Evergreen State Fair

Head to Monroe, WA, and experience exhilarating carnival rides and games, great live music, duck races, and camp in your RV.

Event information

The Evergreen State Fair traces its roots back to the second half of the 19th Century. In 1874, the first Snohomish County agricultural display took place. Despite its humble beginnings, the fair grew into one of the more revered events in the State of Washington, beckoning and entertaining hundreds of thousands each year.

The event boasts great exhibitions, attractions, tasty food, and first-class musical acts, so it should come as no surprise that every summer it becomes one of the main gathering points in Washington. Regardless of its popularity, the event is still focused on celebrating the agricultural heritage of Snohomish County and cherishing the Northwest's quirky spirit. Much like decades ago, guests can still enjoy plenty of folk art, patchwork quilts, produce, and wooden barns. Travelers looking for an entertaining rural and rustic experience is in for a memorable experience when visiting the festival.

Among the most unique attractions are NW Native American exhibitions, lumberjack shows, The Great American Petting Zoo, and Equestrian Horsemanship show. All of this is packed within 12 days of unforgettable fun and enjoyment, near the end of summer. Overnight RV campers are welcome at in the fair campground or guests can land at a nearby RV campground by a lake or forest.


Consider purchasing your tickets online and in advance, in order to get them at the lowest prices, and to avoid the hassle of waiting at the entry gates.

Adult tickets will come at a standard admission price, whereas senior (by age), youth, and active military personnel tickets are likely to be lower than the standard price. Tickets for younger kids (usually 5 and under) and older seniors may be free of charge.

Admission tickets allow you to enter the festival grounds, and depending on your where you wish to spend your time, you may want to purchase tickets with specific access (rodeo, carnival, etc.). Parking tickets are sold separately.

For more information about the ticket deals and authorized ticket sources, make sure to visit the Evergreen State Fair website.

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Evergreen State Fair takes place at 14405 179th Ave. SE, Monroe, WA. This puts the fair a few miles northwest of downtown Monroe. If you are traveling from Seattle, it may take you around an hour to reach the fair. If you are coming from Portland, the drive may take about three and a half hours. A trek from the east or west may bring you through one of several national forests. Remember to keep the tank full on these scenic roadways.

Parking areas

The fair offers a variety of parking options. Aside from having the standard car, motorcycle, and truck parking lots, the fair also features a dedicated RV parking lot. Keep in mind that RV Parking (overnight camping) must be reserved in advance. Parking passes are nontransferable, and vehicles may not re-enter the lot. If paying in cash is not desired, a parking pass can be purchased before a specified date at the fairgrounds.

Public Transportation

Travelers can look to travel via Community Transit buses, which may drop travelers off near the fair's West Gate. Buses often run every 30 minutes during evening and morning peak hours and every 60 minutes at night and mid-day. If you choose to camp in the surrounding areas, the bus may be a good option for travel to and from the fairgrounds so you do not have to move your rig or pay for day parking.

Where to stay


Evergreen State Fair offers overnight RV camping by advanced reservation. A few sights may be available last minute if campsites are still available. Electrical and water hookups are offered at some sites, and a dump station is available on site. Remember to check the length of your rig when booking a spot since some lots may have size limits. Online registration is not offered for fair dates. Reservation forms are available on the fair's website.


Looking to park your RV and enjoy the natural wonders of Washington State? Whether you are looking to camp en route to the fair or just want to be separated from the crowds, multiple suitable options reside in the area. RV camping opportunities can be found within twenty minutes of the fairground in and throughout the national forest lands that surround the City of Monroe. You will be able to park your RV, stay overnight, cook, and even do some fishing in the nearby lake. Hiking is an easy add-on excursion almost anywhere in the area.

Getting around

To move around the fair more efficiently with little ones, consider renting a wagon or a stroller. Power scooters and wheelchairs are also offered. To rent a wheeled device, you will need a valid ID, which will be retained until you return the vehicle. If you don't have an ID, it will still be possible to rent, but you will be required to leave a security deposit. Rental stations are typically located near the Blue and Red Gate Information Booths.

What to pack


While the fair takes place during late August and early September, that does not mean you want to pack exclusively lightweight, summer clothes. Washington does often have plenty of warm, sunny days at this time of year, but you may also get a little wet or chilly this far north. Remember to pack a hoodie, a raincoat, and a light jacket, along with your favorite t-shirts, lightweight shoes, skirts, dresses, and hats. Consider clothing that can easily be layered up or down if you play to stay at the fair after the sun begins to set.


Grilling equipment, tables, chairs, kitchen supplies, cozy blankets, and pillows are great for any campsite and are easily stowed in your rig during transport. Additionally, it would be wise to pack a flashlight, a first aid kit, and a bug spray. When exploring the fair, make sure to bring a pair of shades, plenty of water to stay hydrated, and something to keep you dry in case the clouds drip.

Health & Safety

If you plan to explore the Evergreen State Fair daily attractions with young children, you may want to stop by the Lost Person's Booth in advance for ID bracelets. Also, keep in mind that smoking is prohibited throughout the entirety of the fairgrounds. Fair staff can help with basic first aid needs
on site. When spending your time in nature, make sure to have a first aid kit accessible or in your RV.

Where to eat


If you want to test your culinary skills, fill your RV kitchen with meat, produce, and eggs, or quinoa, fish, and pancakes. Pack your grilling equipment, kitchen supplies, and campsite favorites. The Evergreen State Fair does not allow campfires. If you forget something while packing, worry not, and head to one of the nearby grocery stores or supermarkets.


Not in the mood to cook every night on vacation? Most eating establishments are located east of the fair's location, in downtown Monroe. Here, you can look for Thai, Japanese, Mexican, and plenty of traditional and fast food restaurants. Other fair-goers may have the same idea, so leave a few extra minutes before your crew gets too hungry at mealtime.


Aside from offering endless fun and entertainment, the Evergreen State Fair is a true heaven for shopaholics. Hundreds of vendors will come to the fair to share the designs and talents. From traditional and exotic foods and drinks to electronic devices, livestock, and home supplies, you can find pretty much anything. Remember to have cash and maybe a major debit card with you.



As you pack for the Evergreen State Fair, remember that security policies ensure the safety and well-being of visitors. Upon entry to the fairgrounds, guests will be searched for any prohibited items, such as firearms, knives, alcoholic drinks, illegal substances, drones, selfie sticks, and any other items that can be used as a weapon. Pets are not allowed into the fairgrounds.


The weather in Washington State can be quite tricky to forecast. Even though the fair begins in late summer, short periods of heavy rain and chilly nights may join you. Check the local weather for Monroe a few days before departing to help with road awareness as you travel. Look for instruction from fair officials if severe weather occurs.


A First Aid Station is typically located at the southwest side of the fairgrounds, near Frontierland. Parents are welcomed to utilize Baby Changing Stations located throughout the fairgrounds. Emergency services are close enough that, depending on traffic and the need, it may be easier to walk than to drive to receive care. Pharmacy locations are similar in proximity.