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Located in the heart of the Adirondacks, Fish Creek Pond is a secluded waterside retreat. You’ll find some of the best boating in the state, with a vast network of canoe and kayak routes. And the ponds have excellent fishing year round, with a wide variety of fish species including trout, pike, bass, and panfish.

Landlubbers will find plenty to keep them happy, as well. There’s a network of trails that weave through the beautiful forests that surround the ponds. And you can connect to the vast trail network leading through the Adirondacks. You’ll find dozens of species of bird and mammals populating the park, and hundreds of species of plants and trees.

The campground has over 300 sites for you to choose from for your rig, all of which have waterfront views. The park features many modern amenities including a boat ramp, camp store, and dumping station. In the peak summer months, an ice cream truck rolls through the campground every night. With some of the best fishing and canoeing you’ll find in the region, Fish Creek Pond Campground is an excellent choice for any water-loving RV camper in the state of New York.

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Located in northern New York, Fish Creek Pond Campground can be reached from multiple major cities in New York and in Canada. If you are driving from New York, take I-87 north from the city and you will get to the park in a little under six hours. If you are coming from Montreal, take Autoroute 15 south and then NY-3 and you will reach the park in around two and a half hours. And from Ottawa, take ON-416 south out of the city and you will get to the park in a little less than three hours.

The campsites are scattered around the ponds, so you’ll have to drive a bit to reach some of them. Fortunately, the park’s roads are mostly straight or gently curving, so you won’t have to worry too much about making tight corners with your campervan. If you do have a very large RV, however, you may want to choose a site that is closer to the park’s entrance.

The roads can get quite icy during the winter, and there may also be snow on the ground. If you are considering a visit to the park during the colder months of the year, you should bring snow chains along with your rig.


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Fish Creek Pond Campground

The campground within the park is quite large, with over 300 sites to choose from for your campervan, trailer, or RV. The sites circle around Square Pond and Fish Creek Pond, and nearly every site is offers with views of the water. None of the sites in the campground have hookups of any kind, but you will get a picnic table and a fire pit. And all of the sites are pet friendly, although dogs should be kept on a leash.

Because the sites are so spread out, access to restrooms and water will vary depending on the location of your site. There are plenty of restrooms scattered throughout the park, however, so there should be one within walking distance of your site. There are hiking trails that circle throughout the park, so you should be able to easily connect to the trail network. The boat launches are located on the east side of Fish Creek Pond, so you may have to travel a bit if you’re staying on the other side of the pond.

All of the sites can be booked online. The park is open from April through January. You can book up to nine months before your visit, and will have to reserve your spot at least a day before you arrive. The campground fills up quickly during the summer, so you should consider booking well in advance if you plan on visiting during this period.

First-come first-served

First-Come, First-Served

After Labor Day, 24 of the campsites become first-come, first-served.

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The park is also an incredible destination for those looking to enjoy time out on the water. Both motorized and non-motorized boats are allowed on the creek, so there’s plenty of different ways for you to enjoy the water. And the creek makes for excellent exploration in kayaks or canoes.

The park connects to some of the most popular canoe routes in the Adirondacks. This means you can explore miles and miles of waterways that lead through the wildlife packed forests surrounding the park.


In addition to the excellent boating, you’ll find some of the best fishing in the area at Fish Creek Pond Campground. The waters are populated by a variety of fish species, including northern pike, black bass, and panfish. There’s also a boat launch that makes getting out onto the water easy.

Fishing tends to be best in the spring and fall, when fish populations are highest, but you’ll still be able to catch fish just about any time of year.


The park also features a wide network of hiking trails, if you’re looking for something to do once you get off the water. Take the Otter Hollow Loop for a scenic walk along the waters of the ponds and through the beautiful forests.

You can also connect to a vast network of trails that lead throughout the Adirondacks. Even the most experienced hikers won’t run out of ground to explore. The hiking at Fish Creek Pond tends to be best in fall, when you’ll be able to see some of the most beautiful autumn colors in the country.



The Adirondacks are a great destination for birdwatchers. You’ll find a wide variety of bird species at Fish Creek Pond. And the large network of hiking trails makes it easy to explore the forests and observer the park’s wildlife.

New York has some of the best birdwatching societies of any state, and many of them produce regional field guides that are available online. Search for some of these resources before you visit if you want to learn more about the park’s bird species. And you can also ask the park officials, who may have bird checklists.

Ice Fishing

Winter time visitors to the park can also try their hand at ice fishing. You’ll be able to catch a variety of species, such as pike. You’ll just have to be patient, as the fish are much less active. Use a slow moving bait and bundle up tightly, as you may have to wait a while.

The park does not guarantee the safety of the ice, so you’ll be heading out onto the lake at your own risk. And always try to get up to date ice conditions, as ice thickness can change quickly.


If you want to take a spin around the park at high speed, you could also consider bringing a snowmobile along with your rig. The park’s network of trails can be accessed by snowmobile. The frozen ponds and icy forests are beautiful, and you’ll still find plenty of animal life populating the woods.

You’ll have to make sure you bring all the gear you need with your campervan, as there are no rentals available at the park.