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Fillongley Provincial Park


Sitting on the shore of Lambert Channel is Fillongley Provincial Park, a small picturesque park that offers refreshing camping experiences for RV vacationers. Located on Denman Island, British Columbia, off Beadnell Road, this provincial park features a large grassy field which offers opportunities for picnics, nature and flora observation, as well as hiking for RV campers. Other activities to enjoy at Fillongley Provincial Park include cycling, fishing, canoeing, kayaking, swimming, photography and pet-walking.

Fillongley Provincial Park features 10 RV campsites located just beside the waterfront and equipped with electric RV hookups, picnic tables and fire pits. Facilities and amenities at the park include restrooms, garbage stations, picnic areas, Information Center, and a parking lot. Other features of interest at the park include an old-growth cedar forest, the remains of an old homestead, and Little George Creek; a salmon spawning stream.

The land that Fillongley Provincial Park sits on was bequeathed to the province of British Columbia by George Beadnell, an Englishman who settled in the area at the turn of the century and imported various vegetation into the area.

Fillongley Provincial Park was established in 1954.

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Located on Denman Island, British Columbia, Fillongley Provincial Park is a simple drive-in park located off Beadnell Road, making it easily accessible for RVs, trailers, and other motorized vehicles. Denman Island is accessible from Buckley Bay by ferry. There are no local roads within the park except for Beadnell Road and North Road that bound the park.


There is only one parking area for RVs, trailers, and cars at Fillongley Provincial Park and this parking lot is located at the end of Beadnell Road, just around the campground in the park. Within the campground, RV campers can park their rigs only at their designated campsite. Parking anywhere else is prohibited.

Public Transportation

There are no direct public transportation services to Fillongley Provincial Park.

Campgrounds and parking in Fillongley Provincial Park

Campsites in Fillongley Provincial Park

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Fillongley Campground

Fillongley Campground in Fillongley Provincial Park features 10 pet-friendly campsites available for RVs and tents. No campsites in the campground are equipped with electric hookups for RVs. RV length limit in the campground is 32 ft (10 m), however vacationers with larger rigs can call ahead to find out if there is space available. Amenities available at the campground include water, picnic tables, fire pits and toilets. Nearby are garbage stations, Information Center, wheelchair accessible areas, and the waterfront. Maximum stay at the campground is 14 days.

Seasonal activities in Fillongley Provincial Park



RV campers enjoy picnicking at the picnic areas located along the shore of Lambert Channel, as well as on the grassy field in the park. Featuring picnic tables, and pit toilets nearby, the picnic areas are excellent for outdoor meals with family and friends.


Ocean swimming opportunities are available at Fillongley Provincial Park for RV campers that wish to take a dip into the park’s cold waters. The park has a sandy and pebble beach area where campers can enjoy swimming. No lifeguards are on duty at the beach.

Windsurfing opportunities are also available in Fillongley Provincial Park.


One of the most distinct features of Fillongley Provincial Park is its large, flat grassy field which, during the spring, is decorated by vibrant wildflowers. The field, which was once the site of a bowling green, sits among a canopy of deciduous trees. During the fall, Fillongley Provincial Park is popular for its beautiful floral color displays.



Fillongley Provincial Park offers RV campers who enjoy canoeing opportunities to paddle around Denman Island and Hornby Island. In so doing, paddlers get to easily explore the waters and near-shore features of the islands. The beach at the campground in the park is the perfect place for campers to set out on their canoes and kayaks.


Saltwater and ocean fishing opportunities are available for RV campers at Fillongley Provincial Park as abundant fish species exist in the park’s waters. Fishing and angling at the park are guided by provincial and federal fishing regulations and all campers who wish to fish in the ocean are required to possess an appropriate fishing license.


Fillongley Provincial Park features 2 km (1.3 miles) of hiking trails which are also accessible for wheelchairs. On one of the trails in the park, campers can walk from the parking area to the grassy field. A different trail takes hikers along the Beadnell Creek canyon to blossoming second-growth forest in the park. Sign posts are available on the trails in the park to guide hikers. Cycling is also allowed on the roadways in Fillongley Provincial Park and all cyclists are required to wear bicycle helmets in the park.