Electric Daisy Carnival Orlando

Electric Daisy Carnival Orlando is a three-day, dance music festival featuring LED installations, live entertainment, and classic carnival rides.

Event information

Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) is an 18+, three-day electronic dance festival and concert experience. With an emphasis on "experience," this festival is a full immersion into a psychedelic world of lights, music, art, and positive energy. For over 20 years EDC has been the mecca for electronic dance lovers and holds the torch for its technologically advanced festival elements.

In November of each year, EDC takes over Downtown Orlando's Tinker Field and transforms it into an immersive production of LED forests, interactive entertainers, art installations, carnival rides, and dance music you'll feel in your bones. EDC uses inspiration from technology and nature to design full-scale stages featuring flames, fountains, and 90-foot tall LED structures that pulse with the music.

True to its "carnival," name, EDC features iconic carnival rides like a Ferris wheel and the tilt-a-whirl. The true spirit of EDC comes alive at night with life-size LED art installations that transport you to a world of fantasy and imagination.

Festival attendees come donned in their most vibrant outfits. Sequins, glitter, neon, and cosplay are encouraged. Good vibes, love for all, and a vivid imagination are helpful in order to embrace this electrifying experience fully. Electronic Daisy Carnival Orlando is a celebration of love, life, and the fantastical.


Tickets for EDC Orlando are available in four tiers, with more perks and amenities the higher you go. Ticket prices vary depending on how early you purchase. "Lucky Owls," who subscribe to their e-mail newsletter get access to pre-sale General Admission tickets at their lowest price (often around $175). Ticket prices go up from here and can be as much as $400 for VIP status.

General Admission (GA) tickets get you through the door for three days of admission. Once you're in, you're in for the day. Tickets are good for one scan per day. General Admission Plus, (GA+) offers the same three-day entrance, in addition to access to air-conditioned restrooms.

VIP tickets are for 21 and older and offer perks like fast entry to rides and amenities like gourmet food and drink options. VIP ticket holders also have access to VIP viewing decks with elevated views of the stage. You'll be privy to unique entertainment and activities like a glitter bar, ball pit, kandi bracelet making workshop, and games like life-size Jenga.

For the ultimate festy experience, splurge for SKYDECK status for a large group. SKYDECK ticket holders have access to everything GA and VIP ticket holders do, as well as premier views of the festival accompanied by private table service for your group. This tier of ticket is the only one available for purchase on a single-day basis. Prices for SKYDECK status vary depending on the size of your party, and the day you wish to attend. In order to purchase SKYDECK status, guests must fill out an inquiry form on the EDC Orlando website.

All ticket options are offered online via the Electronic Daisy Carnival Orlando website.

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Driving to Downtown Orlando may take you on I-4, the central corridor running through greater Orlando. Traffic on this highway can often be congested so allow ample driving time. Navigating around Tinker Field will also be congested, so plan pick-up and drop-off locations ahead of time if carpooling, especially if you will need to consider rig space on the roadways.

Parking areas

Tinker Field is located in Downtown Orlando in an area surrounded by residential neighborhoods. Though there is a designated parking lot for festival attendees, it costs between $30-$50 a day and is cash only. If EDC's designated lots are full, less formalized parking is sometimes found in neighboring areas (often for a hefty fee). In general, parking is at your own risk, and it's encouraged that you leave valuables at home. For safety and convenience, use a ride-share or have a friend drop you off in the vicinity.

Public Transportation

The City of Orlando operates a bus system that can take you all over Greater Orlando. In downtown Orlando, Lynx operates a free shuttle called the Lymmo. If commuting from north or south of Downtown Orlando, hop on the fast and convenient SunRail and disembark at the Church Street station. From there, you can walk due west for three blocks to Tinker Field. Pedicabs are readily available in the downtown area for a quicker commute.

Where to stay


Electronic Daisy Carnival Orlando does not offer camping on site at Tinker Field, but there are some urban campgrounds in the Orlando area that allow for a convenient commute.


Greater Orlando has state parks, as well as (Orange and Seminole) county parks that welcome RV rigs with partial and full hookups. Orlando campgrounds feature some of Central Florida's most notable natural wonders like lake-front access, butterfly gardens, old oak groves, and fresh-water springs. County parks require calling to book, while private campgrounds offer online booking through Reserve America or the like.

Getting around

Accessibility platforms are available just inside the ADA entrance. Staff members are equipped to help guests locate the best routes of travel through the venue. While much of the venue is flat, many spaces are on grassy areas and may be bumpy. A festival map will be posted on the website as the event nears or an app is available for download to help guests navigate throughout Tinker Field.

What to pack


For electronic dance festival attire, the kookier, the better. Think sparkles, glitter, sequins, and anything that will catch the light. Cosplay and character costumes are also encouraged. Rave wear is a niche style that encourages the absurd. Play with amping up elements of your own style like boho, hippie, manga, or western. Experiment with fantasy character qualities of unicorns, rainbows, or mermaids.

The climate in Orlando during November is mild with temperatures reaching upper 70's during the day, and potentially dropping down into the low 60's at night. Always check the weather ahead of time as Florida's weather is notoriously spontaneous.


Expect sunny days, and prepare with sunscreen that can be easily re-applied throughout the day. Hydration backpacks are encouraged but must be empty upon arrival. You can also purchase an official EDC water bottle to refill throughout the day.

In general, keep your bags small. Think fanny pack or mini-backpacks. Pack the essentials like sunscreen, SPF chapstick, earplugs, cell phones, portable chargers, and a rain poncho. For a complete list of acceptable items, always check the EDC website ahead of time to avoid having possessions confiscated.

Health & Safety

Hydration will be a primary concern at this all day festival. Remember to refill your EDC water bottle or camelback regularly at EDC's designated water stations. For safety, use the buddy system and set in place meet-up spots throughout the festival in the event you and your crew get separated.

EDC employs team members on the ground for help and guidance. Look for purple T-shirts labeled "Ground Control." In addition, EDC has full-time medical tents available free of charge. Whether you have a blister, a headache, or are suffering from dehydration, medical professionals are there to help.

Where to eat


Load up your RV kitchen and cook up your favorites before heading to your favorite performances each day. Come home and fire up the grill for a tasty meal after hours of dancing. Remember to check with your chosen campground for cooking regulations at your site. Food may not be brought into Tinker Field, but is available for purchase once on the grounds.


Orlando is teeming with cuisines related to cultures from all over the world. A trip to the area gives the traveler an opportunity to try something new and not seen in the past. EDC tickets may only be scanned once per day, so leaving the festival to get food and re-entering is not an option. Consider tasting local fare on your way in or out of the event or on a separate day. Food and drink are available for purchase inside the festival. Remember to stay hydrated and never consume alcohol on an empty stomach.


Food and drink vendors are throughout Electronic Daisy Carnival Orlando, with some vendors roaming around Tinker Field. Vegan and vegetarian-friendly options are available for purchase, like açai bowls. Cash, credit, debit, Apple Pay, and Android Pay are accepted at all food and drink vendors. Only beer and liquor are served at cocktail stations.



All bags and persons are thoroughly checked upon arrival. EDC reserves the right to turn away anyone carrying prohibited items. If bringing in sunscreen, lip gloss, wet wipes, etc., these items must be new and the seal unbroken. Water packs must be empty and filled inside Tinker Field.


Fall in Florida still often brings mild weather. Days are often still warm and sunny, but once the sun goes down, temperatures can drop to the low 60's. Though November is not Orlando's rainy season, spontaneous rain showers are not uncommon. As the Sunshine State, Florida suffers no shortage of the sun's rays. Expect hot and bright afternoons and prepare accordingly with water and sunscreen.


Medical professionals are employed by EDC and available at the festival free of charge. If you find yourself in need of help during the event, look for on-the-ground helpers wearing purple t-shirts labeled "Ground Control."