Electric Zoo

Lovers of road trips can head to Electric Zoo to revel in the music and sights of NYC by day and the quiet of nature while camping at night.

Event information

Pack up the RV for an exciting adventure to New York State. The fun is happening right in the city where lovers of electronic music can dance and celebrate all day long. Held in a large green park described as an oasis in the center of New York City, the festival is one of the largest in this metropolis. Once you’ve had enough of the hustle and bustle for the day, commute back to your own oasis–your RV, of course!

Randall’s Island is home to the festival; you will find this expansive green space to be a dream location for an event like Electric Zoo. Dozens of performers from around the world land here and haul out their synthesizers, electronic drums, turntables, and more to amplify the sound and experience for a sell-out crowd of 100,000 festival-goers.

Headliner artists share the spotlight with up and coming acts over this three-day extravaganza of dance and sound. The main stage with a curved screen ensures that no one misses a beat! There are multiple smaller stages, too which allow for all genres under the umbrella of electronic music to show what they’ve got. With little need for improvement, somehow the fantastic Electric Zoo gets better and better every year.


Tickets for Electric Zoo can be pre-purchased and shipped to you. There is also the option for will-call tickets for pick up onsite. To receive your tickets this way, you need your confirmation email, photo ID and the credit card that you used for purchase. Passes to the festival encompass General Admission, VIP and Platinum options with General Admission being the only option for those under 18, the minimum entry age for the event. Once you have shown your pass and entered the venue for the day, you cannot leave and re-enter. For a full run-down on packages ranging from $200 to $900.

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Driving your car or RV to the Electric Zoo grounds is not an option as there is no parking available for festival-goers. Leaving your vehicle back at the campground or hotel is the best approach. Sit back and enjoy the scenery as you commute to the event! See a little bit of NYC while you are on your way to the recently transformed Randall’s Park area.

Parking areas

There is no parking on site, and there are no parking passes available for purchase. With an event of this magnitude, the stress-free option is to make your way to the park via the public transportation options. There are a limited number of parking spots for those with accessibility needs; your government issued ID must be visible in your vehicle.

Public Transportation

Because the party is such a centrally located event, getting there is simplest from within the city center–the festival is only a stop or two away by bus or subway. When you purchase your festival pass, you can opt-in for a ferry or shuttle ticket at the same time. There are alternatives via the Metro Transportation Authority, and additionally, a fun and scenic walk across the Manhattan footbridge into the park takes around half an hour. Visit the info section of the Electric Zoo site to see options for getting to this weekend spectacle.

Where to stay


There is no camping onsite at Electric Zoo. One can park a car or RV in the areas surrounding Randall's Island Park and be minutes away from the action. Nearby, there are choices for camping, for those who want a quiet evening away from the sounds of the city.


RV camping can be enjoyed just a hop, skip, and a jump away in New Jersey, with facilities like water and electrical hookup. RV parks and tenting campgrounds are within easy commuting distance of the city, allowing you to attend Electric Zoo by day and return to your tent or oasis on wheels by night. Optionally, unhook your tow car and drive to the nearest subway stop to head straight into Manhattan. Ferry options are available too, and the neatest thing is that the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island can often be seen from your campsite!

Getting around

Electric Zoo does not allow any vehicles, whether they be two-wheel or four on the festival grounds. Pack comfortable shoes for subway shuffling, footbridge traversing, or ferrying, whichever your mode of transport is to get there and for navigating your way around the festival. Walk along East River while you are there to check out the 9 miles of pedestrian pathways in between awesome music sets!

What to pack


Shorts, t-shirts, and comfortable shoes are items of choice. Pack a hat that offers plenty of coverage from the hot New York sun. Warm temperatures are typical during the day and humidity can sometimes be a factor, although temperatures will dip in the evening. It is not unheard of for nights to be much cooler so why not pack for every eventuality? In case of rain (the event goes on rain or shine but will stop if the weather becomes dangerous for performers or attendees) bring boots and a rain-proof poncho. Lockers are available for a fee, and it is best to add this convenience to your ticket purchase so that you are sure to get one!


No outside food or drink items are permitted so be prepared to sate your appetite and quench your thirst within the festival grounds. You can bring one factory-sealed water bottle inside your permitted small backpack which must be guideline sized. The website FAQs are very straightforward, and the rules are clear; read them carefully before losing your Frisbee, camera tripod, lawn chair, or cooler. Bring a blanket to sit on, sunglasses to protect your eyes and your ID. You may be searched for safety’s sake upon entry, and underage drinking is prohibited. Be careful with your cell phone as theft is on the rise at festivals around the globe.

Health & Safety

The order of the day is to stay hydrated! Reusable water bottles and hydration packs are permitted but have to be empty when you arrive at Electric Zoo; you can easily fill them at the water refill stations. Apply and re-apply sunscreen throughout the day and take breaks in the shade tent now and then! If you or a friend feel unwell, ask for assistance. When you get to the festival, make your first dance move a smart one and dance your way to a medical station so that you are familiar with where they are located in the park.

Where to eat


Grills are not allowed at the festival, nor are coolers. Due to this restriction, take advantage and enjoy a hassle-free day free from cooking by tasting the delicious fare of the many New York City food vendors who will be cooking up a storm (not the weather kind!), offering the perfect festival menu of pizza, burgers, vegan and vegetarian fare, and more. Beer, wine, and champagne can be bought by those 21 and over only. Liquor in the form of mixed drinks can be purchased in the VIP lounge if you have a VIP or Platinum ticket. Choose a non-alcoholic drink for maximum hydration!


If you want to make sure you have the energy to cross the footbridge into Electric Zoo, stop by one of the many eateries along the way. Greek fare, tavern food, burgers, bistro picks–you name it, New York City has it! While you are in the city, tantalize your taste buds at every opportunity.


Support local entrepreneurs and at the same time, enjoy some of the finest festival food anywhere. Electric Zoo works on a cashless system; consult the festival map to see the cashless top-up locations. Your wristband is your key to obtaining all you need, from official merchandise to good eats and cold drinks.



The safety of all festival-goers, artists, and volunteers is paramount, and for that reason, everyone entering the festival will be subject to search. You may have to remove your shoes if asked and backpacks are expected to be within a guideline size. No alcohol or drugs can be brought in; if illegal items are found, you will be asked to leave and not return. Valuables are best left back in the RV or safely secured in your car. If you have questions of any kind during the weekend, head on over to the Main Info Booth for answers. The lost and found area is here, as is customer service for cashless top-ups.


Organizers and attendees of any event always wish for a fair-weather event, but sometimes this is not the reality of what happens. August in New York City is usually a wonderful time of year to visit with lovely, warm days and evenings that are pleasant for partaking in nighttime activities. With a fair amount of sunshine typically enjoyed during Electric Zoo, cool and lightweight clothing will be best for daylight hours. Bring along a sweater for the evening.


As you pack for your musical adventure, remember to bring along needed medications which can be brought in to the event in a small cooler; include a doctor’s note inside. Scope out the medical station upon arrival in case you need it unexpectedly. If you require an Accredited Service Animal, they are allowed to accompany you on the grounds but make sure that you have their certification papers with you and check in with the Main Booth on day one. There, you will also get your ADA wristband.