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Fish Lake Provincial Recreation Area


Time to plan your next RV vacation? Why not consider a trip to Alberta's Fish Lake Provincial Recreation Area? It's a haven for rest and relaxation in the midst of the Canadian Prairies.

Fish Lake Provincial Recreation Area is located just 6 km to the west of the small town of Nordegg, AB. The park rests along the banks of Fish Lake, a body of water that is alternatively known as Shunda Lake. Remote in location, this recreational area and campground offers families the opportunity to enjoy the pleasures of rural living in the Great White North. The lake is well-stocked with rainbow trout, making it a favorite haunt for avid fishermen.

Fish Lake Provincial Recreation Area enjoys a vast expanse of wooded areas comprised largely of old spruce and aspen tree growth. The forest borders many of the campsites, providing campers with lots of privacy. Though the camping is rustic in this park, it is also quaint and charming. The area boasts many popular outdoor activities including fishing, boating, hiking, cycling, swimming, and OHV trails. Even when the snow begins to fly, there are still lots of fun things to do at Fish Lake Provincial Recreation Area including snowmobiling and cross country skiing on ungroomed trails.

This park's secluded location lends an air of tranquility and calm to the property. It is the ideal place for a quiet getaway for the family to reconnect with nature in a beautiful remote setting.

If you're hankering to load up the RV and hit the open road, consider a trip to Fish Lake Provincial Recreation Area. You'll have an amazing time.

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The trip from Red Deer, AB to Fish Lake Provincial Recreation Area covers 176 km (or 109 miles). To begin the journey, take the exit for AB-11 W. Continue along this highway until you see the exit for Range Rd 155 on the left hand side. Make the turn onto this road, and you will find your destination shortly down the path. The route from Red Deer to the park consists of stretches of road of both two and four lanes. Traffic moves well along these well-maintained roads. Since AB-11 W is a busy highway, road construction does occur throughout the summer months to repair damage to the road during winter. Be prepared to experience delays.

The distance from Calgary, AB to this park is lengthy at 308 km (191 miles). Head out on Deerfoot Trail/AB-2 N . Take the exit for AB-2 N and continue along this highway until you reach the exit for AB-11 W. Make a left hand turn onto the highway and remain on this route until you spot the left hand turn which leads to Range Rd 155. You will see the park just up this path. The trip from Calgary to Fish Lake Provincial Recreation Area covers roads with four lanes and others with only two. The roads are in good condition and kept clear year-round. Construction does occur from time to time; mostly during the warmer months.


Parking can be found at the entrance to Fish Lake Provincial Recreation Area.

Public Transportation

Due to its remote location, there is no public transportation to this park and campground.

Campgrounds and parking in Fish Lake Provincial Recreation Area

Campsites in Fish Lake Provincial Recreation Area

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Fish Lake Campground

Fish Lake Provincial Recreation Area is home to Fish Lake Campground. This camping facility offers 104 campsites available for reservation between May 1st and October 14th each year. 80 of the campsites are completely unserviced with 24 available with power hookups. Several of the campsites are nestled along the edge of Fish Lake, offering waterfront views. Most are surrounded by abundant tree cover. Generator use is allowed, and dogs may freely join their families on the premises so long as they remain leashed.

This rustic campground is located in a rural Nordegg, AB. Among the amenities at Fish Lake Campground are a boat launch, horseshoe pits, laundry facilities, a grocery store, pay phones, pit toilets, picnic areas, a fishing cleaning station, drinking water, and firepits.

There are many activities to enjoy at this campground including hiking, mountain biking, fishing, swimming, boating, and picnicking.

Seasonal activities in Fish Lake Provincial Recreation Area



If summer leaves you dreaming of lazy days relaxing from the bow of your boat, you will not be disappointed with your trip to Fish Lake Provincial Recreation Area. Fish Lake, also known as Shunda Lake, offers breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains. The water is as transparent as glass and a deep marine blue in color.

You can launch your pleasurecraft into the lake waters directly from the boat launch or paddle out into the depths of the sea in your canoe or kayak. Do take note that only boats equipped with electric motors are permitted on Fish Lake.


Fishing aficionados agree that the fishing is fine at Fish Lake! The crisp, marine blue waters teem with rainbow trout that are ripe for the catching.

Fish Lake is the ideal spot to enjoy some fly fishing as well as canoeing and kayaking. The waters are exceptionally clear on this 1.2 km lake. To enjoy fishing at Fish Lake, you will need to obtain a fishing license.

You can fish from the shore or from the comfort of your boat. It is important to note that only small boats with electric motors are permitted in this lake.


With such incredible views of the forest and mountains from the shores of Fish Lake, Fish Lake Provincial Recreation Area is the perfect spot to enjoy a picnic lunch. Bring along a blanket to place in the sand or enjoy one of the tables in the provided picnic areas. You will even find several cooking shelters where you can grill up a feast for your family to enjoy.

Bring along a picnic lunch and some drinking water or stop by the on-site grocery store to purchase some snacks to enjoy. If you feel extra adventurous, why not cast out a line from the dock and take your chances at reeling in "the big one?" If Lady Luck blesses you with a bounty of fish, you can fillet them at the fish cleaning station and cook them over the firepit at your campsite for your family and friends to enjoy.



Fish Lake Provincial Recreation Area is near to some of the province's best hiking and biking trails. One of the most popular spots is a trail that is suited to hikers and mountain bikers. This trail runs along the length of Fish Lake and takes approximately one hour to complete. The path meanders through areas of dense tree growth. Along your journey, you will encounter beautiful scenery, unique plant life, and some of the many different species of wildlife that are indigenous to the region.

Carry your camera to capture photos of your day of hiking fun and don't forget drinking water to stay well-hydrated.

Cross country skiing

Fish Lake Provincial Recreation Area's vast terrain makes it the ideal spot to enjoy some cross country skiing. The trails are ungroomed, allowing skiers to chart their own course through the snowy terrain.

Along your journey, you will encounter wildlife that nestle in the depths of the park's woods in the winter months. Bring along your camera to take a few photos of a relaxing day spent in Canada's picture perfect wonderland.

Be sure to dress in layers to stave off the cold and bring along drinking water and a thermos of hot chocolate to keep your fluid levels up.


Though Fish Lake Provincial Recreation Area closes lake access during the winter months, there are many different trails near to this park where snowmobilers can get their "fix." Most of the local trails are informal and not groomed, adding to the adventure.

To remain warm, be sure to dress in layers. You'll need to bring along drinking water and a snack to keep hunger and thirst at bay.

Along your journey, you will enjoy breathtaking views of snow-capped mountains, interesting wildlife, and abundant tree cover. The atmosphere is peaceful and serene.