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Elmore State Park is a beautiful sight to behold in the mountains of Vermont. It is found northwest of the town of Lake Elmore. The area started as a small park of 30 gifted acres but has spread out to include over 700 acres, so you'll find plenty to explore and enjoy when you come to Elmore State Park.

The centerpiece of Elmore State Park is Lake Elmore. You can go fishing in the lake, as well as swimming on the beach. You can bring your boat or rent one from the state park to take out and enjoy the water. Stand-up paddleboarding is another activity that is commonly done on the water, so bring your board and enjoy! Nearby, you can also explore Elmore Mountain, which is part of the Worcester range. Trails will take you to the top of the mountain, as well as the nearby fire tower for impressive views of the surrounding areas.

Elmore State Park has a variety of campsites to choose from. In addition to its 44 tent or RV campsites, the park has 15 lean-to sites available. The campsites are not right on the water, but it's only a short trek to the beach. That said, several of the sites offer gorgeous views of the lake.

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Elmore State Park is located in Lamoille County, within the town limits of Elmore. You can easily get there from Montpelier by driving on I-89 N, taking the exit at Montpelier. If you're in Burlington, travel on I-89 S to VT-100 N in Waterbury. You can make a stop in the town of Elmore before heading to the lake for camping.

You can bring your boat to Elmore State Park, so make sure you bring it with your camping trailer or rig if you have one. If you don't have a boat, don't worry - you can rent one from the state park. They have a variety of options including kayaks and a row boat.

You'll find that Elmore State Park has its campsites readily laid out. Once you check in at the park office, you'll navigate one of two camping loops to get to your site. The western loop is predominantly lean-tos, while the eastern loop is mostly campsites for RV or tent camping, depending on the site. If you are not staying overnight you can park in the large lot on the shores of Lake Elmore.


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Elmore State Park Campground

The campground features 44 sites that can be used by tent and RV campers. There are also 15 lean-to sites for camping at when you are in Elmore State Park. There are two bathrooms at the campground, which have flush toilets and hot and cold running water. There are also coin-operated showers that you can use while you're staying at the campground.

When you're at the campground, you can enjoy the day use amenities, including the swimming beach and day use field. Pets are allowed at the campground, but they are not allowed on the beach, so you'll have to leave Fido at the campsite. The Beach House that is available at the swimming beach also has restrooms and changing rooms available for use. Several of the sites at the campground are handicapped accessible. Some of the campsites are shaded, while others have full sun, so make sure you check out the locations before you reserve one.

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While you are at Elmore State Park, you can enjoy swimming at the lake. The park boasts a large lake with a swimming beach that you can enjoy on water breaks. Pets are not allowed on the beach. There is a beach house that you can utilize with restrooms, as well as changing rooms. Not all of the lake is designated for swimming, so you'll want to steer clear of undesignated areas, especially since boats are allowed in the lake.


You can bring your boat with your camping trailer or RV when you come to stay at Elmore State Park. If you don't have a boat or didn't bring yours, not to worry! You can rent equipment at the park from the Beach House. You'll be able to have access to kayaks and canoes, as well as pedal boats and even a row boat. You can also rent stand-up paddleboards to utilize on the lake.


When you come camping with your rig at Elmore State Park, you'll be able to enjoy some fishing on Lake Elmore. It is important to note that the park does not typically boast large fish; you're more likely to find smaller fishing, such as perch and panfish. Elmore State Park participates in Vermont's Reel Fun fishing program, where you can learn to fish and borrow equipment from the park without needing to bring your own.



You will find several trails to explore while you are in Elmore State Park. The trails provide access to Elmore Mountain and the fire tower. The trails range in difficulty from easy to difficult, with a rocky, steep ascent to the fire tower. Trails range in length anywhere from one-quarter to three miles, so you will have a choice of distances to traverse. Trails include Ridge Trail, which runs starts right from the parking lot.


You have plenty of places to enjoy a picnic when you are in Elmore State Park, so make sure to bring your picnic blanket and basket with your in your camping rig. You will find tables throughout the day use area, as well as near many of the campsites, so you do not have to eat on the ground unless you want to. There is also a covered outdoor pavilion that you can rent for the day for group events at the state park.

Outdoor Sports

There are plenty of different activities that you can take part in while you're camping at Elmore State Park. The park has a volleyball net set up in the day use field for visitors to enjoy, so bring your volleyball and some friendly competition. There are also horseshoe pits in the park. You will be able to challenge your family or friends to a game of horseshoes when you're not on the trails or enjoying the lake.