Fall Creek State Recreation Area
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Located in the evergreen forests just outside of Eugene, Oregon, Fall Creek State Recreation Area is a RV camper’s perfect retreat. There are five day use areas located in the area, all of them giving you access to the large creek for boating. Motorized boats are allowed on the water, so you can water and jet ski, in addition to kayaking and canoeing. The creek has excellent fishing, with trout finding their way from nearby rivers during the spring. You’ll also find smallmouth bass, Chinook, and steelhead.

There are a number of swimming spots that can be accessed, including a large swimming beach at Winberry day use area. The forests around the creek are perfect for wildlife viewing and photography, with species such as elk, deer, and black bear living in the park. Birdwatchers will also find bald eagle, Western bluebird, great grey owl, and red tailed hawk.

There are over 30 RV sites located in the park’s main campground, as well as a group campground located nearby. There is a boat launch within the campground, making it easy to get your vessel from the rig to the water.

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Fall Creek State Recreation Area is located just outside of Eugene in western Oregon. It has accessible campsites, as well as day use areas with large RV parking spots.

If you are coming from Eugene, take Big Fall Creek Road and you will reach the park in just 40 minutes. From Portland, take I-5 south out of the city and you will get to the park in a little over two hours. Driving from Seattle, you can reach the park in a little under five hours taking I-5 south from the city.

Accessing the main campground is easy, even with a larger rig. However, Winberry day use area, where the swimming beach and largest boat launch are located, is on the opposite side of the creek. You’ll have to drive along some windy roads along the water to reach it, so it may be easier if you also have a smaller vehicle.


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Campgrounds and parking in Fall Creek State Recreation Area

Campsites in Fall Creek State Recreation Area

Reservations camping

Fisherman’s Point

There is also a group RV campground located across the lake from Cascara Campground. You’ll be close to the Cascara swim deck and boat launch. Pets are allowed within the campground, but must be kept on a leash.

This campground has eight sites, and the it can be booked in advance online up to nine months in advance. The campground must be booked as a whole.

First-come first-served

Cascara Campground

The main campground in the park, Cascara Campground, has 39 sites. The sites are primitive, so they don’t have hookups of any kind. The sites are pet-friendly, provided that pets are restrained at all times. There are vault toilets located within the campground, as well as a water pump. There is also an amphitheater, as well as a swim deck.

The sites at Cascara Campground are all first-come, first-served. The park’s peak season is from May through August. If you plan a visit during this period, try to get to the campground early, as sites fill up quickly. Also consider calling the park in advance to see about current availability.

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If you are interested in wildlife photography, Fall Creek State Recreation Area is the perfect destination. The cascara, white oak, and Ponderosas pine forests are packed with wildlife species, including bald eagle, bluebird, and great grey owl. You’ll also be able to spot black tailed deer, elk, and an occasional black bear.

The trees themselves become the attraction in fall, as autumn colors sweep through the forests. During the winter, the pines freeze over and occasionally are covered in snow, making for beautiful landscape portraits.


The area makes a great spot for birdwatching, with a wide range of different bird species. Keep an eye out for bald eagle, as many fly along the shoreline of the creek. You can also spot great grey owl in the trees, as well as bluebird.

Oregon has a number of audubon societies that produce excellent field guides and bird checklists. Check their websites before you visit the park. The park office may also have additional information on the birds in the park.

Kayaking and Canoeing

You are in luck in you plan on bringing a paddleboat in your camper or trailer. The creek makes for a relaxing kayaking and canoeing area. You can start at Cascara Campground and paddle your way across the creek to Winberry day use area, where you can have a cookout at the grill and picnic sites.

The shaded shoreline is home to dozens of bird species throughout the year, and many mammal species, such as elk and deer, come down to the water. You may also be able to catch a black bear as it hunts or drinks by the water.


Water Activities

The creek is an excellent destination for RV campers interested in water activities. Motorized boats are allowed on the reservoir, so you can water and jet ski, as well as tube.

There is a boat launch located directly in Cascara Campground and a larger two lane boat launch at Winberry day use area, across the creek from the campground. The park does not rent boats.


Don't forget your swimsuit and sunscreen in your campervan since the recreation area is a great summertime swimming spot. You can access the water directly from Cascara Campground, or head to Winberry day use area. Here you’ll find a swimming dock as well as a well maintained swimming beach. There are also BBQ pits and picnic areas situated near the swimming area, if you want to have a cookout by the beach.


The park is an excellent choice for anglers. You’ll find the waters well-populated by largemouth bass. You may also be able to find summer steelhead and spring Chinook that escape from hatcheries. The trout tend to spawn in mid spring, and many find their way into the creek.

The multiple day use areas near the campground feature a number of boat launches that make it easy to hit the water. The Winberry boat launch is the widest, if you need to get a large vessel from your rig to the water.