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Emar Lakes Provincial Park


Consisting of a small chain of mountain lakes, both large and small, Emar Lakes Provincial Park is located southwest of Clearwater and 20 km (12.5 miles) west of Little Fort in British Columbia. Also included in the park are wetlands in the upper Emar Creek watershed area and forested plateaus with lodgepole pine, spruce, pine and aspen trees. Including 1618 hectares, the park ensures the protection of an important habitat for moose, common loons, Barrow’s goldeneyes, ruffed grouse and great horned owls.

There are plenty of recreation activities available in Emar Lakes Provincial Park. Fans of paddling can embark on a circular canoe route in the park that has short portages and navigates the chain of small lakes. The park also includes the Hudson’s Bay Company Brigade Trail, which has been identified near Jim and Richard Lakes. Hiking, fishing, swimming and hunting are all popular in the park during warmer months, while cross country skiing and snowshoeing are popular winter activities.

If you are looking for a place to play, regardless of the time of year, head to Emar Lakes Provincial Park and enjoy all that it has to offer!

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RV Rentals in Emar Lakes Provincial Park



To get to Emar Lakes Provincial Park from Kamloops, take BC-5 N for 89.7 km (55.73 miles). Next, follow Interlakes Hwy/Little Fort Hwy/BC-24 W for 22.5 km (13.98 miles) until you reach the park.


Parking is available throughout Emar Lakes Provincial Park.

Public Transportation

Public transportation is not available to Emar Lakes Provincial Park.

Campgrounds and parking in Emar Lakes Provincial Park

Campsites in Emar Lakes Provincial Park

First-come first-served

Camping at Janice Lake and Willowgrouse Lake

The park offers small campgrounds at both Janice Lake and Willowgrouse Lake that are maintained by those that use them. Access to the campgrounds is possible by car or by canoe/kayak. The campgrounds include a pit toilet along with rustic picnic tables. Campsites in the park are not suited for large units. Fire rings are available in the campground at Janice Lake; however, firewood is not provided. Be sure to bring your own firewood as cutting or looking for wood in the park is not allowed. Enjoy a few days of camping in the park or choose to camp overnight as you make your way from lake to lake!

Seasonal activities in Emar Lakes Provincial Park


Spend Time On Or In The Water

Emar Lakes Provincial Park includes a number of lakes and is an ideal place to spend time on the water. There is a circular canoe route that has short portages that are maintained by those who use them and is cleared at the beginning of each summer. You can paddle a portion of the route or complete it in its entirety. There are even places to camp at Janice Lake and Willowgrouse Lake if you would like to make the trip an overnight adventure! Jump out of your vessel for a quick dip to cool off or a longer swim. There are no lifeguards at the park; swimming is at your own risk.

Go Fishing

If you are a fan of fishing or are interested in giving the activity a try, Emar Lakes Provincial Park is a great place to bring a fishing rod. There are opportunities to fish for rainbow trout in all of the lakes in the park’s chain. Fishing among the park’s beautiful scenery will be a peaceful and rejuvenating experience; and you might just catch your dinner! Anyone looking to fish in British Columbia must procure an appropriate license before getting started. Once you have your license, you can enjoy fishing at each the park’s lakes.

Picnic by a Lake

During your visit to Emar Lakes Provincial Park, consider taking the time to have a picnic on the shore of one of the park’s lakes. Pack up a meal and head to the park with a blanket on which to sit. Parking is available with easy access to Janice Lake and Willowgrouse Lake. After parking, find a place to sit and relax. You can take in your natural surroundings and breathe in the fresh air. Enjoy the solitude of the park while you relax and enjoy a meal. You may find yourself so relaxed you want to sit back and take a nap!


Cross Country Skiing

As snow blankets the ground of Emar Lake Provincial Park, there are a number of different activities that you can engage in within the park. One such activity is cross-country skiing. While there are no maintained winter trails in the park, there is plenty of opportunity to explore the park on skis. As you glide along in the snow, you will be treated to views of the park while feeling like you are in the midst of a winter wonderland. Dress in layers and bring along something warm to drink for a break or when you have finished skiing.


Do you prefer to explore at a slower pace? Perhaps snowshoeing is the perfect winter activity for you. With snowshoes on, you can explore the park at your own pace and enjoy the solitude it offers during the cooler months of the year. A good pair of hiking boots and some warm socks are perfect for this activity. Dressing in layers is also helpful, as you will likely warm up as you expend energy. Keep your snowshoes on for as long as you like and have fun!

Enjoy Some Time in Kamloops

During a winter visit to Emar Lakes Provincial Park, you can take a side trip to Kamloops (116 km/72.07 miles away) to engage in some additional winter recreation. In addition to restaurants to try and cafes offering warm beverages, there are plenty of opportunities to have some fun in the area. For example, you can try fat biking, which involves using a specially built bike with tires that are about 4-5 inches wide and go for a ride on snowy trails. A local club, called the Fat Fockers, organize group rides during the winter. The BC Wildlife Park is a great place to check out during your visit, where you can view a variety of animals that make their home in the park’s 100 acres. No matter what opportunities you choose, you will be sure to have some adventure!