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Check out Fall River State Park in Toronto, Kansas, if you're looking for a taste of the great outdoors while traveling through Kansas. The park is a mix of savanna, prairie, and flood plains, so you'll find a great deal of diversity in the animals and plants that call the park home.

Fall River State Park is located on Fall River, a popular river that feeds into a large reservoir. You'll be able to enjoy a great deal of water-based activities in the park, from boating to swimming. Canoeing is especially popular, so make sure to bring your canoe when you're packing your RV for the trip. You'll also have the opportunity to enjoy some fishing while you're at the park.

There are a variety of camping options at Fall River State Park. The park has 45 campsites that feature water and electrical hookups, while there are another 100 plus sites that lack hookups and feature primitive camping. There are also modern restrooms with showers that you can utilize while you're staying at the park. While you're in the park, you can enjoy a variety of activities, including hiking and exploring the orienteering course. If you bring your bicycle, you can also enjoy the trails that way.

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Fall River State Park is located near the Cross Timbers and Flint Hills areas of Kansas, within the town limits of Toronto. It is in southeastern Greenwood County. You'll find the park near the intersections of Hwy 534 and 50B.

There are two sections to the campground, as well as several cabins. You'll find the campsites located around Casner Creek, as well as Fredonia Bay, so when you check in, you will want to make sure that you know which direction to head within the park. Many of the campsites have a view of the water and feature an easy trek to the swimming beach. Not all of the sites with hookups are large enough for a big RV, but some can fit vehicles up to 60 feet in length. Others max out around 15 feet long.

When you come to Fall River State Park, you can bring your boat. The park features three separate boat ramps that you can utilize when you travel with a boat. You can use canoes, which are a popular choice for paddling in the reservoir, but you can also bring a boat with an electric motor.


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Fall River State Park Campground has an assortment of different camping options. There are modern cabins that you can rent and enjoy your time on the water at. The campground has 45 campsites that are compatible with RV or rig camping, while there are over 100 campsites that are available for primitive camping. The 45 RV sites have electrical and water hookups, and generators can be used outside of quiet hours. Many of the sites have a view of the water from where you're going to be sleeping, and each site allows a maximum of one RV or camping trailer. There is also a dump site at the campground for sanitary waste, and there are several restrooms, which also have hot and cold water for showers. The campsites allow a maximum of eight people and you can only stay at the campground for a maximum of 14 days. After that, you're required to leave for a set period of time before coming back and camping again.

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When you travel to Fall River State Park in your RV, make sure that you bring your swimming trunks and water accessories. You will want to take a dip in the lake and enjoy the time to relax. There is a swimming beach located at the park, within the Quarry Bay section, and you'll want to stick to designated swimming areas because there are boats also in the water. You can also enjoy water sports such as waterskiing while you're in the park.


In Fall River State Park, you will have ample opportunity for some good fishing. You can fish within the reservoir, Fall River, and nearby waterways including Otter Creek. The fishing is particularly good for white bass fishing in the early spring, but you will find there are other fishing opportunities, including channel catfish, crappie, flathead catfish, and largemouth bass. The park does have creel and minimum length catch requirements in effect that must be abided by.


You will find that Fall River State Park has hunting opportunities available in the adjacent Fall River Wildlife Area. The area is made up of distinct habitats that provide homes for a variety of animals that can be hunted. These include deer, turkey, and waterfowl. You will want to follow all state regulations and have the proper licenses with you to hunt on the state park lands, so make sure you bring your gear on your camping trailer.



There are over six miles of trails that you can enjoy hiking on when you stay at Fall River State Park, so make sure you bring your hiking gear in your RV. There are five trails, all located within the Fredonia Bay and Quarry Bay areas of the park. These trails are shared with bikers. The trails are easy to moderate, and the Overlook Trail is classified as accessible, so everyone in the family can enjoy them.


The area around Fall River State Park is ripe for exploration, and if you bring your bicycle, you can enjoy exploring the area on two wheels. The park has over six miles of trails that are shared between bikers and hikers, so you will want to be prepared to share the trail. The trails are considered predominantly easy to moderate in difficulty ratings, so even novice bicyclists should have plenty of opportunity to explore the park.


When you come to Fall River State Park, make sure that you have planned on bringing your boat and gear on your camping trailer, so that you can enjoy the water from a different vantage point. Canoeing on the Fall River is a popular activity, and you can also enjoy boating in the reservoir. There are three boat ramps around the park that you can use to launch your boat into the water to enjoy a day out.