Eldora Speedway

Dirt, speed, excitement, and adrenaline, what more could you need? It’s time to load your RV and take a trip to Eldora Speedway in New Weston, Ohio.

Event information

Eldora Speedway would have to be one of the most attractive motorsport facilities in the country, but it’s not the infrastructure that stands out the most. From the Wabash River gently snaking its way through New Weston, to the stunning farms and woodlands bordering it; it’s a sight to behold.

Eldora Speedway is located at 13929 State Road 118, New Weston. It’s north of Rossburg, Ohio, and borders the small village of New Weston. It boasts a one-half mile clay oval track, a 30,000-fan capacity, and a range of permanent and festive seating with camping opportunities as well. Everything is in place for the average motorsport and RV camping fan to have the time of their life.

Eldora Speedway has also been home to such events as Dirt Late Model Dream, NASCAR Camping World Truck Series, and World 100. Many of these international and national events bring in over 20,000 spectators every year.

Those who make the journey from out of state are then treated to quaint little townships with lots to offer, convenient camping amenities in several lots, and attractions such as the Bar-E Club Lake. There are also vendors galore to cater to your every need for food, beverages, ice, and merchandise.

The next time you need a taste of automotive action somewhere that’s a bit off the beaten track, then hit the road for Eldora Speedway in your camper. This New Weston facility is one that won’t disappoint.


All ticket types for all events are available on Eldora Speedway’s website. Pricing and availability can differ from one event to the next, so it will be helpful to be the early bird to avoid missing out on the dates and events that you desire most. Alongside general admission race tickets, you can also buy pit passes, VIP suite passes, reserved seats, reserved parking, and more. During major events, such as NASCAR, you will also need to book your camping spot in advance as well.

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It doesn’t matter whether you hail from Toledo, Detroit, Dayton, Columbus, Indianapolis, or the moon, you’ll find that the road network makes your trip to Eldora Speedway visually pleasant as you approach the area. Several main highways run to neighboring towns, then Eldora Speedway is central between Rossburg, New Weston, North Star, and the border of Ohio and Indiana.

If you want to make sure you’re prepared for every eventuality on the road, use a travel app. TrafficWise is a preferred choice for those from Indiana, while the OhGo app will guide Ohio travelers with real-time information as well. Once you near New Weston, take State Road 118 to get to Eldora Speedway without a hitch.

Parking areas

Available parking spots can vary from one event to the next, depending on popularity. The main parking lot, which caters for many different sized vehicles, is off State Route 118. The track entrance is to the fore of this lot. North of Eldora Speedway, there is usually even more parking. Motorists can also look near North Star Ft. Loramie Road, in the Eldora Village lot, and Northside Camp & Park Lot. If you intend to camp, you can book a space in one of the lots and access it from North Star Ft. Loramie Road or State Route 118.

Public Transportation

Given the isolation of New Weston and Eldora Speedway, public transportation options around the area may be limited. However, as Eldora Speedway caters well for RVs, you should not have trouble both parking at the site and navigating your way around surrounding townships in your RV. If you wish to camp offsite, there may be private ride services to bring you to and from Eldora Speedway.

Where to stay


The type of camping facilities available at Eldora Speedway can depend on the event you are attending. Some allow reserved camping with a fee, while others allow free camping without reservation at specific lots for non-headline events.

There are various areas around the speedway track that allow access for RV-goers and tenters. Lot one, two, three, four, and five, the Northside C&P, Silo Lot, and Eldora Village are all usually camper-friendly.

All sites are dry, but some businesses allow you to pump and fill RV tanks for a fee during significant events. There are also restrooms for convenience. If you want to use your golf cart, you will need to fill out a form and provide proof of insurance.

You’re allowed to bring a golf cart and even pets as long as you register these with the campground. Campfires are permitted in the Northside and Eldora Village camps, and off-ground campfires in some lots. Generators are allowed in some areas according to speedway regulations.


If you don’t fancy the excitement and crowds of camping directly at Eldora Speedway, then you’re in luck. Officials have preferred campgrounds for those who would like to camp offsite. Some are within a short distance of the event site, while others are between 30 minutes to an hour away. Spacious, grass lots are almost guaranteed no matter where you camp, but service hookups may vary.

Getting around

Getting around your campsite at Eldora Speedway is a breeze because you’re allowed to use your golf cart and some non-motorized wheeled transportation options. Once you get to the track, however, you’ll need to make use of Shank’s Pony. Fortunately, the distance is short between the campsites and main attractions so that you won’t tire yourself out before all the action happens.

What to pack


It can be tricky to know what to pack when you visit New Weston, particularly during headline events in summer. Even with muggy conditions and high heat, there’s also often the lingering threat of thunderstorms and rain in Ohio. It’s best to pack a range of clothing options to suit multiple temperatures, even if you’re visiting when it’s supposed to be warm. Pack weatherproof layers, including waterproof footwear as well.


There are so many things to consider for your trip to Eldora Speedway. RVers need to be entirely prepared for dry camping. Empty waste tanks before you set off, fill water tanks, bring plenty of food, and have the fuel ready for your generator.

Once you’re among all the action, bring your portable radio and set it to FM 87.9 to keep up to date with what’s happening. You can bring in small bags, coolers, backpacks, and purses, but adhere to track rules regarding the size. Seat cushions for stadium seating of a conservative size are also allowed, but with no backs or armrests. You may also bring your own food and beverages, but not in glass and no alcohol.

Health & Safety

Campers will want to be prepared for all eventualities while at Eldora Speedway. Pack a first aid kit, sun supplies such as sunscreen, and plenty of drinking water to remain hydrated. If you need to use a public restroom, these are available throughout the speedway, including the south end of the grandstand, in the pit area, and Turn 4 Fan Zone. If you require a portable toilet for a large group at your campsite, these are available for rent.

Where to eat


You will have plenty of opportunities to cook up a storm once you set up camp at Eldora Speedway. Some of the camping lots allow campfires, while the remainder will enable you to use off-the-ground campfires. You also have full range to use your onboard RV appliances. If you’re short on supplies, the nearest store for stocking up is along the main street of New Weston.


It can be a bit of a treasure hunt to find somewhere to dine, but it’s all part of the experience. You can grab a few convenience items in New Weston, or you can shoot over to Rossburg where there is a quaint eatery to satisfy those hunger pangs. Half an hour’s drive to Union City is where the bulk of the restaurants and dining establishments will be. These include privately owned restaurants and fast food chain establishments.


You will not go hungry during your stay at Eldora Speedway. Four permanent concession stands that accept cash and credit make up the bulk of the offerings. The primary stand is in the main grandstand, with pizza burgers, beverages, and more. Turn 4’s concession stand is also a firm favorite due to its pizza and wings. There is also plenty on offer via the Turn Three Suites and the infield pit area if those options are part of your ticket choice.



Eldora Speedway staff do everything possible to keep visitors safe. Guests may be subjected to bag and person checks at any time. Weapons, fireworks, explosives, and large bags are prohibited. If you require assistance at any time, approach a security official in uniform. Otherwise, the nearest police department is half an hour away in Union City.


Weather conditions in New Weston are erratic at best. Conditions are at their best from May until September, but thunderstorms and rain are prevalent during this time of year as well. If an event is canceled, it may be rescheduled with updates available on the website.

Temperatures can also plummet between November and March, and humidity is high in the hottest month of July. During this month, you can expect around 70 percent humidity and temperatures of approximately 70 degrees. It’s helpful to plan for a varying climate in one visit, so pay attention to your weather app before you hit the road.


If you require assistance during your visit to Eldora Speedway, then make your way to the Turn 4 admission gate. Here, there is a first aid station with trained medical personnel on duty at all times. For anything urgent, fans can look for the nearest hospital in Coldwater 12 miles away, which is also near a pharmacy. You may also be able to stock up on medical supplies at the pharmacy in Fort Recovery 20 minutes from the racing track.