First Landing State Park

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First Landing State Park holds a lot of history, and while it was originally named Seashore State Park, its new name was chosen to show its historical significance. This area was the first place the Virginia Company landed on Cape Henry back in 1607. After coming here, they went west and formed what was to be known as Jamestown, but this place was the very first place they came to. Another neat thing about this park is that it is the northernmost spot that lies on the east coast featuring both temperate and subtropical plants. These very varied plants coexist together here, which is something you won’t just see anywhere.

When you visit First Landing State Park, you won’t have to worry about drastic changes in the temperature from day to night, but you might want to bring an umbrella or raincoat just in case of rain. In the summer, you can expect the temperature to stay in the 70s and 80s, and in the winter, it never drops below freezing. These are almost perfect temperatures as the summers aren’t too hot and the winter temperatures can rise up to the 50s. Whenever you bring your RV to go camping here, you’ll be guaranteed a fun time. You can go fishing, boating, hiking, biking, and beach lounging. Adventure awaits you when you go RV camping right here at First Landing State Park.

RV Rentals in First Landing State Park

Transportation in First Landing State Park


There are usually no driving issues for RVs inside the park, but you may want to keep in mind that there is more than one entrance to the park. You’ll want to choose the entrance that you take based on what you’re coming here to do or what parts of the park you wish to visit. The tree-lined US-60 runs right through First Landing State Park and is the only main road within the park so it should be easy to get around.


You should have no problem with parking as there are three large parking lots around the park. For your own convenience, you might want to set up your RV at a campsite and take your car out to roam the park. The only limitations you’ll find for parking your RV at a campsite is that your RV must be under 50 feet in length in order to properly fit.

Public Transport

Campgrounds and parking in First Landing State Park

Campsites in First Landing State Park

Reservations camping

Virginia Beach KOA

Virginia Beach, VA is home to the "longest pleasure beach in the world" as per the Guinness Records. Local attractions include Chesapeake Bay and Cape Henry, the site of the English colonists’ first landing. The Virginia Beach KOA offers deluxe KOA patio sites complete with full hookups, up to 50-amp service and cable TV in addition to large and grassy water and electric sites. Propane and firewood are available on-site.Other amenities include Wi-Fi, an activity park, two pools, bike rentals, a tour shuttle and Kamp K9. Rigs up to 45' welcome.

Campsites at First Landing State Park

There are over 200 campsites to choose from inside the park and their accommodations vary from site to site. Some sites are much more primitive, while others have water and electric. Some sites are tent-only and others can accommodate RVs up to 50 feet in length. You’ll find that some sites are further down the road than others and some are closer to the water. With so many options, you’ll be guaranteed to find a camping spot that will fit your needs and desires.

Whatever camping location you choose, you can be sure that there will be restrooms, showers, and dishwashing facilities nearby. Most sites are located on gravel pads. Each site features a picnic table and grill or fire ring. You can even bring your pet along with you, as the park is very pet-friendly. There is also a camp store where you can get camping supplies such as firewood and food, and if you need to do laundry, there is facility for that next to the camp store as well. The campsites are open from March until December.

First-come first-served

First-Come, First-Served Camping

All sites that are available for RVs here at First Landing State park require that you make reservations, so there are no first-come, first-served options for RV camping here.

Alternate camping


If you’re looking for something a little more upscale than a camping spot, you can check out the cabins that they have here. There are 20 pet-friendly cabins each one can hold up to 6 people. You may want to bring extra towels and things if you’re bringing more than 4 people though, just to make things more comfortable. The cabins are also really nicely set up with plenty of bed space, a fully-equipped kitchen, a fireplace, and heating and air conditioning. They don’t have a washer or dryer here, but you can go to the laundry facility at the camp store. They also don’t have a TV, but you can hangout on the screened-in porch instead and really relax in the peaceful natural environment. It may be a good thing to escape from all the screens. These cabins are perfect for a family summer vacation, and you’ll have everything you’ll need here.

Seasonal activities in First Landing State Park



The picnic area in the park is the perfect place to have a family get together. There are picnic tables of course and the playground is also nearby. There is a bathroom nearby as well and a grill available for your convenience. If your group is fairly large, you can even rent the picnic pavilion that can accommodate up to 80 people.

Playing on the Playground

If your kids are just bouncing off the walls with energy, there is a solution for you. You can take them over to the playground area that is located inside the park and just let them loose. There’s nothing quite like a quick trip down the slide or a competition to see who can swing the highest on the swing set.

Seeing the Indian Community Life Display

If you hike the Cape Henry Trail, you’ll find displays of different structures that replicate early Indian life. You can even walk inside and explore them for yourself. If you want learn more about how the Indians lived in this area, there are information pamphlets that you can pick up before you head over to the Cape Henry Trail.

Attending the Walks and Talks Program

Walks and Talks are programs that are put on by the state park to entertain and educate you on a variety of subjects. These Walks and Talks can be at night or during the day, and may include topics like the wildlife or history of the park. They even sometimes put on movies at the amphitheatre.

Visiting the Beach

Virginia Beach is well known for being the only city with a coastline that goes along both the Atlantic Beach and Chesapeake Bay. Although this is true, the beaches here still aren’t as popular as other beaches, so even when you visit during the peak season, you won’t be coming to a crowded beach, which is a big plus. You'll find it easy to access the beach from the four boardwalks in the park, each of which offer convenient restrooms. Make sure to pack bug spray in your camper and use caution while swimming since there are no lifeguards on duty.



If you are hauling your boat on your trailer there are boat launches available here in the park and they are very spacious, allowing you to get your boat into the water with ease. Boating can be a lot of fun and you’ll feel like a great adventurer out there on the water. It’s also a great opportunity to catch some fish while you’re out there.


Between Broadbay and Linkhorn Bay is a strip known as Narrows Beach. Here is where you’ll find boat launches, but if you don’t want to take your boat out, you can simply fish right off the shore. Many people come here to fish and catch crabs and other kinds of shellfish.

Visiting the Chesapeake Bay Center

The Chesapeake Bay Center is a fun place to go if you’re looking to learn a few fun facts. There are two displays that you’ll find here. One is all about the history of the First Landing and all about what life was like here for both the natives and the newcomers. The second display focuses on the aquatic environment that you can find in the waters here and provides children with hands-on, interactive activities.


Some of the trails that you’ll find here are also bicycle-friendly. Cape Henry is one of them and with its many miles can provide any bicyclist a fun and relaxing adventure through the park. It is also a fairly scenic ride too, as this is the trail that has all the Indian community replicas. Don't be afraid to back your bike in your rig when you make your way out to First Landing State Park.


There are nine total trails in the park that total over 19 miles. These trails vary greatly in length. The Cape Henry Trail is the longest at six miles, featuring magnificent views of salt marsh and cypress swamps. The Fox Run and Kingfisher trails are shortcuts that connect other trails, making these the shortest of them all at less than a mile long for each. During the off-season the High Dune Trail is one of the most scenic, providing a nice outlook point overlooking the swamp lands below. Before heading out onto the trail you'll want to park your RV at the Trail Center, which features displays on the wildlife and geology you'll encounter on the trail.

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