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English Bay Provincial Recreation Area


Thinking of making a trek to the Great White North? Why not plan to take your next RV vacation at Alberta's English Bay Provincial Recreation Area? It's an amazing place for a relaxing holiday.

English Bay Provincial Recreation Area sits a short distance from Alberta's Cold Lake. A beautiful spot in a remote setting, this park and camping facility is quiet and peaceful, allowing families the opportunity to recharge their batteries in a stunning and peaceful locale.

This property is well-renowned for its abundance of wildlife. Bird watching is a particular favorite activity of visitors to this park. A walk through the forest may yield views of such interesting species as the wood warbler, the yellow rail, the sedge wren, or the black-backed gull.

Water sports are also a beloved attraction in the summer months. The beach at English Bay has clear, warm waters that are the ideal spot for doing some swimming. Other popular water sports include powerboating, waterskiing, sailing, and windsurfing.

For a relaxing Canadian vacation that'll be fun for the whole family, consider a trip to English Bay Provincial Recreation Area. It's an RV holiday you'll never forget.

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The trip to English Bay Provincial Recreation Area from Cold Lake, AB, covers 18 km (or 11 miles) of ground. To reach the park, follow AB-28 W until you reach 25 Street. Make a right here and continue until you see the exit for 28 St/English Bay Road. Take the exit for Range Rd 23A. Make a right hand turn onto Township Rd 645. Follow the road as it makes a slight turn to the left until it becomes Township Rd 645. It then turns slightly left and becomes Township Rd 645A. The park can be seen on the right hand side. This route is marked by two lane country roads kept in excellent condition. Traffic usually moves at an decent pace. Due to its remote location, road construction is very infrequent.


Parking can be accessed in the lot at the entrance to the park.

Public Transportation

There is no public transportation available to English Bay Provincial Recreation Area.

Campgrounds and parking in English Bay Provincial Recreation Area

Campsites in English Bay Provincial Recreation Area

Reservations camping

English Bay Provincial Recreation Area Campground

English Bay Provincial Recreation Area Campground offers RV and tent camping by reservation from May 15th through September 3rd yearly. There are a few sites that are also provided on a first come, first served basis, though reservations are highly recommended.

There are a total of 57 campsites; all of which offer power hookups. Generator use is welcomed. Dogs may freely join their owners but must remain quiet and leashed.

There are many on-site amenities at this campground including water pumps, a boat launch, pit toilets, a playground, and a beach.

The most beloved outdoor activities include powerboating, waterskiing, canoeing, swimming, sailing, windsurfing, bird watching, and fishing.

Seasonal activities in English Bay Provincial Recreation Area



English Bay is an excellent place for families to enjoy some of Alberta's finest sand and surf. A relatively secluded beach, this spot is only moderately trafficked, making it an ideal haven for a semi-private getaway.

The water remains cool and refreshing in the bay and is quite clear and calm. Swimming is unsupervised here, so be sure to exercise caution and to avoid going in the water when the weather is inclement, or the waters are rough.

The sand-lined coast is also an excellent spot to work on your suntan or to catch up on the latest bestseller. Please do bring your best canine pal along, but keep them leashed.


Water sports are a popular attraction at English Bay Provincial Recreation Area during the summer months. There are a number of different activities you can enjoy on the water including sailing, powerboating, canoeing, windsurfing, and waterskiing. The boat launch is the perfect place to cast your boat out onto the waters of the bay in search of an afternoon of fun.

Bring along drinking water and snacks to enjoy.


Though there are no designated picnic areas, English Bay Provincial Recreation Area has lots of spots that are the ideal locale for enjoying a light lunch or snack. Whether you choose to feast by the bay, to pull up a piece of grass in the woods, or to recline in a lounge chair at your campsite, you will be treated to beautiful sights and delicious food.

Pack a picnic lunch to enjoy and be sure to tote some drinking water as well. Your dog may join you on your family feast, but they must remain on a leash.



Fishing is a popular attraction at English Bay Provincial Recreation Area, with both locals and visitors alike flocking to the park's shores to enjoy their favorite sport. You can enjoy fishing from the shore of the bay, from the boat launch, or from the comfort of your canoe or pleasure craft...whichever way, you'll have a great time catching your haul.

Fillet your fish back at your campsite then grill it up over an open fire to share with family and friends. All you need is an ice cold drink, and you've got a party!

Bird watching

English Bay Provincial Recreation Area is a haven for many different species of birds. Grab your walking shoes, your binoculars, and your naturalist's guide, and head out in search of a glimpse of one of the unusual bird varieties that make this park their home.

Among the birds you may spot are the wood warbler, the yellow rail, the sedge wren, the chestnut-sided warbler, the vireo, the flycatcher, the thrush, the common eider, and the black-backed gull.

Don't forget your camera to record your findings. Bring along drinking water to keep hydrated.


Though there are no specifically designated trails at English Bay Provincial Recreation Area, there are lots of beautiful places for you and your family to explore on foot. Be sure to wear appropriate footwear for hiking as the terrain is varied throughout the property, and you may encounter portions that are both hilly and rocky.

Wander along the coast of the bay or take a stroll through the forest; both are peaceful places to enjoy. Bring along your dog to join in the fun, but please keep them leashed.