Electric Forest

Celebrate life, revel in music, art, and meaningful performances at Electric Forest. Stay on site to experience community with like-minded people.

Event information

Electric Forest is all about mutual respect, understanding of differences, enjoying diversity, and taking care of the Earth around us. It is a festival that honors those who came before and those who will come. It is an event that acknowledges the wonder of differences and how we are all the same, and yet we are not. It is a place to be yourself and allow others to be who they choose as well.

With art installations beyond description, Sherwood Forest opens the door to a magical place. Inspiring art decorates the forest each year. Group monarchies are chosen annually to bring their ideas of sustainability to the venue. Luminarias are created in the spirit center in memory of loved ones.

Start the four-day event by working on the barrier wall designed to break down the barriers by the festival’s end. Attendees decorate the wall, which will be broken and distributed as inspiration for improvement.

Experiences at Electric Forest include music by established and emerging artists, roving performers moving throughout the crowds, and workshops where you can explore your inner self. There is a focus on sustainability with challenges to make the festival a safe and clean celebration. Camping at the festival adds another dimension to what this Earth-friendly event offers those who attend.


Tickets for this festival of faith-in-humanity renewal are worth every penny. Attendance can change one’s life, festival-goers say. There are a few ticket types. Choose what interests you and set up a payment plan if you like by visiting the site at www.electricforestfestival.com. Tickets come with general admission and camping, such as Good Life VIP and Tent Rentals and Good Life RV Camping.

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Route US-31 will put you in the direction of Electric Forest Festival which is located in Rothbury, Michigan. When preparing for your road trip into the area, keep an ear open for weather and road alerts to make for smooth sailing. Verify your entrance on the website and make queries if needed. General admission campers have one entrance, and other ticket types will receive specific instructions for entering the park via email. Signage will be plentiful as you approach, and crew members will direct you upon arrival.

Parking areas

Parking will depend on which location you chose to camp. If you decide not to camp onsite, there is a day parking lot available. Parking staff will direct you to your spot, and they request that you enter and exit this area carefully as there will be a lot of people in proximity. Vehicles will be towed away at the owners’ expense if they are still in the lot one hour after the music stops for the night.

Public Transportation

There is a shuttle for attendees who do not want to drive to the grounds. Information on this option may change from year to year, so for up to date information, check the Electric Forest website. Guests planning to bring an RV to the festival can choose to take public transportation to a nearby area to meet up with crew members or meet after arriving on site.

Where to stay


RVers and tent campers have several choices for claiming a spot. RV enthusiasts can reserve in General Admission, the Good Life Village, or the Back 40. With section names like Camp Kilowatt and Camp Beat, you know you are in for a good time at Electric Forest. Amenities like water, electricity, and sewer will depend on what tier of ticket you reserved. Spaces are large and can accommodate an RV, companion vehicle, and a couple of tents, too.


If you would rather check into a campground near the festival as opposed to on site, there are campgrounds within a 30 to 60-minute drive away from the festival, and they offer full hookups, river frontage, grass and gravel sites, WiFi, boating and kayaking. The State of Michigan is a good one for outdoor activities, so take advantage while here and explore Lake Michigan through fishing, swimming, or by boat. The Huron-Manistee National Forests may also be a great place to camp coming to or from your Electric Forest Festival adventures.

Getting around

Electric Forest involves walking, and there is so much to do that you won’t want to miss a thing. The terrain is sand, dirt, and grass, which can turn into muddy conditions in the event of a rainy day. If you are using a wheelchair, keep this in mind. There are golf carts as well for those who need assistance. Motorized wheelchairs and three or four-wheeled scooters are allowed if required. Bicycles, skateboards, scooters, wagons, strollers, and carts are not permitted.

What to pack


Organizers recommend that you bring more than one pair of shoes so that your feet have a change of cushioning at points throughout the day. Comfort is key when it comes to footwear. Clothing for every temperature is suggested too, as the weather may vary. Rain gear, sun hats, and cozy sweaters are good extra items to include on the packing list. Don’t forget flip flops and a bathing suit for the water park.


The list of gear permitted and as well, not allowed, is extensive so best to check the website for details. Earplugs are a must because the music venues can get loud, and you can wear them to bed if you hope to sleep in the next day. Fun items to bring are a hammock, a hula hoop, body paint, a homemade totem (check the guidelines for details), and a pen and notebook.

Health & Safety

Bring a first aid kit for your campsite, wet wipes, and hand sanitizer. Personal hygiene items, sunscreen, and heavy-duty bug spray should be on the list of must-haves. Don’t forget a towel for showering and make sure that you keep a clean campsite. Electricology is a way of encouraging festival-goers to compost and recycle, and gain rewards for doing so. Prizes include vendor and sponsor items.

Where to eat


Keep the menu plans simple since the only cooking apparatus permitted is a small Coleman-style propane grill. Scrambled eggs for breakfast, pepperoni grilled cheese for lunch, and make-ahead transportable dishes like chili or baked beans are ideal for quick fixes at mealtime. Stock the cooler with plenty of ice as area stores often run out on Electric Forest weekend.


If you decide you want to leave the venue for a bite to eat, grab a healthy sandwich on homemade bread, or take a break and choose a restaurant offering a sit-down meal and a place to chat about the Electric Forest experience. Go for simple American fare, visit a brewery, or try a Mexican meal. There is a Chinese food if you are in the mood, or if you like, have a steak or barbecue ribs.


Bring cash or your ATM card for shopping at the artisan booths or buying food and drinks. The vendor choices are extensive, and you may like to pick up festival merchandise. There is a General Store on site in case you forgot needed items. Get your limited edition festival poster by donating 20 non-perishable food items in designated areas. The food benefits a local food bank.



Electric Forest is a huge festival, and it is kept safe with the hard work of security staff (they will be identified by badges and shirts) and local police. Expect your car or camper to be searched upon entry to the campgrounds. Glass, tiki torches, kegs of alcohol and fireworks are some of the items typically searched for at the gate. If at any time you see a person in need, be a friend of the forest and alert security personnel.


Rain or shine, the festival goes on at Electric Forest. Keep hydrated on a hot day and dress for the weather if cool temperatures make an appearance. Bring appropriate sleeping bags so that you are warm and comfortable. Closed-toe shoes, sandals, and rain boots will keep your feet in top shape no matter the weather conditions.


Upon arrival, familiarize yourself with the location of your Neighborhood Pod. The pod is where medical assistance is readily available if needed, along with other helpful services. Medications brought into the festival must be clearly marked, and the prescription name must match your ID. Identifiable service animals are allowed on the site. Contact the organizers beforehand to let them know you have a service companion accompanying you.