ELKO Speedway

A checkered flag is about to drop, and Elko New Market, Minnesota is the place to be. Elko Speedway waits for no one, so make sure your RV is ready.

Event information

On the outskirts of Minneapolis in Elko New Market, sits an action-packed event site with a lot to offer the average visitor. Whether you are in the area for an RV holiday with several stops or you’re just passing through, there’s every reason to whizz down I-35 for a taste of the action at Elko Speedway.

Elko Speedway is at 26350 France Avenue, which is half an hour south of downtown Minneapolis. This venue boasts a 3/8-mile asphalt oval NASCAR race track which has been home to the Whelen All-American Series in the past. Visitors have also made the journey to Elko to be a part of the Mid-American Stock Car Series, Akona 200, and the former Super Truck division.

It may be the shortest track that the ARCA racing series currently uses, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth a visit. From the grandstands with spectacular views of the track to the open dirt lot for tailgaters and picnickers, this speedway track is all about allowing people to have a good time. While it appeals to automotive enthusiasts, it’s also an event site for movie buffs.

Once the checkered flag completes its tasks for the day, you can then enjoy the drive-in movie experience. Pick your favorite movie and stadium food, turn your vehicle lights out, and enjoy the film.

Elko New Market may be a reasonable distance away from all the action in the heart of Minneapolis, but come race day, it brings thousands of people in their droves. If you’re ready for an RV adventure, herein lies your chance.


When the time comes to plan your trip to Minneapolis, don’t forget to organize your tickets for Elko Speedway. All tickets are classed as general admission, with no designated seating. However, you can reserve suites if you fancy treating yourself. You can also buy tickets online or at the gate for both speedway events and drive-in movies.

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Elko Speedway and Drive-In Theater is a mere half-hour drive south of downtown Minneapolis. Once you’re on I-35, it’s one and a half miles west of the highway, and you can exit near the track from the Elko-Newmarket exit.

I-35 is the primary interstate to take you to and from Minneapolis and surrounding townships and cities. The roads are wide and well-signposted, and stunning farmland surrounds these roads as far as the eye can see. The natural layout of the roads to the destination means that your RV travels should be a breeze, but a traffic app such as Kare11 can offer peace of mind and all the travel information you require.

Parking areas

As long as you have a current ticket, you have permission to park your RV at Elko Speedway. There is an expansive dirt lot with room for tailgaters, picnickers, day travelers, and those that need somewhere to park their RV for the day. Let Elko Speedway’s security team guide you to the best place, and don’t forget to hide your valuables out of sight and lock your doors. Allow extra time to leave your parking space once the event is over.

Public Transportation

Given the conservative size of Elko New Market, even after both Elko and New Market merged into one city, there are not too many public transportation options. If you would prefer to travel to Elko Speedway without your big rig, you may be able to phone for a taxi or use an app for a private ride service.

Where to stay


Elko Speedway permits tailgaters and picnickers who want to stay for the day and crank up the barbeque, but you can’t stay overnight. Visitors are welcome to leave their vehicles overnight if they have been drinking and require a sober passage home. Otherwise, there is a range of campgrounds and a mobile home park within a 20-mile driving distance of Elko Speedway.


The nearest campground to Elko Speedway is within a 12-mile distance, and there are a few more scattered around with a 20 to 30-mile range. Some facilities are closer to Minneapolis than to the speedway, but allow you to see some beautiful parts of the state. There are lakes dotted all around the area which can add to the serene, peaceful environment in which you find yourself. You can then drive your RV to Elko Speedway or arrange for a taxi or private ride provider to pick you up.

Getting around

The best way to get around Elko Speedway is on foot. It’s a short walk from the parking lot to the grandstands, and there are plenty of places to rest your weary feet. Even the vendor stalls are not all that far from the action either, so you will never be too far away from a light snack.

What to pack


From mid-June to early September, weather conditions in and around Minneapolis are excellent for a trip with the family. You can wear shorts and t-shirts and get away with light, breathable layers. However, summer is both warm and wet in Minneapolis, and winter is freezing, windy, and snowy. Whatever time of the year you visit, make sure you pack enough clothing to suit a variety of weather patterns.


Rules for what you can bring into Elko Speedway are reasonably self-explanatory. Leave all your camping and cooking equipment in your RV, as well as your cooler, alcohol, glass, weapons, drugs, fireworks, and laser lights. What you will need, however, is a pair of earplugs to protect your ears, a bottle of water, and cash for the vendors. Fans often appreciate the added benefit of headphones with a scanner that lets them hear the action as it happens on the track.

Health & Safety

Before you head out on your RV road trip, it’s a good idea to stock up on all those necessities that might be tricky to replace on short notice. Pack your medical supplies, including prescription medication, a first aid kit, and sun-safe supplies such as sunglasses, a hat, sunscreen, and lip balm to prevent chapped lips.

Where to eat


While you can’t camp overnight at Elko Speedway, you are still allowed to tailgate, picnic, and fire up the barbeque. Keep smoke and flames to a minimum and dispose of charcoal safely in the designated bins. Rules and regulations for cooking can differ for campgrounds you choose, but you can safely bet that the use of your onboard RV kitchen appliances is allowed. The best place to stock up on groceries and goodies is in Lakeville, around 10 miles from Elko Speedway.


Elko New Market may be small, but that doesn’t mean it can’t deliver on quality food when you need it. There are a few different eateries in the heart of the city, including a grille to satisfy that hankering for steak. Guests can also look for another grille within a short two-minute drive of the speedway track, and many more eateries in nearby Lakeville.


Vendors at Elko Speedway are all about appealing to the masses. They sell a variety of stadium food types such as combos, snacks, candy, and drinks. There are also two stocked bars and concession stands for the drive-in movie viewing. Not all vendors will accept credit, so withdraw cash before you arrive.



For peace of mind, there will be security personnel located throughout the event site. You may approach them if you require assistance. All bags, blankets, cars, and purses are subject to search, so make these available if requested. If you need further help, New Market City Hall and Fire Station is within a two-minute drive from Elko Speedway.


Weather in Elko New Market can be a mixed bag, which is why you need to prepare for all eventualities. Check your weather app before you hit the road and top up all your RV fluids. In the event of inclement weather at the racetrack, security and personnel will inform you of what you need to do.


Whether you have a dire medical emergency or require first aid, Elko Speedway personnel are on hand to help. Contact the security team for assistance and dial 9-11 if you require additional help. The nearest hospital and pharmacy are on the outer edges of Burnsville around 15 miles from Elko Speedway.