bathroom sink, picnic tables, fire pits, and plenty of shade.

There's also a dump station for RVs near the exit of the campground. All campsites are available on a first-come, first-served basis. If you're looking for an oasis in the desert of Nevada, check out Boulder Beach Campground.

Seasonal activities in El Dorado Wilderness



Easily the most popular activity visitors of El Dorado Wilderness enjoy is camping. There are a ton of amazing trails to choose from, no matter your skillset. Whether you're looking for smooth, gravel terrain that has a low incline, or a more steep and vigorous climb. Either way, you will be happy with what you find there. Hiking is a great way to get exercise and see the beautiful scenery surrounding you.


With the Colorado River bordering the wilderness, fishing is another popular activity. It can also be a great way to cool off during the summer. There are a variety of different species that anglers can catch.
There are multiple types of catfish, sunfish, and bass, along with rainbow trout and crappies. This can be a great activity to do to bond with your kids and maybe even catch some dinner for the evening. You can fish from the shore or on the water.

OHV Riding

If you're looking to get off your feet and still get an adrenaline rush while visiting El Dorado Wilderness, you can bring your off-highway vehicle or OHV. There aren't any designated trails, but there are designated areas throughout the wilderness where you can do this fun activity. It will allow you to see nature in a whole new way.
It is important that you make sure you're driving on approved terrain to avoid getting a fine or ticket from the state of Nevada.



Biking is another excellent way to get a bit of cardio into your trip to the wilderness. But even if you prefer a more casual ride, you'll enjoy seeing El Dorado on two wheels.
Note that there are no bike rentals nearby, so make sure you have room for your bike on the RV. The terrain varies quite a bit in this area of Nevada, but that also makes for an adventure to be had.


Another relaxing activity that the entire family can enjoy is picnicking. While there are no picnic tables throughout the campground, that shouldn't stop you from enjoying a meal in nature with your loved ones.

The El Dorado Wilderness is part of the No Trace Left Behind movement. This protocol asks guests to make sure they take all of their garbage with them to help preserve the wilderness. Bring a blanket and some delicious grub to enjoy a peaceful afternoon during any season!

Wildlife Viewing

Be sure to pack a pair of binoculars for your trip if you want to take part in viewing wildlife in their natural habitats. There are a plethora of animals roaming the ground, the sky, and the river in El Dorado Wilderness.
You can see larger animals such as mule deer, mountain lions, and wild burros, as well as smaller animals such as foxes and coyotes. In the nearby Colorado River, there is plenty of different bass, trout, catfish, and more species of fish to be found.