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Ellison Provincial Park


Sitting on the shore of Okanagan Lake and featuring forested benchlands, sheltered coves, and scenic headlands, Ellison Provincial Park is a great setting for RV holidays. Located 16 km (10 miles) southwest of Vernon, along 25th Avenue Road, British Columbia, this 2.2 sq. km (0.8 sq. mile) provincial park features attractions and various recreational opportunities for all!

There are unique opportunities to enjoy hiking on easy and strenuous trails, rock climbing, flora observation, wildlife viewing, biking on roads and designated trails, canoeing, fishing, swimming, scuba diving, interpretive programs, pet walking, nature observation, photography, pet walking, picnicking, cruising, waterskiing, and many more.

There are 71 RV campsites in Ellison Provincial Park, available on first-come first-served basis, and by reservation. Facilities and amenities in the park include water taps, toilets, playground, fire grills, picnic tables, lookout points, amphitheater, restrooms with showers, wheelchair accessible parking lot, telephone, and Information Center.

Ellison Provincial Park sits in an area with a rich cultural history, which is shown by archaeological sites that indicate native habitation, as well as old European homesteads.

Ellison Provincial Park was established in 1962.

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RV Rentals in Ellison Provincial Park



Ellison Provincial Park is located 16 km (10 miles) southwest of Vernon, along 25th Avenue Road, and this makes the park easily accessible for RVs, trailers, and other motorized vehicles. Local paved roads within the park connect the various park areas and sites of interest, hence navigation within the park is easy. There are no driving restrictions within the park.


In terms of parking, there are three designated parking areas for RVs, trailers, and cars in Ellison Provincial Park. Two of the parking areas are located just north of the campground, while the other parking area is around the picnic area by the beach. Additionally, RV campers can park their trailers at their respective campsites. Overnight parking is also available.

Public Transportation

There are no direct public transportation services to Ellison Provincial Park.

Campgrounds and parking in Ellison Provincial Park

Campsites in Ellison Provincial Park

Alternate camping

Ellison Park Campground

Ellison Campground in Ellison Provincial Park features 71 pet-friendly campsites available for RVs and tents. There are no electric hookups for RVs in the campground. RV length limit in the campground is 50 ft (15 m), however RV campers with larger rigs can contact the park ahead to find out if space is available.

Amenities available in the campground include water taps, restrooms with showers, pit/vault toilets, playground, picnic area, amphitheater, Information Center, payphone, access to trailheads, and parking lots.

Ten (10) campsites are available on first-come first served basis, while the remaining campsites are available by reservation.

Seasonal activities in Ellison Provincial Park



Ellison Provincial Park offers both easy and difficult hiking trails for RV campers to enjoy both easy strolls and strenuous hikes. Nature Trail Loop features more than 6 km (3.8 miles) of easy hiking trails available for campers to access the viewpoints and natural features in the park. Experienced hikers who wish to test their skills and endurance can hike on the trails at the top of the rocky headlands to enjoy the scenic views of Okanagan Lake, Spallumcheen, Fintry, and Terrace Mountain.

Rock Climbing

If you are lover of rock climbing, then Ellison Provincial Park is the perfect place to enjoy your RV vacation because the park features small granite cliffs that you can climb, with a moderate level of difficulty. Bouldering, scrambling, and top-rope climbing are some features of the rock climbing activity on the cliff. For novice rock climbers, there are guided rock climbing camps in the park.

Flora and Fauna

Diverse flora and fauna are abundant in Ellison Provincial Park. The park is decorated by Douglas-fir and ponderosa pine set within its open grassy areas. Engelmann’s knotweed, a blue-listed plant species, is also seen in the park. Additionally, you will find deer, porcupines, and Columbian ground squirrels along some of the trails in the park.



Ellison Provincial Park offers excellent biking opportunities for RV campers with a wide range of skill levels along the park’s roadways and designated trails. All bikers are required to wear bicycle helmets when riding in the park.


Even though there are no boat launches nor canoe/kayak rental facilities, canoeing and kayaking are popular activities at Ellison Provincial Park. Other popular activities at the park are cruising and waterskiing.


There are three warm water beaches at Ellison Provincial Park that provide wonderful swimming opportunities for RV campers. The designated swimming areas in the park are marked with buoys, however, no lifeguards are on duty at the park. The dive park, which features sunken artifacts, is also an attraction for RV campers.